3D settings apply to Ripper and Video Converter while you choose 3D profile for the conversion. 


3D Format


Four options are introduced here to meet the diversified demands from different levels and users can also set the Gain Value and Visual Depth Value manually by the slide bar.

Anaglyph: A method of stereographic viewing where two images are superimposed on each other, but are separated, so each eye sees only the desired image, by the use of colored filters and viewing spectacles (commonly red and blue, or red and green). To the naked eye, the image looks overlapping, doubled and blurry. Up to 14 sub choices are offered under this category. There should be one you like.


Split Screen


Traditional Left/Right Side by Side format and the unconventional Top/Bottom format are employed, with a favorable choice between half and full on video frame size, interlaced or not.

Left/Right: Preserves vertical image resolution, but cuts horizontal image resolution in half, as the left eye and right eye images are squeezed to fit into one video frame. The TV converts these squeezed frames back into sequential full frames of left and right eye video.

Top/Bottom: In a top/bottom 3D image, both the left eye and right eye information occupy the same video frame, with left eye information on top and right eye information below. The vertical resolution of each frame is decreased, but the horizontal resolution remains constant.