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Amber, is one of the best professional authors behind the DVDFab Team. She is good at writing for application tools and software, offering valuable tips for software users.

Latest Posts

  • FxSound: The Sound Solution for Your Audio Needs

    FxSound is a software program that is designed to improve the sound quality of audio on a computer. It uses a variety of techniques, such as equalization, spatialization, and audio enhancement, to improve the overall sound of music, videos, and other audio content.

  • Speed up Videos in Windows 10

    How do you speed up videos in Windows 10 and Windows 7? Besides speeding up video with windows 10 video editor, have you tried other tools to accelerate videos? Read this article and find colorful answers.

    Amber 12/16/2022
  • How to Speed up Video on iMovie

    How to speed up video on iMovie? Find the answer in this article. You can use iMovie to learn how to speed up video in iphone/Mac and use its alternatives to speed up video in Android/PC.

    Amber 12/16/2022
  • Top 5 Free Audio Converters

    Need a free audio converter to help you covert your files to proper audio formats so that they can be played on your devices? If so, read the article and find the most powerful audio converter you want.

  • Snapchat Videos Won’t Play Solutions

    This article gives 9 solutions to solve the problem of "Snapchat videos won't play". You can try any method to fix your problems on Snapchat no matter what device you are using. For most solutions, there are detailed steps targeted at Android users and iOS users.

  • Important Information on “Edit Video”

    This artile mainly shows users how to edit videos based on your own preference. For any question you may encounter in video editing, you can find your answer in this article. Besides, this article takes DVDFsb Video Converter as an example to tell you how to customize your videos.

  • How to Play DVDs on Windows Media Player?

    As it's known to us that Windows Media Player is a powerful tool that can be used as a DVD player software to play DVDs. Here we will show you how to play a DVD on Windows Player and a detailed introduction to its best alternatives.

  • How to Save/Export iMovie as MP4 on Mac OS

    Are you looking for how to save/export iMovie as MP4 for better play on other branded mobile devices or public sharing on social networks? iMovie export MP4 files will be more useful for those non-Apple users. This post aims to show how to export iMovie to MP4 in diverse ways. Aside from iMovie to MP4 conversion, you can turn to professional video converter software.