Blu-ray players are gaining popularity in today’s digital world. Th software market is developing because of its video and sound quality. You can use blu-ray player software or install the software separately on your Mac or PC.

blu ray player with netflix:

A blu-ray player software is an input source for a TV or home theater system. It is an optical disc-data storage format used for playing 1080p high-definition (HD) videos. This software can produce and store higher-resolution video and higher quality audio for a longer period. Newer models have built-in Netflix support and access to other streaming platforms. Hence, you can stream your movies without compromising on quality.

Most Blu-ray player software is smart-enabled. You can access audio, or video media streamed from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Youtube, etc. For access, link your Netflix account to the Blu-ray disc player using a computer. Once your account is linked, Netflix becomes available in the internet video section of the Blu-ray disc player. This article discusses Blu-ray players with Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon and how to access premium content. Let's get started.

Which Blu-ray Player Software is Compatible With Netflix?

If you love streaming movies and shows on Netflix, you should consider Blu-ray player software. Asides from the impressive sounds and sights, you have your favorite shows readily available.

blu ray player with netflix:Which Blu-ray Player Software is Compatible With Netflix?

Netflix-compatible Blu-ray player software supports Netflix streaming features, and they can stream HD videos like other enabled devices. However, you may be unable to access the app if you are not in a country/region where it is supported. Hence, before buying a Blu-ray device, check if it supports Netflix in your region.

The best Blu-ray player software can handle Blu-ray disc playback, CD, and DVD playback. They can also support 4k content and high-resolution audio. For example, the Playerfab Ultra HD Player is an all-inclusive media player. You can play 4k Blu-rays from any country/ region, and it is a Blu-ray player with Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon.

There are numerous Blu-ray player software in the market today, so picking one can be tricky. We have curated a list of top Blu-ray DVD player software with WIFI and Netflix support. This list highlights their popular features. Let's get started.

PlayerFab Ultra HD Player

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PlayerFab Ultra HD Player allows you to play all 4k blu-rays from all countries and regions. It can play all multimedia and DVD files. It is a Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi, Netflix, and Hulu support, through a user-friendly interface. This software support playback of 3D Blu-ray discs, ISO files, side by side, or top and bottom 3D videos.


  • This software can output lossless audio.
  • The DVDFab player supports all types of audio formats.
  • You can stream videos from Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and other streaming platforms.
  • It is compatible with Windows 10 and MacOS.
  • The blu-ray player software is easy to use, configure and install.
  • With its simple mode, you can skip all commercials, extras, etc., and move to the main movie to enjoy.

Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player Software

blu ray player with netflix:Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player Software

The Aiseesoft Blu-ray player software can play any Blu-ray disc/DVD, Blu-ray folder and ISO image file. In addition, it can be a common media player to play video and audio files such as MPG, MP4, MP3, etc. With this software, you can enjoy 4K, 1080p HD video, and quality audio effect on your PC or MAC.


  • You can stream videos from Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and other video sites.
  • You can play Blu-ray discs by chapter and choose your preferred audio and video quality.
  • Offers HD image and video quality and a lossless sound effect.
  • It can play blu-ray 1080p, and 720p HD videos without compromising on its quality.
  • It provides an intuitive interface with simple operation steps.
  • You can create snapshots, switch chapters and set audio channels as you prefer, etc.

Leawo Blu-ray Player Software

blu ray player with netflix:Leawo Blu-ray Player Software

This is one of the best software for playing Blu-ray discs and folders. It contains all media playback solutions. It acts as a 4K Blu-ray disc player software app, DVD player, 4K video player, ISO file player, and free audio player. It is one of the best Blu-ray players that supports Netflix.


  • The software delivers quality lossless video images at 720P, 1080P, and 1080I.
  • You can watch your HD movies on Windows in all formats without any hassle.
  • It has user-friendly media playback control.
  • You can adjust subtitles, video, and audio tracks during playback.
  • It has a simple user interface and supports multiple languages, etc.

5K Player Blu-ray Player software

blu ray player with netflix:5K Player Blu-ray Player software

This software is one of the media players available today. It is a mixture of video and music players integrated with DNLA and Airplay support. This allows you to stream and connect anywhere. You can watch 1080p videos and 360 videos with no hassle. With this software, you can play 4/8K HRD videos in different formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, etc.


  • The blu-ray player software has an inbuilt hardware accelerator to process videos faster.
  • It has a free-to-use program that offers a multi-media library that you can easily sort, edit and share with friends.
  • You can download content from Netflix, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • It is available for Windows, Mac, and IOS.
  • It has an in-built radio player which allows you to listen to your favorite songs, etc.

