In recent years, blur photo iphone has become more common in photo editing. An out-of-focus region in your photograph can brighten the entire scene! Unfocus a face to suppress a subject in an image or blur photo background to let your issues stand out.

It's important to be cautious while experimenting with ‘blur a photo’. If you don't, you can end up with a hazy appearance. To blur out areas of a photo, you can use the following techniques.

Best Software to Blur Photo

1. DVDFab Enlarger AI

One of the first AI programs to provide every aspect necessary to make a video exceptional is its DVDFab software — DVDFab Enlarger AI. Those who have previously used it will undoubtedly concur with my assessment. The following are a few of this ai video upscaling software more notable attributes:

It improves video and image quality

Quality is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about video. If the quality of the video is bad, it will not be noticed. DVDFab Enlarger AI, on the other hand, makes the process of converting videos from HD (1080p) to SD (480p) or from HD (1080p) to 4K much simpler. If your videos are of bad quality or resolution, this is the ideal answer.

Resurrects stale video footage

Here is a solution for those hesitant to use their old videos because of their poor quality: DVDFab software. It dramatically enhances the quality of old videos in terms of sharpness, resolution, image saturation, and brightness. What do you think?

Pros and Cons of DVDFab Enlarger AI


  • By applying artificial intelligence (AI), our editor has named this the most excellent AI video enhancer available (Artificial Intelligent).
  • Enlarger AI has an easy-to-use interface for everyone to use.
  • GPU hardware acceleration ensures that a reliable program will rarely crash.
  • When something goes bad, you can count on exceptional customer service and clean software to get things back to normal.
  • Free downloads of a trial version of the software for evaluation purposes. All orders include a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free lifetime upgrade/update.


  • In the absence of a Mac OS X version,
  • You'll need Windows 10 64-bit, Intel i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, and a graphics card from either NVIDIA or AMD if you want to utilize the software.

How to Use DVDFab's Enlarger AI to Improve Your Videos

Isn't it annoying to watch a video with poor quality? Suppose I tell you that DVDFab's video upscaler —Enlarger AI has made video quality issues a thing of the past. It has raised the bar for video upscaling by including the bells and whistles needed to elevate a movie to a new degree of distinction.

In addition to enhancing the quality of your most recent videos, it also brings your older recordings back to life through astonishment. When I first used this software, I was pleasantly impressed. This post is all about this software, its features, and how it amazes us with its abilities.

Regardless of what video-enhancing software you presently use, this one driven by AI technology is a must-have. All Windows users can access the Enlarger AI, so download the most recent version and follow the procedures outlined below to get it installed on your computer.

Step 1: Load the video source

Put the disc in the optical drive to convert the video to 1080p or 4K. DVDFab's Ripper and Copy modes automatically download and upscale any video you specify. To download the source video, you may select the Add option or drag & drop it.

blur photo:1. DVDFab Enlarger AI

Step 2: Using AI to enlarge the video footage

Notably, only MKV and MP4 allow for Video Al expansion, giving you complete freedom of choice. You must select 4KAI profiles to convert Blu-ray content to 4K. You can also use the Enlarger AI option in the Copy mode option to upscale DVDs to Blu-ray; however, this option is only available in the Copy mode option.

Step 3: Advanced Video Settings and Video Editing Tools (Optional)

Advanced Settings and the Video Editor are available; however, this step is only suggested for more experienced users.

Step 4: It's time to get things rolling now

Start expanding the video by pressing the Start button after setting the target folder. First, the software checks if the GPU requirement is activated. It will begin downloading data as soon as a yes answer is received. The conversion procedure will start as soon as it is downloaded. Video conversions can take a while, so be patient.

So, this is how to utilize the AI upscale video tool to improve a video, as explained in this guide. MP4.AI or MKV can be used as the output file format. AI. Since Enlarger AI can allow you to upsample video from 480P to 1080P when you convert DVDs or Blu-rays to Blu-ray, it can also upscale video from 1080P to 4K.

