Want to know how to make a GIF on Android smartphone and further share it with your friends or on social media site? Sound fantastic, yes? Nowadays, GIFs have seen its rapid increasing popularity among hot social media sites due to its mode of expression more vivid than static images and more cost-effective than videos of large size. Hence, how to make GIF on Android has become a common practice and must-have technique for users to delight followers or family members on social media platforms.

Against such backdrops, Android video to GIF facilitates you to connect with your followers and save you much traffic fare, which means you can send your friends the the highlighted parts via turning crucial video to GIF on Android. Do you have any tools in mind? If not, this article will present you a comprehensive understanding of multiple tools to make a GIF from a video on Android, which will be of significance to your follow-up social intercourse.


PART 1: What are GIFs?

PART 2: Best GIF Making Apps on Android

PART 3: Create a GIF with DVDFab Toolkit on Desktop

PART 4: Conslusion

PART 1: What are GIFs?

Nowadays, a variety of made GIFs are flooded on popular social media posts. Before grasping how to make a GIF on Android mobile phone, you are highly recommended to know the true color of GIFs. A GIF, whose full name Graphic Interchange Format, has come into wide use on the Internet because of its support and portability among diverse applications and operating systems.

Contrary to a normally static image, both JPEG and PNG format, GIFs contain images playing like a looping video, with continuous loop moving repeatedly with identical time interval. This implies that GIFs have animated images, which can be used as emoji when connecting to friends or followers on Facebook or Instagram.

PART 2: Best GIF Making Apps on Android

1. GIF Maker

This GIF Maker is devoted to making your moments unforgettable by providing easy-to-use interface and fully customized options to diversify created GIFs on Android. Video to GIF or pictures to GIF on Android can be well achieved via this professional app.

How-to Guide

Step 1: download and install GIFSHOP on Google Play

Step 2: run GIFSHOP and load source video

Step 3: trim video and set ‘Start’ & ‘End’ time

Step 4: customize GIF from given options

Step 5: enter ‘Export Settings’ and press ‘Confirm’ button

This app boasts many options to customize created GIF. You can trim, crop, revert or rotate GIF, change speed, add extra frames, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, vibrance and shadow, choose special effect from given templates. Meanwhile, adding ‘Text’, ‘Meme’ or ‘Sticker’ will make the created GIF more vivid and expressive. Note that this GIF making app could offer resolution with 480*1000 for free-made GIF.

However, GIF to image, making GIF without inserted advertisement, with HD quality will cost you some HK Dollars, which means you shall subscribe to its premium version for all advanced features. For example, promote your business with GIF Studio, a channel to expand your transactions via social media experts.


It is an indisputable fact that GIPHY highlights the most abundant GIF library, winning wide popularity among the social media users, known as GIF champion. Now this GIF maker has promoted a hybrid app named Giphy Cam used to create GIFs better than similar software via a quite wide margin. Above all, it is free with no in-app purchase. If you can try Giphy Cam but recommend you to master GIPHY first.

How-to Guide

Step 1: download and install GIPHY from Google Play

Step 2: launch it to register personal account

Step 3: Press ‘Create’ button to load source from ‘Videos’ option

Step 4: customize GIF (trim and special effects)

Here you can add ‘Text’ with various colors, special effects (Rainbow, Geo, Crystal, Chroma, Luma, Barrel, Film and Echo), and nice stickers from its strong and ample library. What’s more, you can add tags for this made GIF, allowing it ‘Public’ or ‘Private’.

Step 5: upload to GIPHY or share onto Facebook

Once done, you can add your created GIF to GIPHY library, or share to Facebook Messenger or sent to your friends by text message, even share to third-party app on your Android.

Now you might figure out why this video to GIF Android creator has abundant library. Every piece of your work can be upload to this app and share with others. How striking it is!

3. GIF Maker-GIF Editor

This video to GIF maker has gained wide popularity and nice reviews among  Android users. You can create GIFs from videos, camera videos and images (not exceeding 200 pictures). Other customized options are also available. But this app pops up irritating ads throughout the GIF creating process.