Macgo Blu-ray Player Software

blu ray player with netflix:Macgo Blu-ray Player Software

The Macgo Blu-ray software player is excellent for Mac and Windows devices. It supports Blu-ray discs with the original blu-ray menu. It is designed as a free DVD player for Windows. It also supports VideoCD, MP3, MP4, WMA, MPEG, and other non-mainstream formats.


  • It offers superior audio and visual quality for blu-ray and DVDs.
  • The software can output 1080p high definition quality without losing specs from your DVD.
  • The software works for all multimedia formats.
  • It is a movie-watching free media player available for Windows and Mac.
  • It can connect directly to your social media platforms.
  • You can switch between videos seamlessly without freezing.

MakeMKV Blu-ray Player software

blu ray player with netflix:MakeMKV Blu-ray Player software

This software supports Blu-ray or DVD. It is best for converting video clips from encrypted discs into MKV files. With it, you can store multiple audio or video tracks with all their meta information.


  • It is also known as a format converter or a transcoder.
  • It reads all DVDs and Blu-ray discs from its encrypted versions.
  • No additional software is required for conversion or decryption.
  • It is available for Mac, Windows, IOS, and Linus.
  • It converts media files into MKV files in the fastest manner.

Handbrake Blu-ray Player Software

blu ray player with netflix:Handbrake Blu-ray Player Software

The Handbrake Blu-ray player software is a tool for converting videos from any format to a selection of modern codecs. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • It is a free and open-source video transcoder available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • It supports all multimedia files, DVD files, and bu-ray sources
  • It provides the best quality for video encoding.

How to Use Netflix on Your Blu-ray Player Software

Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of shows on internet-connected devices. Shows range from movies, TV shows, anime, documentaries, and many more. You can watch on Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, Playstation, Apple Tv, etc.

blu ray player with netflix:How to Use Netflix on Your Blu-ray Player Software

Depending on your network configuration, your internet connection can be wired or wireless. When you log in to Netflix from a Blu-ray player sotware, it opens the app’s web interface on your TV Screen.

To get Netflix on Blu-ray, you can link a Netflix account to the Blu-ray disc player. Do this by using a computer or the menu of the Blu-ray disc player. After linking, you will be able to access Netflix in the menu of the disc player. Below are steps on how to use the Wi-Fi Blu-ray player with Netflix.

  • Connect your Blu-ray player to your home network.
  • Select Netflix from your home screen.
  • Register the Blu-ray Disc player if prompted to do so.
  • Select sign in. if you are not a member, set up your membership.
  • After registering your device, the main menu displays Netflix options available on other Blu-ray players.
  • Link a Netflix account with a Blu-ray player using a computer or the menu of the Blu-ray player.
  • Select this option and enter your email and password into the Netflix sign-in form.
  • Enter the activation code into the appropriate field.
  • Wait for the Blu-ray player to connect to Netflix.
  • A status update will be displayed when the Netflix connection has been established.
  • Finally, click on the Netflix icon on your Blu-ray menu to watch your favorite movies anytime.

How to Get Netflix on a Blu-ray Player From Your Computer

  • Open a web browser and navigate to
  • Access the Netflix Ready Devices page on the Netflix website.
  • Select the Blu-ray players option to view the Netflix compatible Blu-ray players
  • Locate your Blu-ray player on the list. (Note if your Blu-ray player does not appear on the list, it is not Netflix compatible).
  • Click the image of your Blu-ray player.
  • You can start your free trial or the option to extend your Netflix membership.
  • Input the required including your email address and Netflix password.
  • Complete the required information fields. (fill out your name, address, city, state, zip code, and phone number).
  • Afterward, complete the section for your payment information. Enter your credit card or PayPal account number, expiry date, etc.
  • Click on start membership.
  • Afterward, check your email address for a Netflix membership confirmation and activation code.
  • Finally, enter the activation code into your Blu-ray player.

How To Connect Your Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi Network

Blu-ray players require an internet connection. The main menu of your Blu-ray player is usually found on your Wi-Fi network, but the steps to get your media player online differ between brands. Generally, you must connect an Ethernet cable to the device.

You can also join a Wi-Fi network from your Blu-ray Settings network. For directions specific to your media player, refer to your device user manual. The steps to connect your Blu-ray player to the internet are as follows:

  • Ensure your Blu-ray player and TV are powered on
  • Use your remote control to navigate to your Blu-ray player's main menu screen
  • Open network settings and select Wi-Fi- Setup
  • Select Wireless as your connection type
  • Choose your network name from the list of available networks and enter your password
  • Follow the on-screen prompt to complete the set-up process.


In the most recent years, we have been introduced to blu-ray player software with high definition disc format. With blu-ray, particularly Ultra HD, you can enjoy the highest quality audio-visual content. In choosing a preferred software, you should consider the sound and video quality. The cost and demand in the market should also influence your decision. Furthermore, if you are finding a Netflix video downloader, StreamFab is your best option.