2. DVDFab Photo Enahncer AI: Image Enhancement for Digital Cameras

With the help of DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI, you may blur the background of photo. To upscale pixelated photographs without sacrificing quality, the program uses deep convolutional neural networks. Massive amounts of expertly upgraded data feed these networks. Photo noise reduction, cartoon effects, colorization of black-and-white photographs, and sharpening of blur photos are all possible with this software. Because of this, users don't need to invest in expensive photo-editing software to improve their images. The following are some of the tool's unique features:

  • Cartoon effects can be applied to images in your gallery with this tool. Pop art may be created from your photos with this app.
  • More than 40 times without sacrificing any quality, the program can increase the resample rate of 2D/3D anime images.
  • Users can make their images look like they were taken with a DSLR in just one click.
  • With the help of cutting-edge AI technology, the tool can turn black and white images into color images.
  • Image quality and clarity can be improved by removing noise from photos.
  • The program can upscale images up to 40 times their original size without sacrificing quality.
  • Sharpening edges, fixing hazy photographs, and increasing the amount of detail in photos are all possible effects of this software.
  • This AI Photo Enhancer Is Free and Easy to Use
  1. Open the tool and choose the module you need

blur photo:2. DVDFab Photo Enahncer AI: Image Enhancement for Digital Cameras

2. The AI models will begin to download as soon as the tool is launched. Wait till the process is complete.

3. Select Open Images from the menu that appears. In addition, you may drag and drop your images onto the main interface.

4. It is possible to have a preview of the findings and make changes as necessary.

5. To save the final images, tap the Save option.


  • It's a breeze to use.
  • Neural networks are used in a deep convolutional form.
  • Efficient performance

Free Online Tool for Blurring Photos

How to blur a photo on iphone? You may use a free online photo editor to blur photo or the background of your photos. A picture's location can be easily blurred with it. Image identification technology that uses advanced AI can swiftly identify the topic and blur photo background.

Step 1:

To add a photo from your computer, go to the Upload Portrait or Upload Photo page and select the appropriate button.

Step 2:

This background removing tool will automatically deduct the backdrop when you upload the picture. The Brush tool comes in handy for picking out more of the main subject.

blur photo:Free Online Tool for Blurring Photos

Step 3:

Using either the Color BG or Image BG options in the BG & Crop tool on the left panel, you may easily blur the photo's background. You can also crop a photo to preserve only the relevant portions.

blur photo:Free Online Tool for Blurring Photos

Step 4:

When you find an image you like, you can save it as a PNG file by clicking the Save button.

Blur Background in Android Photo Editor

‘How to blur background of photo already taken’? To blur photos on an Android phone, you'll need to use a third-party app. We'll use the

Step 1:

Installing this picture editor app on your phone requires going to the Google Play Store.

Step 2:

At the bottom of the AfterFocus screen, select Select Photo. Then select the image whose backdrop you wish to blur.

Step 3:

The subject and background can be selected with the Smart Selection tool. Additionally, you have the option of choosing them manually. Keeping an area in focus is as simple as tapping the Focus icon and tracing a circle around it with your finger. Additionally, you can select a background by tapping the Background icon.

blur photo:Blur Background in Android Photo Editor

Step 4:

In your photo, you have the option of customizing the blur. To change the blur in the backdrop, use the Blur symbol and the slider.


After reading this article, a better understanding of how to blur the background of a photo will be gained. There are numerous free and paid alternatives available. Gaussian filters, radial filters, and more are all blur tools you should know how to use. You can even employ these functionalities in bulk with some apps. Photographers and editors who want their images to have a consistent aesthetic can benefit from these tools.


Ways to hide part of an image on the web?

You can use an online photo editor to blur a portion of a shot. It has two blur options that you can use to blur off a part of your photo.

Precisely how do you rotate a photo on an iPhone?

You can use the built-in editing features in iOS to rotate an image on your iPhone. Open the photo you wish to modify in the Photos app. Go to the Edit menu in the upper-right corner and select Crop to crop an image. After that, you can use the rotate icon at the top left of the screen to rotate the picture till you achieve the proper perspective.

Do you know how to sharpen a picture online?

You can utilize a free online photo editor to enhance the sharpness of your images. To easily sharpen your photo, use's Sharpen image tool.