The best choices in DVD Blu-ray player software need certain considerations. You can decide what you want in terms of performance, compatibility with different file systems and viewing options in for your computer, such as Blu-ray player software for Windows or Mac or when you wish to view videos across different devices like TV orcomputer.

How to make a choice?

Blu-ray DVD playerprograms have different settings, features, functionality and also ease of use.

  • One of the important factors is the kind of digital files and media discs that such software is able to support.
  • Compatibility with operating systems as well as cross platform functionality is something that needs to be looked into.
  • Performance factors such as drainage of processing power, capacity to play the video without lags, delays or distortions need to be looked into.
  • Usability aspects include how easy and intuitive are a software for users; it should be easy to navigate and not lead to frustration on the part of the users.

Difference between free and paid software

If you are looking for free DVD Blu-ray player software windows 10 keep in mind that such software will have limited features or come as trial versions. Hence such software is ideal only for one-time usage and not when you wish to experience all the technological aspects that the best Blu-ray player can provide.

The top five Blu-ray software programs are discussed in detail for your consideration.



DVDFab Player 5

This Blu-ray DVD player has a playback engine that is all new and features several unique aspects. These include stability, smoothness of playback and compatibility. The user interface is redesigned and that helps to bring in TV playback and PC modes. The capacity of playback is impressive; support for navigation menus on 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, Blu-raysas well as DVDs.

This is a software that is future ready and can meet all your advanced audio and visual output requirements, including DTS-HD Master, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and others. Video formats such as VOB, MKV, MP4 are supported as well as Blu-ray ISO and DVD ISO files. This software becomes available for Microsoft Windows 10/8/Vista users at present.

Pros and cons

This player has separate video modes that play for PC and TV. It is also compatiblewith Windows Media Center remote with TV mode. If you get a HDR10 capable display monitor or 4K TV, the 4K player allows you to crystal clear image quality of 4K UHD Blu-rays and 4K videos.Cons include a low end graphics card that cannot provide the 4K UHD resolution on TV screen. It also requires NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 Pascal series or a graphics card of higher resolution to work.


This particular Blu-ray player software scores high on several categories. From usability tests and performance viewpoint, it offers most features that users need.The interface of the software of this Blu-ray DVD player is impressive. It allows movies, music and photos to be managed and also offers a great sound experience. PowerDVD offers a cinema like feeling due to the HDR clarity, it provides on TVs as well as 4K content with stunning clarity. There are dedicated modes which allow entertainment to be customized for TVs and computers. The software offers additional packages of audio visual enhancement from TrueTheater and assists viewers with high quality and ultra realistic VR views.

Pros and cons

It scores high on parameters like usability and performance’ being able to offer controls through touch screen and allowing a smart phone to act as a remote control. Cons include a high price for the device and no support for Mac versions. Hence, if you are looking for 3D DVD and Blu-ray player software this program is ruled out.

Leawo Blu-ray

As a free DVD Blu-ray player software windows 10 player software this program can be a good choice which does not take up much space on your computer as it takes up only 4 percent of system resources. It can support DVD discs as well along with 1080p HD videos. There are built in decoding abilities for formats like AAC, TrueHD, DTS-HD, and Dolby and so on. Movies can be watched on a computer with this program along with other processor heavy programs running along with it.

Because of the lightweight aspect the Blu-ray DVD player software does not pack in certain extras that are found in other programs. These include HD upscaling options, BD Live support on network and simultaneous viewing.

Pros and cons

The program uses only 4 percent of the processing power of a computer; it can provide controls through touch screen displays and monitors; power manager allows maximizing of battery life; the cons include absence of upscaling features, no support for BD-live and extra programs might be installed along with it if you do not pay attention at the time of installation.

WinDVD Pro

This particular Blu-ray DVD player program provides most of the features found in Power DVD in a cost friendly manner. With this program you can have a home theatre style experience. The playback is easy with Blu-ray content, common videos and DVDs. The software can handle 4K resolution as well. The interface controls are intuitive and advanced.

Its features include smoothing out pixilation which can help to upscale. There are other features offered such as environmental settings, customizable skins, and network support for BD-Live, connecting to social media and power management. The software’s interface allows intuitive features which can help users fine tune audio as well as video experiences. Users can also enhance the color options with this program. This program works with a 240 fps frame rating.

Pros and cons

Among its several advantages it is considered to have the most features for the price it comes at; the upscale standard definition footage is also possible; social media connectivity is also present. Among its limitations the time Blu-ray player software for PC takes to start is quite long, 22 seconds.


This software for Blu-ray DVD player is ideal to opt for when you wish to get a versatile program that can play different kinds of video format. It also includes support for 4K monitors. This Blu-ray player has several unique features including a short time lag from starting the program to getting a movie started. This software program takes only eight seconds that makes it one of the fastest programs in this category.

Other features of this software include playing different kinds of video formats. With this software one can organize and watch them all from a centralized location. The software also offers compatibility for multiple platforms.

Pros and cons

Those who are looking for a quick start Blu-ray DVD player program for movies, this particular program will help as it provides the shortest time to start. However, there are several limitations of this program, including usage of 44% of the processing power that makes this program heavy on computer resources; it also does not include upscaling features that can be a deterrent for those wishing to watch movies on the large screen.


At the time of opting to purchase Blu-ray player program, it is necessary to look through the different features in order to decide which program suits your requirements. The versatility as well as usage of processing resources is an important criterion to consider when you purchase the full version of a Blu-ray DVD player software. In case you are not looking for advanced technology or cross compatibility with different devices, you can opt for a basic free program.

In case you wish to make a purchase, check current prices of these comparative programs before making a decision. Also, ensure that the choice you make would meet your technical needs. Only when these criteria are met should you make a decision to purchase. Meanwhile, many programs, like DVDFab Player 5, offer trial versions for free. This would be an ideal way to check out their features, how easy or intuitive the software are and how one can use this to meet their media file management and Blu-ray video watching requirements. In order to make a reliable purchase it is imperative to find a site that offers comparative reviews and best price deals.