Instagram became the hub of influence marketing. Video and post engagement has been upscaling regularly. In that case, Instagram video size matters to grab the right audience for your product or service. Instagram video size ratio can boost your sale, and you can land on your target with no time if you know how to hook your customers. This blog post will reveal the Instagram video size details and many more.

With the Android version, Instagram started its journey in 2012 April. The platform is a massive hit among the youngsters. With the increasing users, Instagram controls and checks Instagram video size, including aspect ratio, dimensions, etc. Even Instagram video size limit is the inevitable step from their end to run the platform smoothly. Therefore, users keep in mind the video size for Instagram and post them on their timelines accordingly. Whether you are a simple user or try to make your base on Instagram for your business expansion, it offers a comprehensive user base to transform your growth drastically.

Youngsters or marketing influencers use Instagram IGTV, Stories, Reel to develop the audience base for their products, service, or simply increase their followers. In a true sense, users have to remember Instagram IGTV video size and Instagram Story video size to notice their customers' preferences. Instagram video size ratio and video size limit are also crucial so that users keep clicking on the video you made for them to watch repeatedly.

We will let you know the Instagram video size and aspect ratio details. Stay with us!

A Brief Note on Instagram Recommended Video Size

Instagram fix the video size, dimension, and ratio to allow Android, iOS, and Windows users to enjoy the video with ease. Following are the Instagram video size list; check them out:

Instagram follows a certain specification in aspect ratio and video size. Users who meet their parameters can successfully post their videos on Instagram.

  • For Instagram Feed videos, the recommended aspect ratio is 4:5, and recommended video size is 1080 x 1350p.
  • For Instagram Stories, the recommended aspect ratio is 9:16, and recommended video size is 1080 x 1920p.
  • For Instagram IGTV videos, the recommended aspect ratio is 9:16, and the video size is similar to the stories.
  • For Instagram Reels and Live videos, the aspect ratio and video size are similar to IGTV videos.

Instagram will compress your videos while you upload. Maintaining the optimal size will not affect the video quality, and it can easily reach out to your audiences. Instagram video file size has much impact on the viewers and the Instagram platform. We want to suggest you stick with the recommended video size to avoid any mess with your post that hampers your online impression.

When you upload a video on Instagram, you have to remember the video size specifications details, which may not meet the recommendation of Instagram. What will you do? Edit is the only option to upload the video with perfect size and aspect ratio.

Best Video Converter: Convert your Instagram videos and enjoy your online presence

DVDFab Video Converter

edit instagram video size with DVDFab video converter

DVDFab Video Converter is one of the best video converters available to convert your video in any format. The software supports multiple formats and converts the Instagram video file size into any form that suits the Instagram platform. The extensive features of DVDFab make one of the rich video converters that users can utilize the advanced features to present the best video on Instagram.

The Features of DVDFab Video Converter

  • It can convert your video up to 1080p, 4k, 5k, and even 8k
  • It has Enkarger AI that helps to scale up the video size up to 4k with prominent audio and video quality
  • It can convert video and audio in 1000+ formats
  • You can customize the audio and video and fix the recommended measures to share it on social media platforms
  • You can add titles, subtitles, crop, flip, rotate, add special effects, background music, and etc.
  • With the latest NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync, the software can convert video in any format with the fastest speed.

Suitable with: Windows and Mac

Price: Free and Paid, both options available. Paid costs $29.99, and a 30-day money-back guarantee option is available.


  • It supports multiple formats
  • The batch conversion option included
  • Enlarger AI provide ultimate results
  • Intuitive UI


  • There is no con with it

Convert your video for an Instagram post with DVDFab Video Converter 

Here are the steps you need to follow when you are eager to see your video floating on Instagram. Check out the steps:

Step 1: Install DVDFab video converter to your device

edit instagram video size with DVDFab video converter

Step 2: Upload the video to the DVDFab interface by pressing the +Add button

Step 3: Select the video format size that Instagram supports by clicking on the Profile Switcher button, checking the format.

Step 4: Click on the wrench icon and open the advance setting option to modify the aspect ratio. You can adjust the frame rate and select the preferred one for Stories or IGTV.

Step 5: Open the video editor, reduce the video size using the trim option and fix the recommended length of Instagram.

edit instagram video size with DVDFab video converter

Step 6: You can modify the video file by adding effects, text, background music, and many more

Step 7: Once you have done all the modifications and ready the customized file for Instagram, go back to the main menu and press the OK button to start the software to create the output file.

edit instagram video size with DVDFab video converter

Now your video is ready to upload, post it with a proper caption and relevant hashtags. The simple process encourages you to make several videos on different subject lines and frequently post on Instagram.


edit instagram video size with animaker

Swiss Army Knife Creativity, the most prominent tagline for any video editor cum converter in the world of software. Animaker is a brand name established through its seamless service and continues updating itself. It has an extensive features list that graphic designers and pro video editors love to spend time with it.

