Want to know how to play videos from iPhone to TV? It is a common practice to watch videos on iPhones whenever and wherever possible, because nowadays iPhones support HD playback with stunning video image. Nevertheless, there might be occasions when you are in dire need of sharing wonderful movies, music or photos with your family members or friends when sitting together in the living room, or you simply anticipate gaining a better visual experience via watching videos on a much bigger screen like TV. After all, huddling round a small smartphone fails to bring you cinema-equivalent feel. At this moment, a better way to satisfy your needs is to play videos from phone to TV. Here, this guideline aims to recommend you some useful ways to play videos from iPhone to TV whether you have Apple TV or not.

Part 1: Play Videos from iPhone to TV via Air Play

If you have a smart Apple TV available at home, playing  videos from iPhone to TV will be a piece of cake with the aid of AirPlay. What to do next is follow the steps as below.

Step 1: Ensure identical Wi-Fi network

Make sure your iPhone and Apple TV (the latest version since 2010) connect on the same Wi-Fi network. Only under such circumstance will Air Play bring its function into full play.

Step 2: Connect iPhone to Apple TV

a. Locate Control Centre on iPhone

b. Click on AirPlay Mirroring

c. Tap Apple TV button

d. Input the password that shows on Apple TV into iPhone, then iPhone will connect to Apple TV

Step 3: Play videos on iPhone

All done, it is time for you to play your loved videos on iPhone, thus mirroring on TV screen. Now you can share videos with families or friends on TV, or just be personally on the scene where you watch movies in the cinema through acting as a couch potato on home sofa.

Part 2: Play Videos from iPhone to non-Apple TV

What to do if you do not have Apple TV at hand? No worries! Always have confidence in high-tech. Here has everything you need to hook up your iPhone to TV, thus mirroring or streaming phone movies, music or pictures on iPhone to a much bigger TV screen.

Method 1: Play videos from iPhone to non-Apple TV via Lightening to HDMI Adapter

Step 1: Prepare Lightening to HDMI adapter and HDMI cable

Note that Apple Inc. and third-party manufacture are inclined to use Lighting Digital AV Adapter, namely Lightening to HDMI adapter, to connect to iPhone charging port. Meanwhile, iPhone 4 needs an adapter featured by ’30-pin to HDMI video and audio’, since only iPhone 4 or later versions can access to TV via HDMI port.

Step 2: Connect HDMI adapter, iPhone and TV

a. Connect one end of HDMI adapter to iPhone charging port

b. Plug one end of HDMI cable to HDMI adapter, the other end to TV HDMI port. HDMI port is usually located on the reverse (side) of TV and labeled by numbers. Take down HDMI port number for later use

c. Start up HDMI adapter, iPhone and TV

d. Locate Settings Menu on TV, press Input Selector (located on the remote control or TV, normally labeled as Input or Source)

e. Select HDMI port that your iPhone links to, then iPhone will connect to TV

If you use iPhone 4s or later versions, the whole iPhone screen will fully mirror onto TV. Otherwise, black screen will pop up on the TV, which means you need to resort to apps such as iTunes or YouTube to play desired videos.

Step 3: Play videos on iPhone

Once done, you can play videos from iPhone to TV as hoped. In this way, you can share your favorite videos with families or friends on TV, a much larger screen will bring you cinema-equivalent experience.

Method 2: Play videos from iPhone to non-Apple TV through Analog Adapter

Step 1: Prepare an Analog Adapter and multi-functional composite data line or VGA cable

For iPhone 4s or previous versions, you have to get an adapter ‘30-pin at one end with red-yellow-white-color analog plug at the other end’. For iPhone 5 or later versions, you need a Lightening to VGA Adapter. If there is no VGA port on TV, you shall use HDMI or Apple TV

Step 2: Connect adapter, iPhone and TV

a. Plug one end of analog adapter to iPhone

b. Plug one end of VGA to analog adapter, and the other end to TV VGA port

c. Match the color of composite data line to with TV port: yellow color to video port, red and white color to audio port. Take down the port numbers on TV for later use

d. Open iPhone and TV

e. Locate Settings Menu, choose Signal Input tab (located on TV or remote control, normally labeled as Input or Source)


f. Choose General or VGA port of iPhone, then iPhone connects to TV successfully

Step 3: Play videos on iPhone

Once done, you can share your favorite videos with families or friends on TV. With a much larger screen, you will gain a different experience.

Method 3: Play videos from iPhone to non-Apple TV via USB

Almost all smart televisions offer a slot of flashdrive, making it feasible to play videos from iPhone to TV through copying videos onto flashdrive that inserts on TV. In this case, Apowersoft Phone Manager comes in handy, the best choice to manage files on smart phones.

