How to Clean Scratched DVDs

Below are some solutions that will help you know how to clean CD and DVD discs. Have a look.

Using Toothpaste

If you wish to know how to clean old DVD discs, toothpaste might be your answer. All you have to do is take a little bit of toothpaste and rub it on the DVD. Smear it in a circle to make sure that no stones are left unturned. With the help of water, clean the toothpaste. Make sure to wipe all the paste and ensure no water is left in the surface. Doing this might help in solving the issue.

how to clean dvd discs

Using Furniture Polish

You can also know how to clean scratched DVD discs by using furniture polish. Yes! You heard it right. Furniture polish can do wonders when it comes to cleaning DVDs. When using polish, all you have to do is rub the disc with the polish to make sure that every area is covered. Next, make sure that you clean up the polish from the surface completely.

how to clean dirty dvd discs

Use Repair Kits

Professional repair kits might also help you to know how to clean DVD/Blu ray discs. These kits are available easily in the market and are used for DVD repair and cleansing by a number of people. The kits are able to get rid of most surface scratches on CDs and DVDs. A complete set kit often comes with a bottle of disc repair liquid, a bottle of disc cleaning liquid, and a soft cloth. Therefore, a repair kit is all you need to clean a

how to clean dvd and cd discs

Using Banana

This might come as a shock to you, but bananas can be used to clean the disabled DVD too. All you need is a banana and nothing else. Slice the peeled banana and smash a couple of slices. Smear the mashed banana onto the surface of the DVD in circles. Next, take out the peel and repeat the same process. Lastly, clean the disk with a nice soft cloth.

how to clean an old dvd discs

Use Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can be found in any house. You can use peanut butter to remove the scratches from the DVD due to its oiliness and texture of viscosity. Remember that we have to use creamy peanut butter and not crunchy one. If you opt for the crunchy peanut butter, the residual nuts will further ruin the DVD. Follow the steps to clean the disc using peanut butter:

  1. Take a little butter and rub it on the DVD surface.
  2. Gently rub it in a circular motion from the center to the edge to cover every corner.
  3. Now, use some water or windows cleaner on the covered surface. Take a soft cloth to wipe it clean.
  4. Repeat the wiping and spray till no water and butter are left on the surface.

how to clean scratched dvd discs

Using Vaseline

Similar to peanut butter, Vaseline is also handy to get rid of scratches on DVDs. Rub a little bit of the Vaseline jelly on the scratched DVDs. Spray some cleaner or water on the disk and use a soft cloth to remove all the jelly. Do this until no Vaseline and water is left.

Precautions to Take to Keep DVDs from Getting Scratched

In order for your DVDs to not get scratched, there are some certain precautions that you need to take. We have listed some of them below. Have a look:

Use a DVD Case

The easiest way to avoid scratches on your DVDs is to keep them in their respective cases. DVDs require nothing but protection from scratches. And this is the simplest method. Hence, make sure to buy a durable CD/DVD case if you do not have any.

Maintain Cleanliness and Handle DVDs with Care

Avoid taking out DVDs by holding its edges. Doing so can warp or bend a disc. In addition to this, do not force a disc out of its case. Rather, you need to hold it at the edges and in the center in the hole using your finger. Furthermore, try to keep your fingerprints away from the disc. One more thing that can help you is using lens cleaning disc every six months on your drive. This is helpful to remove any buildup that might impact the hardware.

Store DVDs Vertically Without Any Label on Surface

DVDs must be kept vertically without any label on the surface. Instead, add the label on the case to make things better for you.

how to clean dvd discs

Keep Away from Direct Light and Heat

DVDs will perform well in relative humidity conditions and different temperatures. However, direct sunlight will still hamper the optical features of the DVD and do some damage. Hence, it is better to keep them in a less-humid and cooler environment.

Use DVDFab DVD Ripper to Backup DVDs

It is a good thing to back up physical DVDs by ripping the data somewhere safe. Ripping DVDs to an external hard drive or your computer can be very handy, thereby providing you with an easy way to get back your files in case your discs are scratched. This allows you to skip the usage of physical discs overall. And the best way to rip DVDs is using DVDFab DVD Ripper. The tool is an ideal choice to rip your DVDs. It can convert any DVD to different formats to save them digitally. The output format is compatible with different devices as well. Below are some noteworthy features of this tool. Have a look.

  • The tool provides out in less size but high quality
  • It helps to remove DVD protection easily
  • The tool comes with an in-built video editor that can be used to edit your videos
  • The tool works swiftly and performs ripping quickly using GPU acceleration
  • The tool supports more than 1000 formats
  • The tool helps to rip DVDs without quality loss
  • It users OCR technology to convert DVD subtitles to SRT file
  • The tool comes with multitasking mode to convert DVDs easily
  • It can upscale video using the AI enhancement

Follow the below steps to know how to rip DVD using this tool:

  1. Download and install the tool on your PC. Open the tool and select Ripper module.

how to clean dirty dvd discs

2. Insert the DVD into the drive. Allow DVDFab to access the disc automatically from your drive.

3. After the disc is loaded, click the Folder option at the output selection box to select your USB drive as the output folder. Go to the profile library through the Choose Other Profile button.

how to clean dvd and cd discs

4. Next, select the desired format from Format >> Video >> General section. Choose the output video directory and tap the Start option to begin copying the DVD to the selected USB drive

how to clean cd and dvd discs

Bonus Tip: Copy Your DVD Using DVDFab DVD Copy

Apart from ripping you can also copy your DVDs. This can be done easily with the help of a DVDFab DVD Copy. The tool can be used to copy DVD to different operating systems. It can be used for lossless backup and to compress any DVD. Also, the tool can also be used to export files to blank disc directly or save DVD as ISO/Folder on HDD. Below are some features of this tool:

  • The tool can easily backup DVDs for a great experience
  • It can help you remove any DVD copy protection for easy backup
  • It can get access to newly encrypted discs easily
  • It can easily copy DVDs with different modes
  • It can copy DVD as ISO/folder or to blank disc
  • It can compress any DVD to DVD-5
  • It supports batch copying with quick speed

How to Copy a DVD using DVDFab DVD Copy?

Below are the steps that you need to follow to use this tool.

  1. Download and install the tool on your PC. Select the Copy option on the main UI.
  2. Add the DVD disc you want to back up into the drive.

how to clean an old dvd discs

3. Go to the left pane and tap the Copy mode as required. Select the output DVD size.

how to clean scratched dvd discs

4. Click the Start option to copy DVD as needed. The DVD Copy software will finish the DVD copy process with top quality and quick speed.

how to clean dvd/blu ray discs


Can a scratched DVD be repaired?

This entirely depends on where the scratch is located on the surface of the DVD. If the scratch is on the shiny top section of the disc, it is almost next to impossible to repair it. If the scratch is on the plastic bottom part of the disc, there is a chance for you to repair it.

Does toothpaste really fix scratches on a disc?

Actually, yes! Toothpaste can be used to get rid of scratches on DVDs. You can also use soap, warm water, and a cloth to clean the discs.

How do you fix a DVD that skips and freezes?

You can always use any of the methods mentioned above to solve the issue.


Having said that, you just had a look at different methods that can be used to know how to clean DVD discs easily at home. You also had a look at some precautions that can be take to avoid your DVDs from getting scratched. Using a ripper tool such as DVDFab DVD Ripper can be handy to backup your DVDs. Also, using DVDFab DVD Copy can help you copy your DVDs on your local machine or external hard drive.