1. What is Gfycat?

Gfycat is a short video website featuring millions of GIFs ranging from emoji to Gfycat porn. How many people are interested in Gfycat download? Founded in 2015, it has gained 220 million monthly active users. Is Gfycat safe? Yes. There has been no clear information to indicate it a scam till now, but you will see some ads popping up on the home of this website. In order to help you with Gfycat search, there are many categories provided such as Bubble, Cold, Craig, Frozen, Gum, Snow, Gaming, Reactions, Stickers, Celebrities, Sound, etc., so you have a great number of choices. Is Gfycat free? It does have a free version offered but if you want to remove the ads and get HD GIF videos, it requires $3 per month for yearly bill and $4 per month for monthly bill. Make a decision to get Gfycat Pro or not. Then, follow me to have a free trial and learn how to download from Gfycat?

What is Gfycat

2. Download Gfycat from Google, Sarafi, Chrome, Firefox

How to do Gfycat download on that website? There is the best answer to that. You can download GIF from Gfycat in an image format, or save Gfycat as GIF video. Which format do you want? Continue to read and see how to do that.

(1) How to save Gfycat as Image

Step 1: Click any GIF you like on Gfycat and hit the button More Share Options in the lower-right corner.

How to save Gfycat

Step 2: Click the option of Arrow GIFs for Gfycat download.

Gfycat download

Step 3: Copy the link of the large GIF

How to download gifs from Gfycat - paste the link

Step 4: Paste the Gfycat link on GoogleChrome, Safari, or Firefox and you will see the same GIF you have selected

Paste Gfycat link to Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Step 5: Right-click the GIF and choose the option of Save Image As

Then, the Gfycat GIF will be saved in the format of Image. Continue to read and learn how to download gifs from Gfycat in the format of video?

How to save Gfycat

(2) How to save GIFs from Gfycat as video

Compared with saving Gfycat as Image, I think most people prefer Gfycat download in a video format. So, follow the steps below and you will make it.

  • Step 1: Come to the website of Gfycat
  • Step 2: Click a GIF you are fond of
  • Step 3: Hit the Copy option in the lower-right corner
  • Step 4: Search the Gfycat link on Google, Sarafi, Chrome, or Firefox
  • Step 5: Right-click the GIF and select the option of Save Video As

Download Gfycat

3. How do I download Gfycat on my iPhone?

Besides downloading Gfycat from Google, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, you can also install the Gfycat app on iPhone. Then open the Gfycat downloader and search for a GIF. Go ahead to click the icon of Arrow, hit the Download button and choose GIF quality and format. This is how to download from Gfycat on iPhone.

How do I download Gfycat on my iPhone

Gfycat download as Image vs. Gfycat download as Video, which one do you prefer more? Each coin has two sides, so the two operations have respective pros and cons. If you choose to download from Gfycat in video format, it is a single file you can share free and fast. But what if Gfycat not working at all or Gfycat not working on your preferred device like Android? Many people complain about why is Gfycat so slow. When you meet any of such problems, are you looking forward to another method for Gfycat download? Here is the best solution below.

4. The best free Gfycat downloader (Windows, Mac, Android)

Considering the instability of Chrome, and other online websites, pasting Gfycat links there to save a GIF is not always smooth, and you need this operation repeatedly. Is there a tool capable of downloading Gfycat GIF in batches? DVDFab downloader is such an offline Gfycat downloader that frees you from the limit of the network and acts as a good file manager, video downloader and music downloader. Now, let’s see the main features of this free software and how to use it for Gfycat download.

What can you do with this Gfycat downloader:

  • Download videos, music, Gifs from 1000+ websites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Support Gfycat link search and name track
  • Export downloaded GIF Gfycat in high quality ranging from 720p to 4320p
  • Enable you to download bulk Gfycat GIF at a 10x faster speed
  • Offer a 30-day free trial

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

How to download Gfycat using DVDFab Gfycat downloader:

Step 1: Copy the link of a Gfycat GIF

Copy the Gfycat link

Step 2: Click the option of “Paste URL” and paste the URL you have copied 
Step 3: Set the Format as Video and choose video Quality from HD to 8K UHD
Step 4: Set the output destination by hitting the Three-line icon > Settings > Video Directory
Step 5: Click the button of Download
Step 6: Find the Gfycat downloading through the option of Downloading on the left
Step 7: Enjoy the GIF you have downloaded

Set video quality for Gfycat GIF video

How do you save videos from Gfycat? This is the best solution. Follow the same steps of Gfycat download, and you can also download music with 320 kbps from YouTube or other 1000+ websites this free downloader supports. If you want to download files in batches using DVDFab Downloader, paste all the URLs there and click the button of download. Then all the Gfycat download files will be saved in a targeted folder for your offline enjoyment.

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Convert YouTube to MP3

Also, you can download Gfycat or any video and audio on mobile like Android. Scan the QR code below and install this Gfycat downloader. Then use it free to find and get any GIFs you like.

