What do you know about create avatar? Did you ever try to create an avatar from your photo? If yes, then indeed, you are a trendy guy. If not, don't worry; we will make you fashionable. This article will cover how to create avatar using avatar creation apps. Be with us!

Avatar name derived from Hindu mythology. But in the computing world, it's a graphical presentation of the user's personality, facial similarity, or the complete persona. Users can make it a two-dimensional form as an icon or three-dimensional in games or virtual worlds. Create avatar on social media adds fun, and sometimes it breaks the monotonous photo with regular filters. Additionally, if you want to surprise your followers, create an avatar, set your display picture, and get flooded with likes and comments.

How to create an avatar? After reading the above para, this question might strike you if you come across your friend's profile who uploaded his avatar on his timeline. There are apps and software that offer to create your own avatar, and here we will discuss the avatar-making apps and their features. Let's tune in!

The List of Online Create Avatar Sites


Avatoon can add spice to your boring social media life. With numerous effects, designs, colors, text, and many more to add to edit the images. When you create avatar from photo with Avatoon, you will get several editing options such as crop, effects, remove text, add, etc. You can create your avatar using the massive collections and give your avatar a professional look.

create avatar with Avatoon

The Features of Avatoon

  • Make your avatar form out of its millions of stocks of design, accessories, arts, etc.
  • Can create cartoon avatar, portrait avatar like a various form of avatars
  • Color adjustment and layers can give your avatar a professional look
  • Color changing options are available; you can make a black and white avatar or a colorful avatar; the choice is yours
  • Readymade avatar memes are also available to rock on the group chatting or personal chat

Price: It's a Free app


  • It has all the advanced features of creating an avatar and photo editing
  • Huge library that includes design and art of avatar


  • Not safe for kids

Avatar Maker 

Avatar Maker is a beginner-friendly website that offers to make self-cartoon with the help of various effects. The software will allow you to change your hairs-style, face pattern, nose, ears, eyes pattern while making your avatar. After making it, you can share the avatar with your friends on social media and chatting apps.

create an avatar with avatar maker

The Features of Avatar Maker

  • The simple interface of the website encourages you to make your own avatar
  • There are gender variations displayed, boy and girl
  • Image of boy or girl comes with several effects, face, eyebrows, nose, spects, head shape, lips, etc
  • Can move the avatar in any directions
  • Background effects also available with Avatar Maker
  • Cartoon and sketch both modes available
  • You can share the avatar with your friends, or you can download

Price: It's a freeware


  • Simple and easy interface beginners friendly
  • Free to use and share and download options are there


  • Limited facial variations
  • Color options are limited


Make your avatar with more effects but a less cartoon look with BeFunky. The most creative aspect of BeFunky is it has lots of options to edit your photo by adding color, theme, angles, etc., and giving a new look. Use BeFunky and create avatar from photos and add various effects to make it unique.

create your own avatar with Befunky

The Features of BeFunky

  • Crop and resize your photo
  • Batch editing options are available
  • Customize template let you make your own editing preferences
  • Millions of vector graphics and icons are available
  • Millions of stock images are available from which you can make your avatar

Price: Its monthly charge starts with $3.49 and annual starts with $34.68


  • Photo saving options are great
  • Simple and easy interface


  • The preview option is a little bit dull


Bitmoji is branding them as your personal emoji, but the site is relatively popular to create avatar. The app is so widely used among youngsters that it has already crossed 1 million installs on the Google play store. With multiple faces, you can create your cartoon avatar. You can add colors, designs, styles, and various stickers and text effects while create an avatar of yourself. If you want to remove the watermark, you can check another post.

create a avatar with bitmoji

The Features of Bitmoji  

  • There is an extensive library for moods and stickers
  • There are several facial expressions in the stock
  • Bitmoji introduced favorite avatar to the video game world
  • You can make customized emoji out of the sticker collections
  • There are comprehensive sharing options, and you can share directly with various apps
  • Bitmoji supports Snapchat for creating an avatar, emoji, or cartoon and share with your friend during chatting

Price: It's a free app but if you want to access certain features need to pay.$1


  • The app has all the advanced features to create an avatar and emojis
  • It's a free app


