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Why is Zootopia Called Zootropolis?

Why is Zootopia called Zootropolis? A number of people and fans are confused due to this naming system. Some people name the movie Zootopia and others call it Zootropolis. What is the reason behind this dual naming system? Let us clear this confusion.

The movie was released in the United States under the name Zootopia, which is based on the city Utopia. For the fans in the United Kingdom, Disney decided to change the name and call it Zootropolis. When speaking to the media in an interview, Disney stated, "In the United Kingdom, we made the decision to change Zootopia (the US title) to Zootropolis to just allow the movie to have an exclusive title that works for UK fans."

On the other hand, there have been some rumors that the change in the name is an attempt to wave off a likely copyright fight against the Denmark zoo. Whatever may the reason be, this is the reason why did Zootopia change to Zootropolis.

In addition to this, in Germany, the movie was named Zoomania owing to a 2010 kids’ book by Kay Fischer (the German author) named Zootopolis. Obviously, the name was tweaked all over the non-English speaking versions of the movie where the title might not work. In Russian-speaking regions, the name is Зверополис ("Beast City" or Zveropolis), which the Chinese title translates to "Crazy Animal City."


Zootropolis 2 Release Date

Rich Moore and Byron Howard, the writers of the movie, earlier discussed the possibility of a sequel to the movie in 2016. Fans definitely wish for a sequel, but there has been no official statement on whether or not it is in the progress. The sequel has taken the interest to new heights of not just the fans, but also the cast and actors of Zootopia.

The admirers of Nick and Judy are keen to see what will happen next. And what challenges they will face in order to maintain their connection from tearing apart. There has not been an official statement yet. The first movie was launched in March 2016 and the second part was speculated to be launched in 2022. However, the COVID 19 pandemic impacted the release plans.

zootropolis 2

Will Zootropolis 2 be in Theaters or Streaming Online?

With the popularity of Disney+ in the current pandemic, it is obvious to think whether the movie will get only a streaming release or will get a theatrical release or both. With the release of Luca, Disney opted to skip a theatrical launch and went directly to its streaming platform. But with the huge success of Zootopia and a definite audience of keen fans, the movie might release differently.

From live-action remakes of classic tales to Marvel projects to reboots of nostalgic fan favorites, Disney has pretty much good number of releases on its plate. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, the release date for the sequel is vague. However, considering the online buzz, it is clear that viewers are expecting the movie to come sooner than later. The first movie was in making for two years. Hence, patience is what we need to keep.

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Zootopia Spin-off

One good news for fans is that Walt Disney Animation Studios earlier gave an official statement in December 2020. The news arrived during the live stream of Disney Investors Day. As per the statement, Zootopia+, a TV series based on the animated movie, will launch on Disney+ in early 2022.

This is one of the first television developments by the studio, as most TV shows based on animated movies of Disney are created by Disney Television Animation. The series will be an anthology show with three stories following three different sets of characters from the movie (the tiger dancers, the mobster shrews, and the sloths)

zootopia zootropolis

Zootropolis 2 Cast

Speaking of the Zootropolis cast, fans will be presented with high-profile voices portrayed in the sequel. Idris Elba (playing Chief Bogo), Adam Sandler (playing Lou Coyote), and Frankie Muniz (playing Shoe Founder/Inventor) will be part of the cast.

The recent death of Tommy "Tiny" Lister will be a setback to the production. Hence, they will have to see if he is replaced. The main cast comprises:

  • Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde
  • Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopps
  • Mike Myers as Tadashi Gorki
  • Jenny Slate as Bellwether

Zootropolis 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, there are no official Zootropolis trailers or videos.

Zootropolis 2 Plot

The first part did not end on a cliffhanger. Hence, the likelihoods for a sequel are infinite. Bateman and Goodwin have both stated their wishes for the next part, with Goodwin telling the media that she would like to see the second part of the movie. On the other hand, Bateman claimed that he would like the two main characters in some kind of action in the second part.

Building upon the themes from the first movie related to racial profiling, diversity, and acceptance, it will be exciting to see how the sequence navigates showing Nick and Judy's policing in a positive manner without overstepping the social and political strides that have been made since the first release.

Maybe Nick and Judy will carry on to better their community, or perhaps they will travel beyond their region and meet new animals with more complex social codes and explore how they require to tweak their methods of policing.

zootropolis cast

Zootropolis More News

Disney Parks gave an official statement in January 2019 that a Zootopia-themed surrounding might be developed in Shanghai Disneyland Park with building set to start in 2019. Construction was momentarily stopped during the COVID 19 pandemic, but it was started again in June 2020.

why is zootopia called zootropolis

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How many Zootopia movies are there?

As per an earlier video from Tommy “Tiny” Lister, he claimed that he will be in Zootopia 2, and there will be a total of 3 movies coming to the popular franchise.

What was Zootopia inspired by?

The producers were motivated by earlier Disney movies at the time of the making Zootopia. Byron Howard wanted to make Zootopia as a tribute to Robin Hood (which he has always liked during his childhood and was his favorite Disney movie) with modern CG tech, and Clark Spencer was motivated by The Jungle Book movie too create Zootopia.

What are the longest animated movies by Disney?

Zootopia, with a running time of 108 minutes, is the 4th longest animated movie by Disney after Fantasia at 124 minutes, Ralph Breaks the Internet at 112 minutes, and Encanto at 109 minutes. However, Fantasia is a mixture of shorts files. Hence, Zootopia, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Encanto are the longest animated movies by Disney.


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