   Download Now  

Fix Gfycat not working Android

5. Gfycat downloader online

Besides offline Gfycat downloader, online software is also competent to do that. If you don’t want to install any program on your computer, this may be a good option. But, few online Gfycat downloaders support bulk download and their working speed is usually slow depending on the number of current users. Here are the online tools able to do you a favor.

Fetchfile: This website for Gfycat download online is very easy to use. Just paste the GIF link here and click the button of “Download video”. Then, immediately you will be asked to choose output video formats, including GIF, WEBM and MP4. No matter which format you choose, the video resolution option is 1280x720, but I am not sure the output Gfycat download will reach the goal in the end. You can try it even if the video quality doesn’t live up to your expectation, since Video Enhancer AI can help you upscale video to 4K automatically and is free to use.

Gfycat downloader online

KeepVid: Another Gfycat downloader online. It has the same use method with Fetchfile. But honestly speaking, it is not that competent since this online video downloader doesn’t respond after I input a GIF url. So I doubt whether it supports Gfycat download or not. Otherwise, it will display the GIF I search as soon as possible. Of course, you can give a try of this online Gfy downloader and see if I am right.

Download from Gfycat online

VideoToSave: You can use this online Gfycat downloader to save GIF videos on your laptop in MP4 format. Although there is no requirement for registration, you need to prove you are not a robot. The other steps are similar, just paste video URL and start to download Gfycat video.

Other alternatives as a Gfycat downloader online: YMP4, Tubeoffline, Tubeninja. You can use any of them to download from Gfycat.

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

6. Fix Gfycat sound not working Reddit

Someone complains that downloaded Gfycat on Reddit has no sound. If such things happen to you, what are you going to do to fix that? Here is the best solution to how to add sound to Gfycat download. Follow the steps below and you will be successful.

Video Editor: The best Gfycat GIF maker

 i  Free Download  

Step 1: Get VideoCurise launched on Windows which is free for up to 30 days
Step 2: Choose a video aspect ratio to enter 99:16, 16:9, 4:3)
Step 3: Import the GIF download from Gfycat and add audio you prefer
Step 4: Drag then to the timeline section and click the video clips
Step 5: Keep them the same in length by moving the mouse cursor onto the right end of each clip
Step 6: Customize the files using the options available above the timeline
Step 7: Click the button of Export
Step 8: Enter the file name and select output video format and quality
Step 9: Start to add audio to video of the Gfycat download

If you don’t like the original sound in a Gfycat video, you can also mute the video by right-clicking the file in the timeline section and hit “Audio Detach”. And then follow the steps above to add a new audio to a video.

Add Gfycat sound using Video Editor

7. Gfycat create with your own ideas

Apart from GIF download from Gfycat, you can also create your own GIF with creative ideas using a free program.

Solution 1: Video Editor GIF Maker – convert image to GIF

Step 1: Import the images you want to turn to GIF (bp, jpg, png, tif, jpeg, tiff, heic)
Step 2: Customize it with the options provided such as text, filters, transitions, elements, overlays, split, crop, mosaic, etc.
Step 3: Export the file in the format of GIF.

i  Free Download  

How to make Gfycat 

Solution 2: Tookit GIF Maker– turn images to GIF and convert Gfycat to GIF

Step 1: Download and install Toolkit on Windows
Step 2: Click the option of PIC to Video under Image Tools > Add images and audio to make a video
Step 3: Set output destination and click the button Start

 i  Free Download  

If you download Gfycat in Image format, just convert the images to a video with your preferred music.

Gfycat create

Step 4: Click the option of Video to GIF under Image Tools
Step 5: Import a video you have created with images like Gfycat porn
Step 6: Set the options of Start Time, End Time, Looping, Speed, Size, and Frame Delay
Step 7: Set the output folder and start to convert Video to GIF

Set Gfycat loops

8. Gfycat alternatives

Considering the limitations of Gfycat, such as Gfycat not working on Android, Gfycat not working on Reddit app, Gfycat working slowly, etc., you can go to other websites to download GIFs. Here are the Gfycat alternatives. You can choose any of them instead of Gfycat download.

  • Giphy
  • Imgur
  • Coub
  • Byte
  • Ezgif.com
  • Museli
  • MakeAGif
  • Oevo
  • gifun
  • Tangi
  • TikTok
  • Tenor
  • ImgPlay
  • Supertool GIF Generator
  • TuneMoji
  • Gifbin.com
  • 4Gfis.com
  • PandaGIF
  • SnapMusical
  • Gifyu (Gfycat upload with a limit of 100MB, share on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Forum, etc.)

9. Conclusion

How to download from Gfycat or its alternatives full of interesting GIF videos? Choose an offline or online Gfycat downloader to finish that. If you want to bulk download GIFs, DVDFab Downloader supports that. If you want to fix Gfycat download without sound, Video Editor is able to add audio to video. If you need a Gfycat maker to create your own GIFs, Toolkit is the best free program of great help. Hope you have a pleasant journey of Gfycat download and share it anywhere to your friends or global audience.

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