Are you dealing with the situation where you insert a DVD into a DVD player, and it takes some time to load it and ejects it out instead of playing it? If yes, you need to troubleshoot your DVD player because you are dealing with a 'DVD player not reading disc' issue. However, before troubleshooting your DVD player, it is important to see if your disc is compromised by loading different discs on your DVD player.

dvd repair near me:Introduction

And if your DVD player is unable to read any of the discs you have subsequently attempted to load, it means it needs some fixing. If you don't know anything about repairing DVD players or DVDs, don't worry. Because today we will tell you about several methods that will help you know how to fix DVD player that won’t read disc.

What is the Process of Reading Discs?

The process of reading discs it's pretty simple and let us explain to you how DVD players do it before moving on to fixing them. As you might know, DVD players are just like CD players, so their process of reading discs is pretty similar. And understanding that process is important to resolve the 'DVD players not reading disc' issue.

So, first, you insert a disc into a DVD player, then it utilizes its laser beam to read the bump patterns on the disc. And that way, it decodes the encoded video on the disc, usually in MPEG-2, and turns it into a composite video signal. DVD players do the same process to decode audio, and that's all about the reading disc process.

Why is Your DVD Player Not Reading Discs?

Now that we have discussed the disc reading process, let's see why you are facing the 'DVD player not reading disc' issue. We will try to explain all of them to you, so let's discuss them without further due.

1. DVD is the problem

One of the main reasons you're facing a DVD player not reading disc issue is because of your faulty DVD instead of your DVD player. When our DVD or CD player is unable to read the disc, we usually think that the problem is with the player, but sometimes it’s the other way around.

So, the next time you face the issue, you can try cleaning DVDs because dirty DVDs are not readable. And sometimes you are using the wrong method of putting your DVD in the player's tray, so the DVD player won't be able to read it because it doesn't sit properly.

2. Format Incompatibility

Another reason you might be facing a DVD player not reading disc issue might be because you're using an old DVD player and the DVDs you want to play are new. And in that case, the format of the DVDs won't be compatible with the player.

Many DVD players don't support rewritable DVDs, so be very careful about that or upgrade your DVD player. Sometimes even with the advanced players, people face the same problem because of the outdated firmware version.

dvd repair near me:2. Format Incompatibility

3. Problems with Lens and Tray

We understand that it is a bummer when you face problems like ‘DVD won't play on computer’ or ‘DVD player not reading disc,’ even though you try your best to make it work. But that can be because the disc tray of your DVD player is not functioning right, so you need to fix it.

DVD players have a laser lens that is an important component of their functional body. You need to check it to see if it is clean because DVD players with dirty lenses don't play DVDs properly.

4. Servo and Regional DVD issue

DVD players usually have a servo mechanism that has to work well for the player to read a disc. If the servo mechanism isn't working, your player won't be able to play your DVDs. Lastly, you need to find out the nature of the DVDs and your DVD player.

Sometimes you face the 'DVD player not reading disc' issue because the DVDs you want to play are not local, and the DVD player you are using is not region-free. In that case, you can try changing your DVD format or shifting to a region-free DVD player.

How to Repair Sony DVD Player Not Reading Disc And Other Malfunctioned DVD Players?

Are you tired of searching for ‘DVD repair near me,’ because your DVD player isn’t reading discs? Well, you don’t have to keep doing that anymore because we are about to tell you some easy tricks that you can use to repair your DVD player at home.

Cleaning DVDs And Checking Surface

Before trying to fix your DVD player, you will have to see if your DVD is in the right condition by first checking the surface of your DVD and cleaning it properly if it is dirty. Sometimes a DVD has so many scratches that a DVD player cannot read it. Secondly, make sure that you insert the DVD the right way in your DVD player.

If your DVD is in the right condition and you are inserting it the right way, then the problem might be with the format of your disc. Most DVD players don't play rewritable discs, and sometimes, if you buy foreign DVDs, they only work on region-free players.

Test a Power Reset on Your DVD Player

After making sure that the DVD you are using is perfectly fine, you need to do a power reset on your DVD player. And for that, you will first open the DVD player tray, insert the DVD you want to play, and turn off your player. Make sure to remove the power source by detaching the cord and leaving it for 60 seconds.

Let your DVD player rest and plug the cord right after 1 minute to see if the DVD you inserted has loaded correctly. Make sure you do that step before any other fixing method because it will most likely solve your ‘DVD player not reading disc' issue.

dvd repair near me:Test a Power Reset on Your DVD Player

Laser Lens Cleaning

As you know, DVD players have a laser lens component as they use the beam and reflection to read discs, so sometimes it gets very dirty and causes problems. The easiest way to clean your player lens is by inserting a lens cleaning disc with tiny brush-like projections, and the disc will deeply clean your DVD player lens and resolve your issue.

If you don't have a lens cleaning disc, you can try using the air compression method to clean the lens slot of your DVD player. You can purchase a compressed air can, open it, and quickly move it towards the lens slot to clean everything. The compressed air method is not that efficient, and you have to avoid dust accumulation during the process.

Tray and Servo Alignment Checking

Talking of the important components in a DVD player, you need to check the condition of the DVD tray and servo alignment, which might be difficult to fix on your own. So, the best way is to take your DVD player to your local computer store where skilled experts can fix it for you.

Convert Your DVD Files

An easy way is to convert your DVDs format into a common format like MP4 so that you can watch them on any device you want. We are only suggesting this if you have tried all methods of fixing your DVD player and nothing is helping so that you can watch all your favorite movies.

The Best DVD Player that Reads All Discs – PlayerFab All-In-One DVD Player

Even though we have talked about all the possible ways of fixing the 'DVD player not reading disc' issue, the best way is to shift to a trusted digital all-in-one DVD player that is 100% safe and free. We are talking about the PlayerFab DVD player that allows you to watch both local and foreign discs and comes with several features.

dvd repair near me:The Best DVD Player that Reads All Discs – PlayerFab All-In-One DVD Player

Top Features

  • You get amazing options like streaming online videos on popular platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.
  • You get several disc editing options, including cropping, adjusting playback speed, subtitles insertion, autoplay, etc.
  • PlayerFab offers its users amazing video (4K Ultra, 3D) and audio quality supporting all DVD file formats.
  • The platform also offers an ad-skipping option to entertain yourself without any disturbance.

Final Words

We want to conclude by saying that fixing your DVD player not reading disc, is pretty easy if you diagnose the real problem. And we hope that you have learned the right tricks to handle your DVD player that’s not working properly.

In the end, we want to remind you to try out the PlayerFab all-in-one DVD player that is free and comes with several advanced features to give you an unforgettable DVD-watching experience.


How to deal with the Sylvania DVD player not reading disc issue?

There are several ways to deal with the Sylvania DVD player that won’t read discs, and we have mentioned all the above in the article. The methods include cleaning the lens and other components of your DVD player, power resetting the player, and fixing the disc you are inserting. You can also try upgrading your DVD player or take it to the professionals so that they can figure out the problem.

Can you fix a Windows 10 DVD player not reading discs?

Yes, you can easily fix a Windows 10 DVD player that is not reading discs; however, you will first have to figure out the problem with your DVD player. Sometimes we are looking for the issue with the player, but the actual problem is with the disc, so be careful about it.

What is the best DVD player to play all disc formats?

If you are looking for the best DVD player that can play all disc formats without causing any issues like lagging or compromised audio or video quality, you need to try out PlayerFab, an all-in-one DVD player.