GIF files have gained great popularity on the internet, and you can see GIF animated images flooded on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. However, there are still some social network sites like Instagram that don’t support GIFs,  which makes it impossible to directly share your stunning GIFs with your followers. But you still are able to share your funny GIF pictures with your friends on Instagram only if you are willing to convert the GIF images to playable mini-videos.

How to convert GIFs to videos? Here in this article, we will recommend you several professional GIF to video converters and show you how to convert GIF to video online, on your computers and on your smartphones.

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Solution 1: Convertio (Online)

Solution 2: CloudConvert 

Solution 3: Aconvert 

Solution 4: DVDFab Toolkit (Windows: Best Recommended)

Solution 5: Adobe Photoshop (Windows & Mac)

Solution 6: Wondershare Filmora

Solution 7: GIF to Video Converter

Solution 8: GifVid (iPhone)

Solution 9: GIF to Video (Android)

Part 1: Convert GIFs to Videos Online

First, let’s look at several online GIF to Video converters that respectively highlight their characteristics and have won wide popularity among users. Then you will know how to save a GIF as a video and further share it on your social media platforms.

1. Convert a GIF to a Video with Convertio is an easy-to-use online GIF to video converter that allows you to convert GIFs on your computer and cloud storage or convert GIF URLs to videos like MP4, AVI, MOV and more with a few mouse clicks. It is free for files smaller than 100 MB (with 100 MB included).  But if you aim to turn GIF to video at small file size, go ahead to read the following tips on how to turn a GIF into a video.

How-to Guide

Step 1: Select the GIF file you want to convert from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or paste the GIF URL to the text box.

Step 2: Choose a video format you need as a result.

Step 3: Click the “Convert” button to start the process of converting the GIF to a video. After the conversion is finished, you can download the converted video.

2. Convert a GIF to a Video with CloudConvert is a full-featured online GIF to video converter that can convert GIF files and GIF URLs to various videos easily and quickly. This online GIF to video converter comes with many advanced options for you to trim the GIF and set the video parameters like video codec, video profile, video quality and more.

This powerful online GIF to video converter is free to use as long as your converted files do not exceed its limit. Meanwhile, the first 25 minutes of conversion time each day costs you nothing. Nevertheless, once you expect batch conversion of large files, you have to resort to its upgrading package. After all, the price model of CloudConvert depends on the conversion time you have used. This is the downsize you shall take into account. So, think twice before you act.

How-to Guide

Step 1: Select the GIF file from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box or add the GIF URL you want to convert.

Step 2: Choose the video format you want to convert to.

Step 3: Click the “wrench” icon to customize your settings. You can also choose to create an archive.

Step 4: Click the “Start Conversion” button to start the process of converting the GIF image to a mini-video.

3. Turn GIF to Video with Aconvert

This is a file conversion website able to achieve formats conversion for various files such as images, audios, videos and documents, especially converting animated GIF to video of your desired formats. You can use this online converter free of charge. Anyway, as a free tool, you have to be well prepared for the pop-up ads when converting GIF to video for Instagram.

How-to Guide

Step 1: upload a GIF file from your hard drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox account.

Step 2: customize output file.

Note that this online GIF to video converter allows you to customize the file size, bitrate, or frame rate before conversion. In the meantime, you can experience its built-in trimming, cropping, merging and rotating features.

Step 3: tab ‘Convert Now’.

Of course, you can turn to others aside from the above-mentioned online GIF to Video converters if you are unhappy with them. Just be sensible to opt for your desired one.

Part 2: Convert GIFs to Videos with Desktop GIF to Video Converters


As we know, you cannot expect too much of online GIF to Video converters all the time, after all, there might be some occasions when you have poor internet connection around. Hence, professional desktop GIF to video converters will be your last straw to convert GIF to video of necessary formats. Here are some good recommendations worth your full trial if you anticipate how to turn GIF into video fast and well.

4. Convert a GIF to Video with DVDFab Toolkit

As a Windows-based professional but versatile multimedia toolkit, this GIF to Video converter works seamlessly with other 20+ modules, thus allowing you to address all issues related to image, video and audio, including conversion between image and video, video and video, and video and audio, video and audio editing tools that you shall need during your daily work and life. Each module performs independently to meet your personal needs. This GIF t video converter supports 30-day free trial. Thus, no need to worry about the penny you have spent on this program. Obviously, it will not let you down. Now go to below tips on convert a GIF to video.

GIF to video converter with DVDFab Toolkit

How-to Guide

Step 1: download and install this versatile GIF to Video Converter

Step 2: run the program and choose ‘GIF to Video’ from ‘Image Tools’

Step 3: add the GIF file that you want to convert to video

Step 4: customize the output video

Here just feel free to choose the output format, MP4 or MKV. Meanwhile, you can personalize the relevant parameters such as video codec (H.264, H.265 and MPEG4), resolution (from 240 to 2160p, even same as source), and frame rate (15 to 60 fps, or same as source). What’s more, you can add audio to make the video unique and appealing.

Step 5: start to convert

Once done, simply tab the ‘Start’ button and wait for the resulting file.

