For the last few years, Instagram has added more and more features to make the app more appealing to the young generation. The background color is one of them. The Instagram story background includes a vibrant color segment for the users they have been waiting for a long time. If you are a new user and don’t know how to change Instagram story background color, read the article and see the process.

The Instagram story background is the latest feature the app includes other than upload and sharing features. The majority of the users belong to the Y-Gen community, and they quickly grasp the concept of how to change background color on Instagram story. Users keep changing the color, making fun of it, and enjoying app surfing during their free time. In the fast-changing social media apps revolution, it seems every young mind knows how to operate the apps, present themselves through various social media apps, and how to change the background color on Instagram story.

Over the period, you may observe different kinds of Instagram story background of the users to grab the attention of the fan followers. Even Instagram influencers use their account, especially the background story, to utilize their popularity on this platform.

Let’s know a few primary reasons why users set Instagram story backgrounds.

Why Do Users Use Instagram Story Backgrounds?

Users love and enjoy spending time on Instagram. The reasons may vary from the user’s preference to the urgency of the users. They are:

  • The user sets an Instagram story background to grab the attention of the followers.
  • They enjoy the fun of setting their favorite color on Instagram; most of the time, you will notice the colors are Neon, fluorescent and vibrant modes to attract the attention of others.
  • Few users are always eager to use the added features and surprise others who may skip the newly launch part.
  • Sometimes, the color palettes express users’ personalities, preferences, and choices. In that case, Instagram story background color selection says lots of things about yourself. By setting a colorful background for Instagram story, you are expressing yourself to the virtual world.

These are a few fundamental reasons people started enjoying the background colors and sharing them on their profiles.

How to Change the Background Color on Instagram Story through Default Background Settings

A default background color setting is available on Instagram, making the app popular among users globally. There are a few steps on how to change background on Instagram story. Follow us if you are an enthusiastic user to try and implement the newly launched feature on Instagram.

The default background color set when you upload an image to the story on Instagram is based on the image you pick, but you may not like the color Instagram has chosen for you. However, you can change the color from the color store.

Step 1: Go to your Stories tab, click on the image you want to keep in your background from your gallery.

instagram story background

Step 2: you must resize the image and choose the location.

background for instagram story

Step 3: When you see the three dots on the right side of your screen, click on it and tap on ‘Draw’; here, you need to select a pen tool to choose a solid color if you want to set it as background; then again the translucent color scheme is also available for the background you can select.

how to change background on instagram story

Step 4:  Now select the color you want to be that your background looks like.

instagram story background template

Step 5: Tightly press and hold the screen for a few seconds until the whole color screen floods with the color; later, click on "done".

instagram story background

Step 6: Select the Sticker icon and tap on "Camera roll sticker".

Step 7: Pick the exact image you set in your story

Step 8: Clutch it for resize, place the image over other images to show the new background color variations to your followers who are interested in peeping into your activity on Instagram

The above-stated steps are involved in setting a new and vibrant background for Instagram story. You can customize the Instagram story background and enjoy that others are peeping into your profile.

If you are not satisfied with the default settings and want to set something different, keep scrolling and reading!

How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story (With Your Own Downloaded Image)

If you plan to go a little extra and don’t rely on default settings color background, you might set your own downloaded images and background color. Let’s check the steps you can try and implement instantly.

Before setting the background, download a few of your favorite images from different free sites like,, etc. Download free stock photos from these sites and start uploading with changing the background color on Instagram.

Follow your next move here:

Step 1: Go to your Instagram story and open it.

Step 2: Swipe up and check whether the camera is rolling or not.

Step 3: Check the background you want to use.

Step 4: Click on to Add to your story.

Special note: Instagram story background have a tremendous outreach if you manage to set the color with the image and the subject matter you want to convey to the world. To spread your brand through Instagram story, select the image and color carefully.

Spot on a few practical tips on Instagram story background

If you are into business or an entrepreneur or develop a skill to sell or service or sell your own creative products, you can use an Instagram story background for your personal branding. As Instagram is getting high marketability among the users and has a massive global monitoring impact, your brand will reach to million users within a second.

Animation images, GIFs have a substantial impact on viewers’ minds. We strongly recommend setting animated images in the Instagram story background. It will help to establish your brand and spread as well. Animation with tiny video with your brand story can be a killer combination to your prospect buyers on Instagram.

We have suggested two ways on how to change background story on Instagram; if you have queries, we can clarify them.

FAQs: Get All Your Answers

It will stay up to 24hours after the duration, and your story will vanish, so the background color. Every time you set a new story, you have to set the background color.

You have two options: signing up to various template creative websites or downloading images from free stock websites. In both cases, you will have the option to customize your Instagram story background.

When you open the story and camera roll on, select your self-image from the gallery and set it with a colorful background. You must remember to set the relevant color with the image to make the view presentable. Or else it will not get your desired view. If you want to keep it purposely flooding the viewers, add relevant stickers with the image and color. You can observe the change.

Adding stickers and text can be a game-changer for your Instagram story. Keep a funny image with a relevant color, add stickers, add text, if possible, tag your best friend in your story, post it and enjoy people viewing your account. If you align all these three things correctly, you become the talk of the town within a short time.

Concluded Fact

Instagram story background allows you to express in a better way to the world. You can use the story background to develop your prospect buyers and network your branding using the platform. And if the product or service is for the younger generation, your goal achievement strategy will strike with a high percentage. The only thing you need to do is post your story more frequently with the latest update of your service or product. In this way, you can educate and inform your buyers and influence their buying decision before others else would do. In order to make your Instagram story more colorful and unique, you also can add music to your Instagram story