Have a bad experience watching movies or TV series with family? Well, with a good blu ray player you can overcome it, creating better memories with your friends and family. However, sometimes in the absence of information on advanced models, the users have to settle for such Blu ray players that do not offer better resolution. In such a case you must have a piece of handy information on What resolution is offered by a Blu ray player and how it is different from the usual DVD player.

What is a Blu ray Resolution?

A Blu ray disc is the successor of the DVD format of storage of a video. Through this, you can store high-definition videos and watch them on a Blu ray player. Normally, a Blu ray disc offers a maximum resolution of 1920 X 1080. Sony was the first company to bring a revolution in this field by unveiling the first Blu ray disc prototype.

As you have gathered information about what is the resolution of Blu ray you must also realize the importance of resolution in revolutionizing the viewing experience of the user. A good 4K Blu ray player can provide a resolution of 3840 X 2160 which results in crystal clear video and picture quality. There is a perfect balance of colors which enhances the viewing experience by several times. The sharpness, shadow effect, brightness, and contrast provided by a decent blu ray player are unmatchable.

Difference between Blu ray and DVD

DVD vs blu ray resolution

After getting an insight into what resolution is provided in a blu ray player now is the time to compare it with DVD.


Blu ray



Better picture quality.

Lower picture quality.


1920 x 1080 and a 4k blu ray disc offer a resolution of 3840 x 2160.

720 x 480.


Much protected with a layer of 0.1mm.

Less protection with a layer of 0.6mm.

Storage Capacity

25 GB.

4.7 GB.





Can play a DVD on a Blu ray player.

Cannot play Blu ray discs.


3D movies can be played.

3D movies are not available in DVD.

Transfer of Data

High transfer rate.

Low transfer rate.

Video Codecs




Top 8 Blu ray Resolution Player Options

Panasonic DP-UB820

oanasonic dp-ub820 supports blu ray resolution

If you are looking for a Blu ray resolution in a player then Panasonic DP-UB820 will never disappoint you with its fabulous features. This affordable player works amazingly with emotional pictures and details in bursting colors. To complement the picture it also produces an exciting and meaty sound that is loved by the users.


  • Provide Hollywood cinema experience through its powerful processor.
  • The users can also enjoy 4K content along with perfect details and stunning colors for their videos.
  • The Studio Master Sound Technology makes it a perfect environment for at most Precision to a different genre of songs.
  • There is a compact remote that comes with this device and it gives a quick response for better control of the content you are watching.
  • You can also work with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa seamlessly with this device.

Price: $497


  • Amazingly vibrant and immersive pictures in HDR.
  • Beautiful color balance in pictures.
  • Weighty and powerful sound.


  • There is no SACD or any kind of support for DVD-A


eg ubk90 supports blu ray resolution

If you are looking for a perfect Blu ray resolution in a player then LG UBK90 is just the thing you need. It has a perfect Dolby vision that provides Shadow detail along with color fidelity to the user. The display of the video looks quite natural and vibrant besides being soothing to the eyes of the user. The user interface and menu system are pretty simple and indulging whereas a white and maroon scheme of color gives a rich look to the product.


  • The USB port makes it a perfect device to connect to the digital storage device and helps in enjoying music videos along with movies.
  • The Dolby vision feature provides Shadow detail and a Pop of color that looks quite natural and vibrant.
  • It is a 4K Ultra HD Blu ray disc playback that gives a perfect visual experience to the users by giving them access to online video services through Netflix and YouTube.
  • The product is a Perfect Combination of plastic and metal and its matte black color goes well with any kind of TV when placed under it.
  • Along with perfect visual quality, the product also provides high-quality sound and a perfect resolution for audio support.

Price: $246.99


  • Has an amazing feature of the Dolby vision.
  • There is high-quality sound which gives great audio support.
  • There is extended connectivity with a USB port.


  • May occasionally lock up.

Panasonic UB420

panasonic ub420 supports blu ray resolution

If you are looking for a perfect Blu ray resolution to give you a home theatre experience then Panasonic UB420 is just the thing you need. The 4-DAC support helps you in getting the most delicate sound which comes from even a musical instrument to keep you engaged throughout the performance. The device also offers an upscaling technology that helps in the conversion of luminance and chrominance signals to create a better signal for 4K videos.