5. Turn GIF to Video with Adobe Photoshop

As the world’s best image and graphic design software, Adobe Photoshop boasts its sophisticated and professional capacity when it comes to animation and graphic design, creative project, image editing and compositing to digital painting. Converting GIF to videos is also within its control. You can use this program on desktop, both Windows and Mac, or portable device like iPad, to create your desired works.

How-to Guide

Step 1: install and launch Adobe Photoshop

Step 2: choose ‘Video Frames to Layers’ > ‘Import’ > ‘File’

Step 3: opt for ‘Make Frame Animation’ check bock from the dropdown menu.

Then choose a specific range of video via entering 2nd, 3rd, 4th …frame as you need.

Step 4: store the output video file in MP4 format and enjoy as you wish.

Note that you need to remove GIF to MP4 loop once you anticipate quality output video. Here just open your video file in Photoshop, select the file image and choose to save it as Web Image. Then set your looping number and tab the preview button for animation. Once done, save as want.

6. Convert GIF to Video with Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is one of the best GIF to Video converter programs that can convert GIFs to all popular video files like WMV, MP4, MKV, etc. on Windows and Mac. It offers a wide range of editing features like trim, merge, rotate, and more. With it, you can also add music to the video. However, you shall purchase its advanced features once you want to make a striking video slideshow.

How-to Guide

Step 1: Click the “Import” button and select the GIF images that you want to convert. Drag these images to the timeline of the Filmora video editor.

Step 2: Customize the output video in your way. You can crop the images add effect to the images and trim the images.

Step 3: Click the “Export” button and then choose the output video format, resolution and frame rate. Click the “Create” button to start the process of converting GIFs to a video.

7. Turn GIF to Video with GIF to Video Converter

Amazing GIF to Video Converter is an excellent Windows GIF to video converter that lets you convert GIF files and other image formats to all major formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, etc. It provides rich output settings, including background color, frame rate, bitrate, etc.

How-to Guide

Step 1: Run Amazing GIF to Video Converter, and add GIF files you want to convert.

Step 2: Click “More Info…” button to get more output settings. Here you can change the video encoder, frame rate, bitrate, etc. and add background music.

Step 3: Select an output directory to save the output video. Then click the “Start” button to start the process of converting the GIFs to a video.

With familiarization of these desktop GIF to video converters, you will feel at ease how to make a  GIF into video for Instagram, thus sharing with your loved followers beyond expectations.

Part 3: Convert GIFs to Videos on iPhone and Android


As is often the case that people tend to handle lots of matters on smartphones, let alone converting GIFs to videos whenever possible. To meet this need, here comes with some GIF to video apps that help you get mini videos converted from GIFs wherever possible instead of sitting in front of cumbersome desktop computers.

8. Convert GIF to Video with GifVid on iPhone

GifVid is an iOS application that can convert GIFs to Videos and vice versa. This GIF to video iPhone app allows you to share the converted files with your friends through iMessage, Imgur, Tumblr and more. GifVid is pretty easy to use due to its straight forward and user-friendly design. The following tips on how to convert GIF to video iPhone will be of help to you.

How-to Guide

Step 1: Install GifVid on your iPhone and run it.

Step 2: Click the “Create” button and choose the “GIF to Video” option to add the GIF file you want to convert.

Step 3: Select the video resolution you want and GifVid will start the process of generating video immediately.

Step 4: After the video is generated, you can adjust the playback speed of your video and select the video loops and length.

Step 5: Share the video to your social websites or save the video to your iPhone.

9. Convert GIF to Video on Android

GIF to Video is an easy-to-use Android GIF to video application that can convert GIFs from your Android device, Giphy, Reddit to videos. It allows you to share the converted videos via social networks. Some advanced options are included for you to customize your own video. Now let’s skim through below tips on how to turn a GIF into video on Android smartphones.

How-to Guide

Step 1: Install the application on your Android device and run it.

Step 2: Select the GIF file you want to convert from local, Giphy, or Reddit.

Step 3: Click the “gear” icon on the top right corner to customize your settings. You can select the desired format you want, choose the resolution and repeat the video.

Step 4: Click the “CONVERT” button to start the process of converting the GIF to a video. After the conversion is finished, you can share the video to your social networks.

Up to till now, the above-mentioned are possible best converters from GIFs to videos that you can use online, on desktop computers or smartphones. Once you know their merits and downsides, you will understand how to choose the best one that suits you at different situations. In a word, your right choice will make the GIF to Video converter at your disposal.


Now we have shown you all the ways of converting GIFs to videos, and you can choose according to your needs based on all recommended GIF to video converters, whether software or apps, even webpage applications. Hence, there is no need to worry about how to share animated GIF images with followers or friends on Instagram, because short mini videos can please them to the fullest.

However, sometimes you may also want to convert videos to various videos like MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV and more for a certain need, and we recommend you try this best video converter – the professional and powerful video converter that allows you to convert any videos to popular video/audio formats and devices and customize your videos in your way, and enables you to edit your video at all regular needs including trimming, cropping, merging, and adding watermark and subtitles.

Above all, this video converter also works together with an AI video upscaling program to enhance video quality substantially, say from 480p to 1080p, by adding in great details the video image to reborn your DVDs and Blu-ray movies, even normal low-resolution videos. Want to have a try? Act Now! Unexpected purchasing package is waving at you.