Statistic States: When the audio editing software market of the whole world is anticipated to attain a CAGR of 10.23% growth with $6.33 billion by 2026, then, on the other hand, the audio-video editing software industry across the world is expected to rise to a CAGR of 7.1% with $5.2 billion by 2026.

audio editor:


audio editor:

Introduction: After witnessing the statistical prediction of path-breaking growth in the audio editing industry, you must have a brief idea of what an audio editor is all about and why it is heading so fast. Audio editing software is a computer program consisting of hardware and software programming that edits or generates audio data.

These programs are usually referred to as digital audio workstations (DAWs), and the digital audio editors are known as web editors.

The main purpose of audio editing is to slice and dice music pieces to make them error-free and consistent in listening by applying effects, filters, adjusting stereo channels, etc. When you have a basic idea about audio editors, it's time to dig down the fundamental 7 reasons for their high market demand and growth.

An audio editor online is required for radio stations to present the best part of the program through sound bites.

  • To enhance the poor audio quality of any audio recording, you need occasional audio editing.
  • To extend or shorten any movie or TV audio clip, you need an audio editor to fit them into the appropriate image.
  • To rank any show at the top of the podcast chart in the entertainment world, you need excellent audio editing software.
  • To ensure the authenticity and uniqueness of your original audio content, audio editing is one of the best options by adding up your signature style.
  • Audio editing makes any podcast gripping and concise.
  • Instead of repeatedly going through the sound recording process, you can edit out the imperfections with the best audio editor while saving time and energy.

The Top 5 Best Audio Editing Software

Since you know the basic reasons for audio editing and you probably need one of the best audio editing software for any of these above-mentioned reasons, here you will get the most selected and effective list of 5 best audio editors to meet up your specifications with satisfaction.

1) DVDFab Video Editor

audio editor:1) DVDFab Video Editor

Being one of the best Video audio editors, DVDFab Video Editor is also the most popular Audio Editor on Windows. This audio file editor is a one-stop destination for innovation and experimentation with the audio editing process. The most advanced tools and techniques of this audio clip editor would be perfect for flawless sound effects for any beginners or any professional movie maker.

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  • You can adjust the audio speed between 0.2x to 5x to create special effects in the audio track.
  • While clicking on the Audio Detached option, you can separate audio from video for further editing.
  • A speech and text converter is there for automatic conversion between speech and text.
  • Record and edit your audio by adjusting volume up to 400%.
  • With a few clicks, you can fade in & out/ mute any audio.
  • You can access royalty-free sound effects and music.
  • You can insert your pre-recorded narration/voiceover for audio editing.
  • Enhance the human voice to make it clear.

Steps to Edit Audio

  • To go to the excellent audio library of Video Editor, you must click on the "Audio" option given in the second position in the sidebar of the opened tab.
  • Next, click on the "Music" option shown in the middle position on the top template bar.
  • Since all the music files & sound effects are saved in the cloud, you have to click on the "download sign" with a down arrow given on the right downside of each audio file icon.
  • You have to download the specific music or sound effect by clicking on the download option.
  • Next, click on the "Plus (+) sign to upload the audio timeline.
  • After installing & adjusting the microphone on your computer, you can tap on the "mike" icon shown in the toolbar to record your voice.
  • While clicking on the red recording options given in the toolbar, it will be lightened up.
  • Before initiating the recording, don't forget to mute the video's original sound.
  • After recording your voice, this audio file editor will play it on the preview screen automatically.
  • You have to click twice on the recorded file shown on the voiceover timeline to add fade-in & out effect/ to adjust audio speed & volume.
  • Similarly, while going through the given instructions shown in the audio editing tab, you can create audio sequences, split & trim audio clips, and detach audio from video. You can also access other audio editing features depending on your requirements.

2) NCH Wavepad Audio Editing Software

audio editor:2) NCH Wavepad Audio Editing Software

The Wavepad audio editor is a completely free audio editor and the best Mac audio editor that also works on the Windows platform. This audio editor supports various file formats, including WAV,VOX, WMA, AIF, etc. This Mp3 audio editor can record and edit music, voice, or other audio with a cut-copy-paste method for any videos. This audio editor app is used on iPhone and Android devices and can also add amplification, echo, and noise reduction in its audio editing process.


  • Sound editing techniques such as insert, delete, compression, silence, pitch-shifting, auto-trim, etc.
  • Audio effects feature such as equalizer, normalized, amplifier, reserve, reverb, echo, envelope, etc.
  • With DirectX & Virtual Studio Technology DLL(VST) plugin support, producers can access many multiple and additional techniques & effects.
  • Batch processing features with scrub, search & bookmark audio features to edit precisely.
  • User-friendly interface with the auto-restoration feature.