  • There is separate support for audio and video signals that comes from twin HDMI terminals.
  • The upscaling technology helps in the easy conversion of luminance and chrominance signals for a better creation of 4K signals for your movies.
  • There is good support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa that helps in for easy fast forward, pause, and play facility of your favorite content without even touching your remote.
  • The high peak brightness gives better detail and depth to your TV screen.
  • The player also lends its support through a dual-band Wi-Fi that allows easy streaming of Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube videos without any glitch.
  • It has a streamlined design that easily fits into compact spaces and gives a home theatre effect to your room.

Price: $223


  • It helps in playing 4K UHD discs flawlessly.
  • Gives better support to you Alexa and other such devices.
  • Pretty easy to connect.


  • There is no support for Spotify.

Sony UBP-X800M2

sony ubp-x800m2 resolution of blu ray

If you are looking for a perfect resolution of blu ray then Sony UBP-X800M2 will brighten your day with its extended features. Along with perfect picture quality, there is a perfect surround sound so you can enjoy the minute details of any movie or TV series. It also provides support to Amazon Prime video along with Netflix and many other streaming services.


  • Has great connectivity with Ethernet, HDMI, and Wi-Fi to give a fabulous experience to the users.
  • It converts from 4K HDR to SDR allows a great color contrast for optimal playback and is a great choice for that TVS that doesn't have HDR support.
  • The Dolby Atmos surround sound makes sure you are not disappointed while watching any kind of TV series or movie.
  • It is a 4K Blu ray player that has an amazing picture quality along with great sound, so even in a quiet scene, you can catch up with perfect effects without missing any dialogue detail.
  • There is a Bluetooth feature that enables streaming of any audio from the player directly to your headset without disturbing anybody at night.

Price: $328


  • Beautifully rhythmic and musical sound support.
  • Gives good support to DVD and SACD.
  • Provide crisp and detailed picture quality.


  • It lacks HDR 10+

LG BP175

eg bp175 supports blu-ray resolution

If you are looking for a perfect DVD and a Blu ray resolution then LG BP175 can do wonders for you. It is a versatile player that helps in elevating the users listening and watching experience with its incredible depth to the images. There are dark and light elements in the display that give a great Shadow detail to the videos. With its utmost precision to audio, it provides clear voices that are supported by DTS-HD Master audio.


  • It has a great sense of realism and gives an added depth to your images.
  • There is utmost precision when it comes to audio performance so you can enjoy detailed sound effects.
  • There is a user-friendly menu that makes it easier to access a variety of streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime that work seamlessly.
  • The 6 foot long HDMI cable makes it easy to pass a high-definition video to any HDTV device.
  • It lends support to DVD and Blu ray with perfect resolution.

Price: $64.67


  • It is a very lightweight and compact product.
  • Comes with a supporting HDMI cable.
  • Comes at a reasonable and affordable price.


  • Do not support WiFi.

Sony BDP-BX370

sony bop-bx370 supports blu-ray resolution

The perfect Blu ray resolution provided by Sony BDP-BX370 helps in providing a better picture quality along with a great audio performance. If you are looking for a good image clarity that is par excellence a DVD then this player will help you watch beautiful visuals along with your favorite music seamlessly. The pop of color comes with a great vibrancy because of its true Luminous Technology that helps in easy watching of seascape along with landscape movies.


  • The DTS-HD along with Dolby's True HD sound makes your watching experience a fabulous one and you can hear even the minute conversation with a good surround sound facility.
  • There is a built-in Wi-Fi which is combined with MIMO technology which helps in easy streaming browsing or downloading of your favorite content.
  • The true Luminous Technology e gives a Pop of color with a top-tier vibrancy to your videos and helps you in watching them in landscape and seascape movies.
  • There is a perfect image clarity that helps you in watching beautiful visuals along with an added facility of favorite movies and music videos.
  • The graphical user interface provides access to over 300 streaming services which are organized neatly.

Price: $88


  • Compact device that comes with an easy-to-use remote.
  • Very simple to set up along with an easy interface.
  • The software updates are available automatically.


