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How to Flip Video Horizontally


   Posted by WiKi

2019-12-28 03:08:13


Summary: How to flip video horizontally? This article provides you with five methods. You can flip a video horizontally and vertically on various devices with the help of powerful experts, featuing DVDFab Toolkit and Adobe Premier.

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How to flip video horizontally, considering your video has been taken from an unusual angle? Instead of taking the video another time from a right angle which times too much time and efforts and may be not as good as the video shot in the first time, you have other choices to turn the out-of-position video into normal. Subsequently, I will recommend you some helpful tools with professional expertise in flipping video horizontally or vertically, including “DVDFab Toolkit”, “iMovie”, “Adobe Premier Pro”, “Movavo” and “Filmora”.


Table of Contents:

1. DVDFab Toolkit

2. iMovie

3. Adobe Premier Pro

4. Movavi

5. Filmora


1. DVDFab Toolkit


The first tool I am going to introduce is DVDFab Toolkit. This free software compatible with Windows is easy to use and powerful enough. DVDFab Toolkit can not only flip a video horizontally, but also flip a video vertically. Besides, both the horizontal flip and vertical flip to a video can be implemented in two-dimension space and three-dimension space. Would you like to know how DVDFab Toolkit works? Just download and install this video flipping tool and follow my instructions on how to use it below.



(1) Key Buttons Introduction


The key buttons to flip a video horizontally or flip a video vertically in two-dimension space or three-dimension space are “Mirror/Flip” and “Rotate” under “Video Tools” on the main interface of DVDFab Toolkit. Using the button “Mirror/Flip” can flip a video horizontally or vertically in three-dimension space, while using the button of “Rotate” can flip a video horizontally or vertically in two-dimension space.


(2) Flip Video Horizontally in Two-dimension Space


Let’s start from how to flip a video horizontally in two-dimension space with the help of DVDFab Tookit. Below is the source picture. Let’s see what changes it will happen after being flipped horizontally in two-dimension space.



Click “Rotate” under “Video Tools” of DVDFab Toolkit and load your video shot from a wrong angle by clicking the “+” icon. Then, DVDFab Toolkit will present your video with its format and duration. Here, you can rotate your video per “90 degrees counter clockwise” or “90 degrees clockwise” based on your needs. Before clicking the button of “Start” at the bottom, remember to decide where to save your rotated video. The picture below is the output results after flipping the source video “90 degrees counter clockwise” (on the left) and “90 degrees clockwise” (on the right).



(3) Flip Video Horizontally in Three-dimension Space


This is about how to flip a video horizontally in three-dimension space with the help of DVDFab Toolkit. Let’s take an MP4 video as an example. Click “Mirror/Flip” under “Video Tools” and load your MP4 video. Then, choose “Horizontal” or “Vertical” to flip your video based on your needs. What is followed is the output result. The picture on the left has gone through “Flip Horizontally”, while the picture on the right has gone through “Flip Vertically”.



2. iMovie


Apart from DVDFab Toolkit having the ability to flip a video horizontally, iMovie can also be downloaded and installed on Mac and iOS to show users how to flip a video horizontally. Similar to DVDFab Toolkit, iMovie also possesses the functions of rotating a video along “90 degrees counter clockwise” or “90 degrees clockwise”, as well as flipping a video horizontally and vertically.


(1) Rotate Video Horizontally in iMovie on Mac


Download and install iMovie. Start it and input your video shot from a wrong angle to iMovie. When the video appears on the interface of iMovie, crop it to tell this software which part to be rotated. Then pay attention to the two options which I have highlighted in red. Then decide to rotate this video along “90 degrees counter clockwise” or “90 degrees clockwise”. This is how to use iMovie to flip a video horizontally in two-dimension space.



(2) Flip Video Horizontally in iMovie on Mac


Suppose you are going to flip a video clip. After inputting the video, you can use the “Crop” button to crop your video first. Select your clip first in the Timeline at the bottom of the interface. Click the buttons of “Clip Filter” and “Audio Effect” in the Browser toolbar. Then choose the option of “Flipped” after the “Choose Clip Filter” window opens. Besides how to use iMovie to flip video horizontally, if you also want to flip a video clip vertically, follow the same steps and remember to click the “Rotate” button twice.


(3) Flip Video in iMovie on iOS


Download and install iMovie to your iPhone or iPad. Decide which part to be flipped in the section of Timeline at the bottom by cropping the video. Flip the part you have selected manually using your thumb and index finger, until there appears a white circular arrow. It is time to adjust the video direction horizontally or vertically.



3. Adobe Premier Pro


Adobe Premier is famous software to edit videos, audios and images. So “flip video horizontally” is just an easy thing to it. Download and install Adobe Premier Pro which has updated to the version of 2020, and learn how to use Adobe Premier Pro to flip a video horizontally.


Start Adobe Premier. Click “File” > “Project” > “rename” > “OK”. You will see four sections. We name the four sections as “1,2,3,4” per the direction of left-right and up-down. Pay attention to the third section, import your video there. Press the video and drag it to the four section, where you can move the slider in the Timeline and see the effect in the second section. To rotate a video per certain degrees, click the option of “Motion” after clicking “Effect” in the toolbar. To flip a video horizontally or vertically, search this need using the option of “Effect Control” in the third section and finish that operation.


4. Movavi


Now, we come to how to flip a video horizontally in Movavi. Movavi is compatible with Windows and Mac. Download and install this software, and then import your video to it. Click the option of “Filters” and you will find the button of “Flip”. You can use it to flip your video horizontally, and use another button on its right to flip your video vertically. The three icons highlighted below are also used to rotate videos. After that, click “Export” at the bottom and click “Start” on the new panel to save your flipped video.



5. Filmora


Filmora is compatible with Mac, which also plays an important role in “flip a video horizontally”. To use this software, download and install Filmora to your PC first. Then, load your video shot from a improper angle or drag it directly to Filmora. Now, use the “Rotate” button to change the direction of your video. Alternatively, you can right-click the video and find the “Rotate” option. Among these options listed, you can rotate your video along “90 degrees counter clockwise” or “90 degrees clockwise”, or flip video horizontally and vertically. At last, click the option of “Export” to save your video in your preferred format like MP4. You can upload it to social media featuring YouTube or choose to burn it to your DVDs.





Have you grasped the skills of how to flip a video horizontally? In this article, there are five tools introduced to help you rotate and flip video horizontally or vertically. You can choose one tool compatible with your device and learn how to flip a video horizontally. Detailed steps on how to flip video horizontally or vertically with the help of each assistant have been elaborated on. Look it carefully and you can make your video displayed with your preferred effect. If you also want to know how to speed up a video, read How to Fast Forward Video and find your answer.


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