Steps to edit audio

  • After free downloading, installing & launching the Wavepad audio editor, go to the "File" option and tap on the "Open" option to open the audio file that you like to edit with this free audio editor.
  • Next, you go to the "Levels" option to access the various sound effects & other audio editing features for addition, alteration, or adjustment of your audio file.
  • While dragging the left & right edges given on the waveform, you can choose the clip of the video.
  • Once you select the clip, tap on the "Copy" option shown in the toolbar.
  • Click "Paste"> " Play Button" to hear the audio you like to edit.
  • Tap on "Edit" => "Audio Tag" for the title, year, genre, etc.
  • Lastly, tap on "File" => "Save file" to get an output audio file in any format of your choice like MP3, M4A, WAV, etc.

3) Audacity Audio Editor

audio editor:3) Audacity Audio Editor

Audacity audio editor is an open-source, free audio editor that works as the most popular Mac audio editor, and it is also compatible with the Windows platform. This free online audio editor is a multi-track audio editor and recorder with a user-friendly interface. To use this audio editor free, you have to follow a few steps.


  • Live adio recording via microphone/music mixture/digitized recording features.
  • Export recordings to various file formats or multiple files at a time.
  • You can import, edit & combine sound files. It provides 16-bit, 24-bit & 32-bit support.
  • With the support of high-quality resampling & dithering, formats & sample rates are getting converted.
  • Audio unit effects plugins/ you can also write your plugin.
  • Smart editing option with cut-copy-paste, delete, redo & undo option.

Steps to edit audio

  • To start editing, you can either record or impart an existing file via the drag & drop option or through the file=>import menu to the project window.
  • Next, by clicking & dragging in the waveform, a particular audio file section can be selected and removed by clicking on the "delete" option or "backspace".
  • To move any section of the audio clip, you should go for the click & drag option shown on the clip handlebar.
  • While going through the other instructions given on the audio editing page, you can split up clips, resize & trimming clips & apply multiple sound effects.

4) Adobe Audition

audio editor:4) Adobe Audition

This Adobe Audition audio editor is foolproof software for music mixing and audio mastering. From western music videos to educational documentaries, you can edit any audio content with this audio editor.


  • While using your favorite gear, you can streamline your audio exiting with automatic remix functions.
  • You have customized control on your audio & can remove hazzi and background noise.
  • You can polish every track with resonating audio editing with 50+effects and analysis tools.
  • Add audio effects & perfect soundtracks.

Steps to edit audio

  • After installation of this audio editing software, you must apply the " Edit in Adobe Audition" to any audio clip or sequence that you want to edit.
  • You can select the "audio clip" in a "project panel"/ select the clip in the " Timeline"/ right-click on the clip.
  • Or, you can select "edit" => " Edit in Adobe Audition"=> clip from the submenu.
  • "Edit in Adobe Audition" dialogue option appears.
  • In this dialogue option, you can configure specific properties, including name/path, selection, audio handles, video, audio clip effects, audio track effects, pan & volume information & open in an audition to the generated project.
  • Finally, tap on the "OK" option.

5) TwistedWave

audio editor:5) TwistedWave

TwistedWave has been recognized to be the best free audio editor online, and it is also considered to be the best Mac audio editor that provides excellent audio editing tools and technology to make any audio clip flawless and perfect.


  • Recording, mastering, converting files & batch processing files features.
  • New speech recognition feature & Audio editing tool with the video.
  • Silence gets detected automatically with Pitch shift technology.
  • Create your unique ringtone for your iPhone.
  • Process effects in the background and Extensive Metadata support.

Step to edit audio

  • Install and launch this free online audio editor on your Mac.
  • Go to "File" > "Open" to import the audio file that you want to edit, or you can tap on the "Red" button to record your voice.
  • After that, start editing your audio while using various tools and effects while going to the "Effect" section of your audio.
  • From amplifier, and normalizer to insert silence, polarity, and reserve audio, you can use anything for your customized audio editing.
  • Go to "File" > " drop-down menu".
  • Next, go to the "Save" option if you want to save the audio file in its original imported format.
  • Or go for "Save As" to change the file format.

So, from the best free online audio editor to the Best Mac audio editor to the best audio editor Windows, you have probably gotten the best list of top 5 audio editors available in the market.

FAQs of Audio Editor

What is the main feature of Avs audio editor?

The Avs audio editor is one of the best audio editors Windows. This audio editor app provides the widest range of format support, and you can also record audio from any input.

What is Wave editor?

Audio Wave editor is a free Audio editor, and it is best for the Windows platform with its high-end editing tools.

What is the basic difference between audio editing & audio mixing?

Audio editing is a process of collecting and creating sounds with perfection, and audio mixing is all about mixing and matching different audio tracks and playing them in a pattern.

Wrapping Up

Now, when you have the most useful and productive list of the top 5 best audio editors that can solve most of your audio editing issues, you have to decide whether you would need any free online audio editor or Mac audio editor or any other Mp3 audio editor for Windows. No matter whatever is your requirement, with this article, you have already gotten the best option for sure.