The Features of Animaker

  • It has a powerful HTML5 engine
  • Customize character builder effects with various facial expressions, styles, and accessories design
  • It has a smart voice-over option with which you can put a voice to your silent video
  • You can move your animated video with pre-adjust moving directions

Suitable with: Windows

Price: Download is free; they have four pricing plans; Basic- $10/month, Starter-$19/month, Pro-$49/month, Enterprise- custom price


  • It has an extensive features list
  • Best for animated video making and editing
  • Customize video size and add style


  • It's an online software; internet interruption may hamper your creative process


edit instagram video size with beecut

If you are worried about your Instagram video post size, you can switch to Beecut to edit and modify your video before uploading. Beeecut offers various editing components for social media videos and a great finishing line. Beecut is a free online tool that can be a powerful tool if you can utilize it.

The Features of Beecut

  • You can cut, trim, crop, rotate, and flip your video and settle down with the exact video size
  • It supports several aspect ratios like 9:16, 4:3,1:1, 16:9, etc. for various social media platforms
  • Video optimization options are available
  • It has the facility to add a custom overlay, add subtitles, and select fonts from millions of font styles and pattern

Suitable with: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Price: Free trial is available. Monthly subscription at $29.95 and Yearly at $39.95 and Lifetime costs at $59.95.


  • Various editing options are available
  • It's a free tool


  • Online editing option lag sometimes


change video size for instagram with clideo

Do you want to make a full size video for Instagram? If yes, then try the Clideo video editor. It offers vast editing options that include the frame, which will help you create a full-sized video for Instagram with a proper structure and video size with recommended aspect ratio. You can edit and modify Instagram stories, feed, IGTV, or Reel within no time.

The Features of Clideo

  • You can compress the video and fix it to the recommended size
  • Add subtitles, various effects, and resize it to upload it on social media
  • You can merge two videos and make one after adjusting the length
  • Crop, cut, trim, rotate, and flip, give your video a final look before posting

Suitable with: Windows

Price: it maintains two plans. Monthly for $9 and Unlimited editing for $72/annual


  • Resize, and effects options are vast
  • Available tools are best for social media videos


  • It's an online tool, entirely depends on a stable internet connection and speed


change instagram video format size with inshot

Instagram video format size matters if you are promoting your business on Instagram. Because the outreach will decide your growth, switch to Inshot video editor that takes care of Instagram video format size with several editing options, which make your video a successful landing on Instagram.

The Features of Inshot

  • You can trim, crop, merge, and split the video to adjust the format and size
  • It has various filters to give a stunning look to the background of your video
  • It has an extended vlog music library from which you can add music, or you can add your own music to your video
  • Add voice-over and various effects to give a professional looks
  • Massive collections of animated stickers and text carry your video the message you want to share with your audience

Suitable with: iOS and Android

Price: It’ free


  • Extend music library and voice-over variations
  • Resize options are also diversifying in varieties 


  • The batch editing option is not included


change instagram video size with openshot

Openshot is a free open source video editor that lets you rock on your social media accounts. It offers a wide range of editing option that suits the recommended size, aspect ratio, and video length for Instagram. You can edit your video with the fastest speed, quality output and social media sharing options. You can learn more by the post Ways to Reduce Video Size as You Desire.

The Features of Openshot

  • It supports to export videos with several formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, Webm, etc
  • You can trim, slice, crop, rotate, and flip the video to adjust with the size for Instagram
  • You can add animated titles, text, stickers, and many more options to opt-out
  • You can change the motion and time effects

Suitable with: Windows, Mac, Linux

Price: It's free


  • It supports 70 different languages
  • The user interface is simple and easy-to-use
  • You can add unlimited layers, audio track and background music to your video


  • Few effects can be added to improve the editing option
  • Sometimes the program crashes

This video editing software is reliable to boost your editing skill to post your video on Instagram regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions: Get the Information

Instagram will check the video size and length during your upload process. If it exceeds the recommended size, it will split the video and allow you to upload it on your timeline. Besides, You can read more Details about YouTube Video Size.

Instagram fixes the recommended video size despite your purpose. If your video meets the parameters, you will allow it to upload. If not, Instagram's own system will split the video and let you upload it on your timeline. It's all about the video size, length, aspect ratio, dimension, etc. and pre-set frame to upload and enjoy creation.

The best video size for Instagram is 1080 x 1350p (Portrait), including a 4:5 aspect ratio.

Concluded words

Youngsters are rocking on their Instagram profiles, making followers, and enjoying the fun. Remember, video presentations always increase your credibility among your followers if you are into business. While you start presenting your creative approach to the Instagram world, Instagram video size and Instagram video size ratio must be considered. Your viewers will love to watch your unsplit stories, Reel videos and even your Live presence on Instagram. Keep Rocking!