Video players or media players can play video data from various sources, including local discs, DVDs, VCDs, CDs, and streaming services. MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MKV, and other formats are all supported by this software. Many of these products are user-friendly and may be used on PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.

You don't have to spend a fortune to have the best media player on your computer. Some of the best are available for no cost. The media player allows you to watch movies without going through much trouble. There is no need to troubleshoot for every new file you wish to play by not needing to download a bunch of codes or plugins like you would with the players that came with your PC.

free movie player:

Best Free Movie Players

Choosing the best movie player is a lot like choosing a web browser: there are a lot of different alternatives, everyone wants to convert you to "their" app, and it's easy to become lost in all of them.

The good news? Worthwhile media player apps always ascend to the top as they differentiate themselves, and it generally doesn't matter which one you use. The greatest media player for you is what you like to use the most.

The following is a hand-picked list of the best video/media players, popular features, and links to their websites. Here are the best free movie players available on the list.

1. PlayerFab Ultra HD Player + Free Video Player

A pleasant playback control may contribute to an enjoyable movie-watching experience, similar to what you get on a home DVD or Blu-ray player.

When you switch to PlayerFab Ultra HD Player, you won't lose that premium experience because it has a Menu Mode that plays the navigation menus on all DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Blu-rays.

Aside from DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Blu-rays, this universal media player can play all of the common and obscure videos and audio formats you're familiar with.

free movie player:1. PlayerFab Ultra HD Player + Free Video Player

H.264, H.265/HEVC, MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, VOB, and M2TS, among others, are video formats. MP3, AAC, FLAC, AC3 5.1, and the previously mentioned HD audios are all available in audio formats. Furthermore, playing those video and music files is completely free.

When you buy new DVDs and Blu-rays regularly, adding them to your current local media library can be time-consuming, as it necessitates disc backup software.

Here is what even many premium movie players won't offer you. You don't need any other DVD or Blu-ray backup software with PlayerFab because it can backup your discs on its own.

It can import a DVD or Blu-ray disc from the optical drive into your local media library with a single click, saving it as an ISO file for subsequent viewing.

General Features

  • Play All (4K) Blu-rays from all countries and regions
  • Jump Straightforward to the Feature-Length Title
  • Enjoy DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Blu-rays with Menus
  • Hi-Res Audio Output Support
  • All-Round Playback Support for 3D Videos
  • 4K UHD Videos with Stunning HDR10 Effect
  • Cover almost all the widely-used languages worldwide
  • Available on Windows and Mac.

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is undoubtedly the world's most popular media player. VLC is always at the top of the list with its simple and easy-to-use policies. If you are trying to watch some thing, lets say, Ready Player One full movie free no sign up, VLC is unquestionably the best way to go.

VLC is a complicated and powerful application. It's best described as an "all-in-one solution," You can accomplish a lot with it, especially with the advanced settings and customization options.

free movie player:2. VLC Media Player

What's the drawback? VLC is being "bloated," It may not provide the greatest performance on older, slower hardware. VLC is the answer if you don't like fiddling and want a free media player that works right out of the box. It can play all conventional media kinds, including CDs, DVDs, and the most popular video formats like MP4, AVI, and MKV, and it can stream video URLs in real-time. There's no need to download, install, or mess around with codecs.

Another major drawback of VLC Media Player is that the interface hides many of these tools. Accessing and using some more complex functions requires a substantial learning curve.

General Features:

  • Most media codecs are supported right out of the box.
  • Most common protocols are supported for internet streaming.
  • Playback from files, discs, external devices, and cameras is supported.
  • The VLC Skin Editor allows you to customize your appearance.
  • Most common protocols are supported for internet streaming.
  • For quick GPU playback, hardware acceleration is used.
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android are all supported.

3. Pot Player:

PotPlayer is a South Korean media player app. PotPlayer would undoubtedly take VLC's place as the king of the free media players if it didn't have such a strong brand name.

PotPlayer has a lot in common with VLC, including that they're both simple all-in-one media players for consumers who want something out-of-the-box. PotPlayer, on the other hand, unlike VLC, never fails when dealing with huge files or cutting-edge video formats.

free movie player:3. Pot Player:

It comes with many codecs and supports 360-degree and 8K videos and 3D videos. Pot Player will automatically download the necessary codecs if you throw a file format at it that it doesn't already support.

PotPlayer allows you to change options and customize them to your taste. It has more options than VLC and includes advanced features such as scene previews, bookmarks, clip recording, etc.

General Features

  • This 3D video player provides smooth video playback.
  • It can use snapshots to preview the scene.
  • Playback from files, discs, and external devices is supported.
  • Most media codecs are supported right out of the box. Large files (Blu-ray) and cutting-edge formats are handled better.
  • Only available on Windows.

3. GOM Player

Free movie player GOM Player can play almost every format you think of, including 360-degree VR video. It allows you to play YouTube videos and interactive videos that you've shot yourself.

GOM Player comes with a couple of useful search features. It supports subtitles, which are useful for accessibility or simply watching videos without sound. Instead of searching for subtitles all over the place, you can use the player's internal search function to find them and add them to the video.

free movie player:3. GOM Player

GOM Player, like many other media players, can be customized. If you don't like the default appearance, you can change it completely by applying a new theme. However, because these skins are merely cosmetic, changing the look won't help if you don't like the menu system.

The installer is a bit of a sneaky one, though. Keep in mind that the download includes several additional programs in the installation. If you only want the video player, you'll have to be ready to dismiss them.

General Features

  • It offers an excellent playback and video control panel.
  • This tool is designed to be user-friendly.
  • You can easily modify this player's skin.
  • Users may watch UHD (Ultra High Definition) videos smoothly.
  • This PC media player allows users to import a full video playlist easily.
  • Extra software is bundled with the installer.

4. ACG Player

Now that we've covered the "Big Three," I'd like to draw attention to this hidden gem of a video player available in the Microsoft Store. It's called ACG Player, and it's a pity that it's so underappreciated. If you thought VLC and Pot were light, wait until you see this.

The simpler UI and touch-based controls are the first things you'll notice. Toggle the controls by tapping the bottom half of the top half for Play/Pause. Rewind and fast-forward by swiping left-right, and volume by swiping up-down. This app was created for Windows 10 tablets, but keyboard shortcuts are also available.

Although ACG Player is free to use, it does include advertisements. Ads usually don't appear while the video is playing. And if you want to get rid of the advertisements for good, it'll set you back $3.9.

General Features

  • Custom panel buttons and a user-friendly interface
  • Most media codecs are supported right out of the box.
  • Swipe control on the touch screen, quick 9 buttons (long press), and side gestures
  • Playback from files, discs, and external devices is supported.
  • The design is simple and light.
  • Only available on Windows (Microsoft Store).

Final Words

There has been an exponential increase in the number of streaming platforms, and movie lovers have shifted to these platforms, but these are not always the best choice. If you want to watch Player Club full movie free or Ready Player One full movie free no sign up, the content which might not be available at most platforms, the best way to do it is by using a movie player on your PC.

The question remains, which media player is the best to use. Here we went through some of the best movie payers to watch movies like player club full movie free or ready player free movie after renting them.


Is VLC Media Player entirely free to use?

Yes, VLC Media Player with no doubt free to use and easily accessible to every user. It does not require you to buy a premium, but you should keep updating it as the software adds extra functions from time to time.

Which movie player can be used to watch Ready Player One free movie or Player Club full movie free?

Watching content like Ready Player One free movie can be difficult as they might not be available on streaming services. However, you may rely on the media player discussed above.