Section 1. Top 15 Best Break-up Songs

These are the Top 15 best break up rap songs. Each of the songs listed here is included based on its lyrics and they are songs from top notable rap artists. All these songs celebrate the darker side of love: breakups, heartaches, cheating, lying, and other related circumstances. Stop thinking much and get yourself involved with these top best break-up rap songs of this modern age.

1.I Love the Way You Lie – Eminem ft. Beyoncé

This song has remained on top of the charts ever since it was released. It is one of the best rap songs about heartbreak. The lyrics are captivating and you’ll find yourself feeling every single rap line of the monster rapper – Eminem.

Most interesting breakup rap lines by Eminem

You ever love somebody so much, You can barely breathe when you're with them,
You meet and neither one of you even know what hit 'em…”

Rihanna’s captivating lines

“Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, but that's alright because I like the way it hurts”

2. Burn by Usher

Here’s another top best rap break up songs. Usher was very emotional on this track and a lot of heartbroken people have found this song to be very comforting. Burn is a motivational rap song with cool lyrics.

Most interesting breakup lines by usher

“Girl, understand why, see it's burning me to hold onto this, I know this is something that I gotta do

But that don't mean I want to, what I'm trying to say is that, I love you I just …”

3. Little Bit – Drake’s verse

Little bit has two artists featured on it but Drake’s rap verse expresses the heartbreak of letting someone after struggling to maintain your pride in the process. Sing together with drake, his rap lines are usually interesting.

Most Interesting break up rap lines by Drake

“I know you told me break their hearts but it's you I wanna take apart and I will never ever be the first, to say it but still I they know I ah ah ah…”

4. Love me Not by J. Cole

J. Cole is a famous rapper with great rap lines. Love me Not by J. Cole is one of the best rap songs about breakups. The rapper talked about some relationship flaws and he seemed very emotional on this track, you may find yourself loving this song everyday.

Most interesting brakeup rap line by J. Cole

“…Thinking if it crash, I’ll never see your ass again, wouldn't that be a shame
Cause look at all the shit we overcame…”

5. Too Late to Apologize by Justin Timberlake ft. OneRepublic

This breakup rap song by Timberlake and OneRepublic has gained millions of view on YouTube: it is among the top best break up rap songs ever. Too late to apologize will you get over heartbreak easily.

Most interesting rap line

“…I'd take another chance, take a fall, take a shot for you and I need you like a heart needs a beat, But it's nothing new, yeah, yeah…”

6. Say Goodbye by Chris brown

Chris is not much into rapping but some of his songs look like they are rap songs. This track from the legendary break dancer is also one of the most viewed break up rap songs.

Most interesting rap lines

“There's never a right time to say goodbye but I gotta make the first move, Cause if I don't, you gonna start hating me cause I really don't feel the way I once felt about you…”

7. I Lied by Nicki Minaj

N. Minaj is one of the best female rappers in the world. Her songs inspire a lot of people and also serve as a source of encouragement to some heartbroken ones.

Most interesting rap line by Nicki Minaj on I Lied

“I guess this is what I gotta do to keep me from falling, stalling the truth, who knew what you’d do if I let you in, my mama ain't raised no fool, I, I am not your usual typical type who would protect me if I never hide? Falling so fast I am afraid of you, so I lied…”

8. Babylon by SZA ft. Kendrick Lamar

Want to listen to some thug rap songs after a breakup? Babylon by SZA and Lamar is a perfect song to get you going. This is rap song will compelling lyrics, you’ll surely get addicted to it sooner than you think.

Most interesting rap lines

“…And I can't recall the last time I took advice from anyone, I'm sure I'll be the death of me
And I can't recall the last time I took love from anyone, I called daddy, who's got one anyway?
Not me…”

9. IFHY by Tyler, The Creator

Here’s another dope rap song on break up by Tyler. This song has attracted a lot of views on YouTube and other online streaming websites. It talks about love, emotions, breakups, and other relationship crises.

Most interesting rap lines

“…hate you but I love you, I'm bad at keeping my emotions bubbled, you're good at being perfect, we're good at being troubled, Yeah…”

10. Leaving you by Fabolous

Actually, it really hurts when it’s obvious you’re going to part ways with someone you loved dearly because of some misunderstandings. This song is one of the best rap songs about heartbreak so far.

Most interesting rap lines

“…Not mad, but there’s a few disappointments, let’s just say that I canceled all the few appointments
I blew paper with you, not a joint …”

11. Best I Ever Had by Drake

Drake songs are always made up of super lyrics; clean and captivating. Trying to make your girl believe she’s the best you’ve ever had? Maybe you should play her this song.

Most interesting rap lines

“You know, a lot of girls be thinkin' my songs are about them, this is not to get confused, this one's for you. Baby, you my everything, you all I ever wanted…”

12. Heartbeat by Childish Gambino

Heartbeat is among the top rap songs about breaking up. Childish Gambino killed the beats with solid punch lines you’d love to hear over and over again.

Most interesting rap lines

“…So we're done? ... I read his post on your wall and I feel sick, He ain't cool, he ball and all that, but he just a fake nigga who blog in all caps, You coulda' wait to date…”

13. Losing My Balance by J. Cole

J. Cole is being nicknamed as the “story teller” because he says quite a lot of heart aching lines on a track. Losing my balance is an emotional track for people that are down due to disappointment or heartbreak.

Most interesting rap line by J. Cole

“…broke niggas beat you hoping this will reach you when you understand, That your value ain't  determined by another man cause right now you let them brothers get the upper hand and you just tell them "go deep"…”

14. Days in the East by Drake

Here’sanother good rap song about heartbreak by Drake. This track is very inspirational and it’s one you’d love to listen to over and again; the lyrics are very clean and easy to memorize.

Most interesting rap lines

“…Back up in this thing, it's a go, Had a couple niggas out of pocket, now they know, Ain't the first time cause I've lost you before, had to get it back, had to get it back…”

15. The Break Up Song by Wale

“…Yeah, see, breaking up is hard, to move along, it's even harder, It's over, she got colder, now
Can't locate where her heart is, and I'm just being honest since we not even talking my mind won't let you go”. Clearly, the lyrics depict his suffering when facing up the break up reality.

Section 2. Download Break-up Rap Songs for Offline Listening

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Download Break Up Rap Songs

Wrap Up

These are the top 15 best break up rap songs of the moment. They are all trending on YouTube and other online video streaming websites. We have included the YouTube links to these songs so; you can easily get to the song’s video and watch on YouTube. Also, you can download these songs directly from YouTube to your PC by using DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader, an award-winning software that lets you download YouTube videos for free.

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