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  • What is Handbrake Web Optimized and Anamorphic?

    What is Handbrake? Well, most of the people use Adobe Media Encoder for transcoding video. On the other hand, Handbrake is an open-source and free transcoder that is used by a number of people. There are different features of this tool that people are not aware of. For instance, Handbrake what is Web Optimized. When you use Handbrake to convert video or rip DVD, you might see a feature named Web Optimized. In addition to this, there is another feature named Anamorphic that is offered by this tool. Anamorphic is an unremarkable feature offered by handbrake. A number of users do not understand these two features. This article will help you know what is Handbrake for Windows and answer different questions related to its features. Read below to know more.

  • How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac Easily

    If you wish to snap a screenshot of a program you are using on a Mac, but you wish to crop out the dock or the menu bar, then you will need to know how to crop a screenshot on Mac. There are different methods for doing this. Read the below article to know more in-detail about how to crop on Mac.

  • Playing MKV on Xbox One Made Simple with This Tool

    One of the drawbacks of Xbox One and Xbox 360 was they cannot be used for playing MKV on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Yet, both the devices have the ability to stream media to themselves from PC. The Xbox has quite some limitations when it comes to input formats and only AVI, WMV, MPEG-4, and H.264 are supported with Xbox One and Xbox 360 and hence the dream of playing MKV files on Xbox One for some users is shattered. It's impossible to play MKV files for enjoyment to Xbox. If you actually wish to play MKV files on Xbox One, you will require converting the MKV files to a completely playable and supported format with Xbox.

  • Remove TikTok Watermark On iPhone, Android, and PC

    TikTok is a popular app for watching and creating short videos. With tons of features, it also allows you to save the video for sharing it on other platforms as well as offline. On the other hand, the downloaded videos come with a watermark from TikTok that can be irritating for many users. Hence, the need to remove TikTok watermark arises. This article will tell you about the different ways to know how to remove TikTok watermark on Android, iPhone, and PC. Read below to know more.

  • Best Online and Offline Tools to Crop MP4 Files

    There are a number of great online and offline video editing tools that you can use to crop MP4 and create professional videos to suffice your needs. This article will introduce you to some of the best online and offline tools that can be used to crop MP4 video files. Read below to know more about the best online and offline that can be used for MP4 crops.

  • 6 Best AMV Converter Software to Use in 2023

    The demand for AMV converter tools has increased recently seeing the rising fan following of Anime. Anime normally comes in AMV format and hence the need for an AMV video converter is felt. But what is this AMV format? And which is the best and free AMV converter tool. Read below to get answers to all your questions.

  • Top 7 MOV Compressor Tools to Use in 2023

    A MOV compressor is used for many reasons. MOV videos are big in size and cost too much data and time to share with others. In addition to this, these videos require more space on your device. Some social platforms and websites do not support uploading large MOV videos. Due to such reasons, you might need an idea .MOV compressor. This article will list the best MOV file compressor tools. Read below to know more.

  • How To Download Apple TV Plus Shows for Offline Viewing

    We have created a full review and How-to guide, making sure you can conveniently download shows from Apple tv plus. Amongst various options available, there are a only few programmes that let you download streaming content without limitations. Our comparison of StreamFab to direct download from Apple TV plus, you can choose the right software to fulfill your all media needs in one place.