When you are going through a breakup, you are going through a flush of mixed emotions. You feel angry, sad, broken, or maybe all of these. Music can be a source to get over the past and get up, move on, or move ahead in life to cope with this emotional phase. With centuries of experience, songwriters have mastered the art of creating music pieces that act as a balm to the aching heart of lovers, and they have been creating break up rap songs to speak their souls through the language of Music.

So, here we will be covering break up rap songs for guys and girls to speak their hearts out when they have no clue how to deal with their emerging feelings. What could be better to listen to these music masterpieces on software that provides utmost precision and clarity in playing audio and video tracks skillfully? Whether it is timeless classics like 'Irreplaceable' by Beyonce or 'Watercolor Eyes' by Lana in the latest collection, you can catch them all on DVDFab PlayerFab All-in-One vivid library easily.

Top 10 break up rap songs

We have got you a collection filled with emotions, sad, angry break up songs rap that will blow your mind and help you cope with the pain.

It'll Be Okay 

After breaking up with Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes is back with a new rap song. The lyrics clearly show the guard down from Shawn's side, where he is both heartbroken yet hopeful in this emotional song. All his songs were primarily dedicated to his lost love, but this time taking inspiration from Camilla, Shawn has penned down his heartfelt feelings. Among these break up rap songs, I exactly feel how a soulful guy cherishes his love.

Album Name: It'll Be Okay

Artist Name: Shawn Mendes

Date of Release: 13th January 2022

Fingers Crossed

Lauren is a British-born Canadian songwriter and singer who solely released his song' Fingers crossed'. This song received immense love from Tik Tok, where the users appreciated it and made short videos on the same. The singer herself leaked a snippet of 15 seconds on Tik Tok of her masterpiece in sheer excitement. The video received a million views in a short time leading to the popularity of the songwriter and singer from Vancouver Island. As a universally used one of these break up rap songs on the video-sharing platform, it likely enables you to describe your real-life suffering break up.

Album Name: Pure Acoustic

Artist Name: Lauren Spencer-Smith

Date of Release: 5th January 2022

Watercolor Eyes

Watercolor Eyes hails from the Season 2 of Euphoria, a popular TV series. Lana is an American songwriter and singer who loves to take inspiration from 50's Music and twist it to create a modern, fresh version of the same. The song is a good play of metaphors to point out the feelings of the past of a frustrated romantic lover. It also reveals a bad relationship between her and a toxic partner.

Album Name: Euphoria Season 2

Artist Name: Lana Del Ray

Date of Release: 21st January 2022

Don't want You to Love Me

This song from a Los Angeles-based songwriter and singer Celeste Tauchar is popularly known for her pop melodies and big hooks. She involves indie rock along with patterns of choppy strums in her music pieces. Celeste has earlier performed for quite several bands before releasing her music piece. The album 'In Awe of Insignificance' contains eight songs and has already released 'Summerlin' and 'Sad chick' songs.

Album Name: In Awe of Insignificance

Artist Name: Celeste Taucher

Date of Release: 25th March 2022


Invincible is all about insecurities and complexities of love, including sexuality and feeling of longing that the singers Omar and Daniel are exploring. The singers are portrayed as children in the video playing together. Then Caesar suddenly sees himself transported in an ambulance where a young boy is blowing his birthday candles on his body. It is one of the heartbreak rap songs that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Album Name: Ivory

Artist Name: Omar Apollo ft. Daniel Caesar

Date of Release: 7th April 2022

When You Look at me

Sara Keys is an RIAA gold-certified songwriter and singer who received huge applause for her song ‘When You Look at Me’ on TikTok. In the song, she reminds her long-lost love about the moments they spent together. She is also speaking about her feelings of not feeling pretty anymore and asking her love whether the moon and other things still remind him of the moments they spent together. She is still imagining her lover and how she will not be able to rejoice in the love she used to have.

Album Name: When You Look at me

Artist Name: Sara Keys

Date of Release: 18th February 2022

Out Of Time

The Weeknd, a Canadian singer, released its new song 'Out of Time' where the singer can be seen singing his song alone in a Karaoke while being in a hotel. It shows some clips of precious memories spent by the Weeknd and a woman where they are carrying the Karaoke machine wherever they are going. However, Weeknd's older version appears with Jim Carrey being the album's narrator and playing a strange doctor in the final moments. Here Weeknd's love story comes to an end with dripping blood.

Album Name: Out Of Time

Artist Name: The Weeknd

Date of Release: 25th January 2022

Dying On the Inside

Written and sung by Nessa Barrett, Dying on the inside is a trending song that went viral soon after release. It is one of the heartbreak rap songs where the singer asks himself and the lover questions about what all she has faced maintaining the beauty she is in the present time. She is confused about what could be done with all the compliments when she no longer feels good about herself as she changed so much in love.

Album Name: Dying On the Inside

Artist Name: Nessa Barrett

Date of Release: 25th February 2022


Tata McRae, a Canadian Singer, is among sad breakup rap songs in the pop genre under the RCA label, and it could not have been more personal. It encompasses the singer's feelings where she is discussing all the fears she is having along with intense pain and how both these feelings are growing inside her. In a piano ballad with strings, she tells the world how change can be difficult and leaving behind can be painful, whether related to old habits or relationships.

Album Name: I used to think I could Fly

Artist Name: Tata McRae

Date of Release: May 2022

Love is Selfish

Being a sparse acoustic ballad, this intense piece by Jack White has a shuffle of a soft drum along with steady fingerpicking. It is one of the break up rap songs for guys that beautifully portrays a space left behind when someone we love breaks up with us. The video ends with the singer walking towards a blinding light appearing from the outside. It is sure to take your heart away once released.

Album Name: Entering heaven alive

Artist Name: Jack White

Date of Release: July 2022

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What are some angry breakup rap songs I can listen to?

Call out my name by the Weeknd, and Stay by Rihanna are some of the angry breakup songs to listen to when you are down.

What is the best software where I can listen to all sad breakup rap songs?

Playerfab All-in-One is a great software where you can listen to any sad or break up rap songs.

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Music can be our second language when we fall short of words to express our feelings. Be it love at first sight or separation from love, songs play a significant role in our life to get us through the phase. Rap songs have been relatively upbeat to listen to when one is going through a break up. Moreover, rap songs were considered brutal, materialistic, and arrogant before the rap artist put their foot forward to release emotional, touching break up rap songs in recent years. Nowadays, compelling lyrics of break up rap songs for guys and girls have changed the game.

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