DVDs and CDs can be played by DVD players effectively. Many ask themselves that can Blu-ray players play DVDs. Many are not aware, but Blu-ray players can be used to play Blu-ray discs, CDs, DVDs, and other disc types like DVD Audio Discs. This article will explain why a Blu-ray disc can be used to play DVDs.

can blu ray players play dvds:Introduction

Best Software That Uses Blu-ray Players to Play DVDs

1. PlayerFab All-In-One

can blu ray players play dvds:1. PlayerFab All-In-One

PlayerFab All-In-One is a new DVDFab product that is used to play all kinds of discs in one centralized place. This PlayerFab enables easily accessible users to playback local videos, Blu-ray, UHD discs, DVD, and other kinds of videos from both Netflix, Amazon, and other platforms. PlayerFab has products like a DVD player that players DVDs discs, Ultra HD Player, Free Video Player, Amazon Player, and other lifetime products. With this PlayerFab there is no need to worry about getting other means to play DVDs or compatibility issues since this software is a comprehensive media player.


  • All features are contained in one platform for the streaming of videos and other playbacks. This supports video streaming from different sites like Amazon, Netflix, and others.
  • Has various video and audio qualities that users can choose.
  • The auto skip intro feature enables one to skip to the main content of the videos.
  • Enables adjusting of playback speed of the videos.
  • Has features for choosing audio or subtitles.
  • Has auto-play following episode for an immersive viewing experience.
  • Supports different video formats like MKV, MP4, MP3, and many others.

Follow the Steps Below to Play DVDs Using Player All-In-One

a. Download the PlayerFab All In One freely from its official website. It is available to both Windows and MacOS users.

can blu ray players play dvds:Follow the Steps Below to Play DVDs Using Player All-In-One

b. Once you download the software, launch, and open the software.

can blu ray players play dvds:Follow the Steps Below to Play DVDs Using Player All-In-One

c. Go ahead to explore different features shown on the display library and choose the ones you want to use for the playing DVDs. One of the features is the capability of the software to play DVDs, local videos, and streaming videos.

can blu ray players play dvds:Follow the Steps Below to Play DVDs Using Player All-In-One

d. PlayerFab All-In-One allows streaming of playback videos online in a quality of up to 1080 pixels.

e. Once launching is done, the navigation menu provides all steps for playing videos. It shows sections for the ‘Play Movie’ button, ‘Language’, ‘Scene Selections’, ‘Special Features’, and different others.

can blu ray players play dvds:Follow the Steps Below to Play DVDs Using Player All-In-One

f. The software has a Local Media Library that can be managed using the Poster wall system. It helps to keep videos in the software for watching later.can blu ray players play dvds:Follow the Steps Below to Play DVDs Using Player All-In-One

g. It has a section for both PC and TV mode. Hence it can work on both systems easily without facing compatibility issues.can blu ray players play dvds:Follow the Steps Below to Play DVDs Using Player All-In-One

h. The "Setting Options" can be accessed both on PC Mode and TV Mode. It is used to adjust the features of the software from default set features according to your desired outputs.

i. Videos can be played in different formats. It supports mp4, MKV, AVI, MP3, WAV, and many other formats.can blu ray players play dvds:Follow the Steps Below to Play DVDs Using Player All-In-One

Pros of PlayerFab All-In-One.

  1. It has all its features included in one platform.
  2. PlayerFab All-In-One can play DVDs, UHD discs, streaming videos, and local videos.
  3. One can adjust the playback speed.
  4. Allows selection of subtitles and audios.
  5. It has different audio and video qualities that are on the system.
  6. Enables one to save time by being able to skip the auto-ads.

Cons of PlayerFab All-In-One

  1. One is required to subscribe once the free trial is over.
  2. Individuals should have prior knowledge before using the software since it has numerous features.

2. VLC by Video Lan

VLC is an open-source and free cross-platform media player that plays most multimedia files.


  • It plays multiple audio tracks, subtitle tracks and Mkv.
  • It has a music media library, playback recommendations and metadata retrieval.
  • Support network streams like HLS.
  • Play almost all files and in all formats, including exotic and classic ones.
  • It allows playback speed manipulation and fine seeking of the files.
  • It is completely free and open-sourced.
  • It runs on both x86 and ARM devices.

can blu ray players play dvds:2. VLC by Video Lan

Simple steps to use VLC by VideoLan

It is a simple software that enables one to play DVDs on a computer more easily.

  1. Insert the DVD into the hard disc drive, then launch the VLC Player.
  2. Go ahead to click on the media and open your Disc.
  3. Select the disc tab, go to the "DVD" option, and click on the play button. Your DVD will be played on your computer instantly.

can blu ray players play dvds:2. VLC by Video Lan


  • It's able to support multiple video formats.
  • It can be used easily by both beginners and professionals.
  • It gives a good user experience.


  • It's difficult to search for the songs in the library.
  • It does not enable adding of tags.