How-to Guide

Step 1: download and install the app from Google Play

Step 2: load video source

Step 3: trim video and customize output

Trim the video clip first to get the part to be made into GIF. Time interval within 10 seconds will be preferable since longer GIF might not be posted onto some social media sites. Besides, you are allowed to adjust the speed, choose special effects, change frames, add text, sticker, images and GIF images.

Step 4: enter ‘Save option’ to choose GIF quality

Once done, you can share created GIF onto Facebook, Twitter and even to your gallery. Albeit, you can share it to GIPHY to enrich its library.

4. GIF Maker-GIF Editor-Video Maker-Video to GIF

This GIF maker is also popular on Play Store due to its strong features and high ratings. You can make and edit GIF for free without any disgusting watermark. One more word, its full features can be embodied in video/image to GIF and GIF editor/camera/compressor, let alone other customized options.

How-to Guide

Step 1: download and install the app on Google Play

Step 2: run the app and load video source

Step 3: trim the video and customize effects

Note that you can change speed and direction, select color and direction, choose effects from given templates, add frame and drawings. Once you are not content with the settings, you can start from scratch. You can mange the GIF file as well.

Step 4: choose output parameters and save the file

Powerful as it is, this app software is flooded with advertisement. How troublesome it is! You have to upgrade to its Pro version so as to remove ads, gain high-quality GIF and unlock 32 professional filters.

5. GIF Maker

This video to GIF creator app is quite simple to use. A few clicks will bring you a a made GIF. Though this tool allows for editing GIF, it costs money to choose mixed file type. But you can have a free trial on premise that you will share this app onto your social media posts.

How-to Guide

Step 1: download and install the app on Google Play

Step 1: Step 2: run the app and load video source

Step 3: trim the video and customize effects

This app only supports free choice from filters to change the effect of your GIF. Maybe, you can enjoy advanced features via subscription.

Step 4: Export the file

What delights you is that you can search existing GIFs from its library.

6. Motion Stills

This GIF creator is a simple app developed by Google used to make GIF on Android, which supports two modes: shoot a short video clip and make it into GIF, alternatively, shoot slow motion video and set your ‘Stills’ as looping GIF or videos. Nevertheless, this Android GIF maker is not perfect at present, but will update constantly over time. Despite its issues, it costs you nothing, no need to pay for ad removal and additional features.

How-to Guide

Step 1: download and install ‘Motion Stills’ from Google Play

Step 2: Open app and shoot short video clip

Step 3: Customize output file

Step 4: Enter ‘Setting’ to personalize ‘Sharing settings’

This app is fairly simple to operate, yet lack rich customization options. But for simple GIFs, it might be the last choice for you to make a GIF with Android without any money investments.

Now you have understood how to make a GIF on Android. However, there might be times when your smartphone cannot connect to the Internet. Hence, it is imperative that you resort to desktop GIF creator software like DVDFab Tookit.

PART 3: Create a GIF with DVDFab Toolkit on Windows

To tell you the truth, this program is known as a versatile toolkit in that it can be applied to resolving all issues related to video, audio and image.

Main Features

Video Tools: convert videos between different formats, trim and crop videos, adjust playback speed, flip videos horizontally or vertically, rotate videos clockwise or anticlockwise, sharpen or blur video, anti-shake videos, and convert interlaced videos to progressive ones.

Audio Tools: convert audio between various formats, trim audios, adjust volume, remove background noises from audio clips, and normalization.

Image Tools: create GIF images from videos and change video to pictures.

Watermarks Tools: add text, image and timestamp to videos.

Make a GIF with DVDFab Toolkit on Windowa

How-to Guide

Step 1: Run DVDFab Toolkit and opt for ‘Video to GIF’ module

Step 2: Load source video

Step 3: Create a GIF from video by setting parameters

Step 4: Set file directory and hit ‘Start’ button


Now you might have got the hang of how to make GIF on Android with the introduction of this writing. Anyway, to choose the right one counts a lot! When you fail to create GIFs on Android, you can try the above-mentioned desktop tool DVDFab Toolkit. With the innovations of smartphones and developments of diverse apps, GIFs will be made via more multiple ways. So be confident there will appear more magical features on all GIF makers. In this way, you will find it more customized to make a GIF from video on Android. By the way, if you want to ai upscale video considerably, you can try DVDFab Enlarger AI.