Step 1: Download and install Apowersoft Phone Manager

Step 2: Transfer video files from iPhone to computer

a. Install iTunes with its latest version for successful connection

b. Launch Apowersoft Phone Manager

c. Choose video files you want to transfer to TV

d. Tab ‘Export’ button and save chosen video files to your computer

Step 3: Transfer video files to TV with flash drive

Insert flash drive onto computer to copy video files from iPhone

Step 4: Play video files with flash drive

Once transferred, insert flashdrive to USB port on your TV. Then, open built-in media player or third party media player software to play desired videos files.

Method 4: Play videos from iPhone to non-Apple TV with third-party applications

As how to play videos from iPhone  to TV, there are other ways out there. For those who have get accustomed to using DVDFab 11, please look at the following approach for your reference.

Step 1: Connect PC to TV with VGA cable

Ensure your PC has downloaded DVDFab 11. Use VGA and composite data line to connect PC to TV. (Detailed connection methods see above-mentioned Method 2)

Step 2: Download and install DVDFab Remote on iPhone

After download and installation, you can transfer your favorite video files to PC via DVDFab Remote on condition that your iPhone and PC share the same Wi-Fi network

Step 3: Play desired videos on PC

Once done, you can search transferred video files on PC that will mirror on TV. In this case, your TV equals to a computer display. What to do next is play those videos with built- in media player like iTunes or choose other apps such as YouTube and Netflix.

Of course, if you pursue a high-quality player, it is highly recommended to download and install DVDFab Media Player 6 on your PC, a marvelous media player that provides you with stunning visual experience.

Method 5: Play videos from iPhone to non-Apple TV with third-party device

In fact, some third-party devices such as Anycast, Allcast and Chromecast support connection from iPhone to TV. Before reading how-to guide, let us familiarize the features of each device.


First, the latest-version AnyCast M100 is a wireless screen-mirroring receiver that supports 4K UHD display. Without changing modes, users can stream or mirror videos, photos and games from a small screen to a bigger one.

Second, AnyCast M100 supports multi-OS mirroring, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Google Home App mirror and EZMira App mirroring.

Third, free released firmware are compatible with up-to-date devices.

Now look at the following steps to master how-to guide.

Step 1: Connect Anycast device to TV’s HDMI port

Plug Anycast onto TV’s HDMI port, leaving its USB cable for power supply. You can use iPhone adapter if your TV has no USB port.

Step 2: Preselect settings on TV

Navigate ‘INPUT’ option on TV with remote control, and select ‘HDMI’ mode. Once finished, the SSID and password will pop up on Anycast device.

Step 3: Connect iPhone to Anycast device

a. Search Wi-Fi settings and choose the name of Anycast device, and then enter the password that shows on your TV screen

b. Open Safari on iPhone and input Anycast IP

c. Choose ‘Internet’ option and connect iPhone to home Wi-Fi network

d. Open ‘Control Center’ on iPhone, tap ‘Screen Mirroring’ and select the name of Anycast device

Once done, you can stream videos from iPhone to TV, thus watching videos on a much bigger screen with your families or friends.


A screen-mirroring app that allows you to cast media contents such as video clips, music or games from iPhone to a bigger TV screen without any hardware and cable. Meanwhile, this tool provides a five-minute trial use. The following steps will show you how to play videos from iPhone to TV.

Step 1: Download and install Allcast on iPhone

Step 2: Start up Allcast and access your local videos

Step 3: Tap the cast icon at the bottom left of your iPhone screen and a panel will pop up showing detected devices

Step 4: Enter the name of your smart TV to your iPhone

Step 5: Allcast directs you to your local videos

Then tap the videos you want to show on TV and you can watch them successfully with your families or friends instead of huddling round a small iPhone screen.


Chromecast is a line of digital media player developed by Google that aims to enables users to play Internet-streamed audio-visual contents from iPhone to TV, especially HD TV, or home video-audio devices.

Here comes a simple guideline on how to play mirror videos from iPhone to TV.

Step 1: Download Screen Mirroring App from Google Play on iPhone

Step 2: Connect iPhone to TV under the same Wi-Fi network and launch Miracast Display on TV

Step 3: Click on the blue ‘START’ button on iPhone, select the name of TV and it will auto-mirror your phone screen

Step 4: Open iTunes, YouTube or Netflix app, choose your loved videos in full-screen view. Tab ‘CAST’ button, you will watch videos on the big TV screen


This article has demonstrated several useful ways regarding how to play videos from iPhone to TV based on Apple TV and non-Apple TV. These methods can substantially facilitate your video entertainment experience. Indeed, if you can afford home cinema, meanwhile, your TV has built-in PC features, then you can download and install DVDFab Media Player 6 Ultra, a kind of powerful media player that deserves your trial.