3. Real Player

It's also a preferred software for playing DVDs for windows 10. It can be used to play UHD content in many different formats.

can blu ray players play dvds:3. Real Player

The unique feature that differentiates it from other Software is that it helps one identify celebrities in the video you have by being able to click their faces. You can also get the information you need about the celebrity you desire to see on the internet.


  • It has a fast speed of conversion.
  • One can get information about celebrities on the internet.
  • It allows downloading videos from popular celebrities from social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Allows you to create libraries of your media files to organize your files in the right way.


  • The Software crashes at times when playing the videos.

Features of Blu-ray Disc Players

  • They are compatible with many standard disc playbacks.
  • It retains the resolution of the DVDs.
  • It can upscale the resolution to 720P/1080P/1080I/4K Ultra HDTV.


  • You can watch videos of high quality.
  • They are inexpensive and durable.
  • Can play regular DVDs and CDs.
  • Can play videos in many different formats.
  • Videos have high resolution and quality.
  • It has a simple set-up, and the Blu-ray disc players detect the DVDs automatically.
  • It's better to match the right DVD format since the manufacturer specifies them.


  • It is limited to specific DVDs to play.
  • Blu-ray discs cannot be played on DVD players.

Why can Blu-ray disc Player play DVDs Discs?

The main reason that enables Blu-ray disc players to play DVDs is that the manufacturers of the Blu-ray disc player combine both the red and blue lasers to play both Blu-ray discs and DVDs. The red laser can produce a light beam of a larger wavelength than the blue laser rays. This makes the red laser ray to be able to read the larger pits that are imprinted on DVDs and CDs.

Place the DVD into a Blu-ray disc player to activate the red laser assembly to enable the DVD to read. This will allow the DVD to read its new location and generate the red laser waves that allow the DVD's play.

Why can DVD Players not play Blu-ray Discs?

From our above explanation, we stated that DVD Players could not play Blue-ray Discs; let's look at the reasons. Blue-ray Discs are embedded with more Audio and video data, overwhelming the capabilities of the DVD Players to read the discs. DVD Player has a specification from the manufacturer on the range of data to read; hence cannot be changed easily.

The "pits" that store data on the Blu-ray disc are much smaller than a DVD specification. It requires the blue lasers to be able to read the information. However, DVD Players use the red laser rays. Blue lasers produce a light beam of short wavelength that is needed to focus on small Blu-ray Disc pits. These pits are responsible for storing the information on Blue-ray Discs.

Differences Between Blu-ray Disc and DVD

Blu-ray discs and DVDs are commonly used in entertainment in many homes. They are differences that exist between the two discs, as stated below.


Blu-ray disc


Laser used

Blue laser

Red laser

Laser wavelength

Has 405 nm

650 nm

Storage capacity of a single layer

25 gigabytes

4.7 gigabytes

Data transfer

36 megabytes

11.08 megabytes

Protection layer

0.1 mm

0.6 mm


Cooperate with HDTV.

A large amount of capacity.

Support 4K and Ultra 4K.


Compatible with the most DVD writer

It can be upscaled.


Steps to play DVDs on the Blu-ray Disc Player

1. Download the Blu-ray disc player from the internet and install it on your computer. Make sure that your computer has a Blu-ray disc drive. If it does not have, you use an external Blu-ray player instead.

2. After making your download, Insert a DVD into your Blu-ray player. Once the player detects the inserted Disc, it will automatically launch it. You can also click the "Open Disc" button to import your DV.

can blu ray players play dvds:Differences Between Blu-ray Disc and DVD

3. To play your DVD with your Blu-ray player's original quality, click on the "Video" option to select the frame rate, resolution, and other parameters you desire to set. Click on the "Audio" option to choose the subtitle and audio track based on your preference.

can blu ray players play dvds:Differences Between Blu-ray Disc and DVD

4. Finally, Choose the chapter and Menu to play the DVD with the Blu-ray player. You can view your movies in different screen modes.


Blu-ray player can be used to play regular DVDs without any challenge. This article has explained the steps to follow to play DVDs disc on a Blu-ray disc player. The article has further shared knowledge on the differences between DVDs and Blu-ray discs to understand the specifications of the two discs. Blu-ray Disc Player enables you to play videos with high quality and resolution like the original video.


1. Can you use Blu-ray players to play DVDs of all types?

Blu-ray player can be used to play different types of DVDs disc types. It easily reads the DVDs and enables you to play the videos on it.

2. What is the difference between a Blu-ray player and a DVD player?

Blu-ray player can be used to play DVDs, but the DVD player cannot be used to play Blu-ray discs. Blu-ray can support the high-resolution video playbacks, while the DVD player supports up to 720HD DVD Discs.

Blu-ray discs have a larger capacity to store your full HD movies since it provides higher performance than the DVD. The data transfer rate of the Blu-ray discs, which is about 36 megabytes, is more than three times the one of the DVDs.

The DVD and Blu-ray discs are 12mm in thickness, but their protection layer is varied. Blu-ray disc has a thickness of 0.1 mm, while DVD has a protection layer of 0.1 mm.