  • The app is not for kids' use
  • Its privacy policy raised questions about bugs


It's another avatar maker website with a simple interface and offers free service to its users. When you land on DoppelMe, you can create an instant avatar and share on various chatting apps, emails, forums, groups, etc. and make fun. The freeware does not require any complex tools to create an avatar of yourself, friends, family members, or colleagues.

create avatar with doppelme

The Features of DoppelMe

  • Customized avatar and added dress, facial expressions, and various body languages
  • Add stickers, text, color, background while create my avatar
  • Users can create an unlimited avatar from their account, and there are no restrictions
  • Users can download and save the avatar on their PC

Price: It's a freeware


  • The simple interface is beginner-friendly
  • You can place an order for high-resolution prints for the avatar you have created


  • It's also not for kids' use


If you want to make a high-resolution avatar of yourself or your friends, you can visit PickaFace. With its distinct drawing style, the avatars are different from other websites. The personalization of faces is additional and exclusively available on PickaFace only. Its simple and easy interface is ideal for beginners to try their hands with it.

create an avatar with pickaface

The Features of PickaFace

  • You can create a high-resolution avatar of yourself or your friends
  • Once you create an account, you can create a limitless avatar
  • Registered members can access more than 550+ new features to create your avatar
  • You can connect and engage your friends and followers over social media through PickaFace
  • You can print out the avatar and save it or share it on your social media profiles

Price: It's a free site, and you can freely register there and start making an avatar.


  • You can report the spam profiles and secure your own profiles
  • A well-designed free site


  • The app does not support live chat
  • The Mobile version is not available

With these five apps, you can create your avatar by applying various colors and designs to express your personality in a funny mode.

Now let's see the steps of avatar making to create an avatar.

Create an Avatar from a Photo: The Process

Check out simple and easy steps, create your avatar. The steps are here:

Step 1: Select an avatar maker app.

Select an avatar app and check whether it requires download or not.

Step 2: Take your picture

If you want to create an avatar with the new photo, take a selfie and start the process.

Step 3: Open the app

Once you open the app, you choose between the male and female gender. Select accordingly and do the facial recognition first.

Step 4: Customize your avatar.

After facial recognition, you can customize the avatar by applying various designs, styles, hairstyles, nose, eyes, eyebrows, lips, and even specs. Create the type you want and design it accordingly.

Step 5: Save your creation

Once you finish the process, the app will ask you to save your work or download the avatar.

Step 6: Share it on your social media timeline.

After downloading or saving the avatar image, you can share it on your timeline of various social media profiles.

How to create an Anime avatar?

Creating an anime avatar is similar to creating an avatar from a photo. The anime design is collected from popular anime characters to help you select your style. To create an anime avatar, check the steps:

Step 1: Select an anime avatar app.

There are apps available on the internet, and using any of them, you can start the process.

Step2: Open the app

Open the app and select the gender. When you choose the app, open it to start the process.

Step 3: Create the anime

Once you open the app, you will design the anime. Face, hairstyle, eyebrows, nose, lips, specs, etc., you make changes and create your favorite anime version.

Step 4: Save the creation

Once you finish the work, you can save it or download it on your PC or device.

Step 5: Share and enjoy

Now you can share your anime avatar to your social media accounts. You can post on your timeline or set the display picture and enjoy the like, comments.

The process to create an anime avatar is also easy-to-follow and straightforward. But if you still have doubts, clear them.

Frequently Ask Questions: Ask Your Doubt

Most of the apps offer a free avatar. You just land on their website, and instantly you can start the process. With the readily available elements, you can create an avatar instantly.

Few of the apps maintain their privacy strictly. They provide the spam filter and block fake ids. You can use the app to take care of your online safety.

Yes, most of the apps are available for iOS and Android users. You can use your smartphone, create an avatar, post, and share it with your friends.

Concluded Words

You can surprise your friends while creating my avatar cartoon and sharing it on social media accounts. Create an avatar is easy, and you can create numerous avatars using the apps. The recent trend is to post something unique on your social media profiles and engage your friends on your timeline. Even brands post avatars, engage their customers on their social media pages, and promote their products or services. In a nutshell, you can be the center topic of discussion on social media if you know how to make your avatar and post on your timeline.