Video Editor allows you to add videos, audios and images and help you edit such files based on your needs. Now, suppose you have imported files in the format of image. Then how to edit image with Video Editor? Follow me to explore the best answer using this photo editor.

1. Add image(s) to video

Import your video(s) and image(s) to Video Editor first. Then drag them to the timeline section in your preferred sequence. Alternatively, right-click each imported file and choose “Add to Project” to add them to the timeline section. If you want to insert an image in the middle of a video, split the video first and then add the image there.

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How to split a video?

After dragging imported video to the timeline section, select it, put the playhead at where you want to split and then click the button of “Split” in the toolbar. Then one video will become two clips. At this moment, drag your imported image to the middle of this video.

Note: You can add one or multiple images to the same place or different places of a video.

2. Adjust image duration

The default image duration is 4 seconds. You can narrow or extend it by selecting the image first in the timeline section, and then click the option of “Set duration” in the toolbar. Then how long this image lasts depends on you. Alternatively, you can put your cursor to the edge of image in the timeline section. Once you see a double arrow, move your cursor left or right to adjust the duration of image.

3. Edit image(s)

(rotate, flip, background color, blur, custom image, color correction, motion)

Right-click your image in the timeline section and select the option of “Edit”. Then you will be able to rotate and flip your files in two- or three-dimensional space; adjust image background color, make it blur or customize the image. Under the option of “Color Correction”, you can also set the value of image contrast, saturation, brightness, tone, highlight and shadow. Moreover, there are 13 types of motion available. Subsequently, let me show you these functions one by one.

(1) Rotate image & Background Color

Select an image in the timeline section, right-click it and choose the option of “Edit”. Then you will see this panel. Click the four options behind “Rotate”, and you can rotate images by 90 degrees horizontally and vertically, as well as flip the image in three-dimensional space. Click “Color” under “Background Color”, and the background of your image will be in this color you have selected. For example, this image is shot by a camera. After I import it to Video Editor, there are two blank areas on the top and bottom, respectively. After I choose this color, these two areas will change its color correspondingly. The same goes for the options of “Blur” and “Custom image”. If I click “Blur”, the two areas on the top and bottom will be blur. If I click “Custom image”, I will be lead to add an image to this software. Then, the added image will be the background of my image and fill in the blank in my image, as what is seen below.

(2) Color Correction

Click the button of “Color Correction” and you will be able to set the values of “Contrast”, “Saturation”, “Brightness”, “Tone”, “Highlight”, and “Shadow”. In the meantime, you can see the video effects in the right window. After you are satisfied, click “OK” to save the change.

(3) Add Motion to Image

Suppose you have two images imported. From one picture to another, you want them displayed with a motion. Then you need to drag the two files to the timeline section first. Then, select the second image and right-click it > “Edit”. Click “Motion” and choose your preferred one and click “OK” to add it to your file. Meanwhile, the image size is adjustable and you can apply a mask effect to it.

4. Conclusion

So much about how to edit image with Video Editor. Follow this guide and give a try. You will find it easy to add image to video, adjust image duration, and rotate image, as well as add background color and motion to an image.

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