  • You may need to buy a high-speed HDMI cord as separate assistance.

Panasonic DP-UB420-K

panasonic dp-ub420-k dvd blu ray resolution

You have been looking for the answer of what resolution is provided in Blu Ray device then Panasonic DP-UB420-K Answers it perfectly. Along with a great picture quality it also provides fabulous Shadow detail without any lagging in videos. The dynamic data helps in giving you a better theatre-like image performance which is powered by an HCX processor. It can be well controlled with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa where you can easily fast forward or change the volume as per your requirement.


  • There is a great and dynamic picture quality that gives a detailed Shadow effect which is quite impressive for the users.
  • There is an HCX processor that powers the 4K Blu Ray player for enjoying a smooth streaming experience on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.
  • The built-in Wi-Fi helps in the seamless playing of all your favorite series and movies.
  • It has great compatibility with ALAC music files, WMA, FLAC, and many more.

Price: $223


  • It is very easy to set up.
  • Provides amazing video and image quality.
  • Comes with Amazon Alexa support.


  • Sometimes it may take a lot of time for loading discs,


If you are looking for a good resolution of Blu Ray then Tojock assists you with its premium features and that too at an affordable price. This Blu ray player comes with a cooling chip that makes sure The DVD player can read the disc in perfect conditions without much heating. The built-in scan allows for a greater reading speed for DVDs and Blu ray discs.


  • This amazing model makes use of progressive scanning that provides smoother images and a better experience for the user.
  • There is an upgraded cooling chip that comes with a versatile heat dissipation method which allows the DVD player to read the disc in a better condition.
  • There is a perfect sound performance that comes with Dolby, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, DTS-HD Master, and Dolby TrueHD support.
  • Even if your disc is having a tiny scratch it provides instant remodeling of pictures for the enjoyment of smooth visuals to the users.
  • The player also comes with a sturdy look alongwith anti-skip technology that helps in the elimination of any flickering.

Price: $89.99


  • It is multi-regional.
  • It is available at quite an affordable piece.
  • Comes in a compact size at better picture quality.


  • Do not provide a Wi-Fi facility.

Perfect Software for Streaming Videos on a Blu ray Player

Since you got a list of fabulous Blu ray resolution players now you must be looking for the perfect software to assist you with a seamless experience of playing blu ray videos alongwith a variety of other added-on features. We heard you right and so here is the solution in the form of DVDFab Playerfab all-in-one software. See also: top free blu ray player windows 10.

DVDFab Playerfab all in one

playerfab all in on supports blu ray resolution

If you are looking for a perfect player for enhancing the output of your blu ray resolution device then DVDFab Playerfab all in one is just the thing for you. Along with providing an all-in-one platform for perfect streaming of playback it also provides an online playback in FHD 1080p for videos and audio quality in EAC3 output. There are a variety of options to choose from for video and audio quality.


  • Amazingly capable of playing all the Blu ray and streaming videos seamlessly.
  • Provides an all-in-one platform for all your streaming playback facilities.
  • There is a 1080p quality for video alongwith EAC3 quality in audio quality.
  • There is a facility of auto skipping the intro for a fabulous experience of movies and videos.
  • There is a facility for adjusting the playback speed.

Price: $1079.92 available after discount at $169.99


  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • There is a facility of auto-playing the next episode of any series.
  • You can easily choose the subtitle and audio as per your preferences.


Tojock, Sony BDP-BX370 are some affordable options for Blu ray resolution players.

DVDFab Playerfab all in one caters to all your needs and is perfect for playing blu ray resolution videos.

Tojock, Sony S6700, LG BP350 are some blu ray resolution players who can play multi-regional videos.


Even with the most perfect surroundings, you may find it difficult to create a perfect home entertainment setup that gives you great entertainment with your family. The player with a perfect Blu ray resolution is the right solution for your problem. We are sure with our top 8 products you will be able to understand what resolution is blu ray capable of providing. Along with this, we have also suggested perfect software to assist you with additional functionalities of your device. We are sure that with this guide you will be able to get a fabulous product and experience and you can thank us later for the same. If you still have any questions, you can check the post Can blu ray play dvds?