Many people listen to music but how many of them actually get to hear the audio quality that the recording artists intended? There are many audiophiles for whom these things matter and they won’t compromise on the right tools to get the best of the best audio experience.

But then there is a bigger majority who just wants to listen to their big playlist of songs and for them, ease of use, light-weight installation and an elegant display is what matters. Keeping all these diverse requirements of different users in mind we will be listing the best MP3 player software that you can use on your computer or smartphone.


Part 1: Top Best MP3 Player Software and Apps for Different Platforms


Best MP3 player for Windows - Dopamine

For those of you who know a little about human biochemistry will recognize the name Dopamine. It is a neurotransmitter chemical released by neurons to activate the brain pleasure and reward centers.

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Dopamine is an audio player that is the best MP3 player for Windows. It has a clean UI with the theme matching the Windows 10 interface. It can run on Windows 8 and Windows 7 as well. It has a highly responsive interface with a fluid design that you will find fun to use. The sections for Now Playing, playlist songs, artists, albums are so neatly arranged that you won’t feel any learning curve when you start to use this MP3 player software.


Best MP3 player for Mac - VOX music player

Playing your music should be a seamless experience. The MP3 player software should start quickly, require least button clicks and should start playing your music within seconds of you launching the tool. In these terms, iTunes just doesn’t hit the right checkboxes. It now manages a lot many things on your Mac and has, therefore, become bloated.

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VOX MP3 music player on the other hand ticks all the right boxes when it comes to being light and fast with a minimalistic interface for playing your music. You can easily create playlists and collections of your favorite songs. To add more songs you can just drag and drop the MP3 files to add them to the queue. The main aim of this MP3 player software is to provide its users a lossless listening experience. You can also play high-res formats like FLAC with VOX music player.


Best MP3 player app for Android - AIMP player

Most Android users, including me, are not satisfied with the default music player on Android - Google Play Music. It is quite difficult creating playlists in this app and playing your locally stored MP3 files is always a challenge.

AIMP MP3 music player for Android is an app that is accepted by the Android community as one of the best MP3 player app. It is the best rated top MP3 player app for Android. It supports multiple audio formats and has a lot of extra features that you will find useful. The app allows easy playlist creation, import of MP3 files from selected folders, import from SD card and can become the default app to play MP3 files when using a File manager to go through your collection.

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It has an 8-band equalizer that opens in another window with the options for repeat, shuffle, etc. A control box is also available when your phone is locked so you can play/pause or skip the current track You can choose between different skins for this Android MP3 player, change orientation or choose a custom language from the available list of languages.


Best MP3 player app for iPhone - Musixmatch player

The default Music app of iPhone is itself quite good in its functionality. It is fast, user-friendly and has a comfortable layout. However, it does have a problem with playing old music tracks for which you don’t have any purchase problem.

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Musixmatch MP3 player app is the best alternative to iPhone Music app. It offers you the ability to play any track that you store on your iPhone storage, shows you the lyrics for the song that is currently playing if you have legally downloaded it from iTunes. It shows you the line that is currently playing and scrolls down as the songs goes on. That is quite useful when you want to sing along your favorite song.

This MP3 player software segregates your songs based on their genre and comes with a Discover feature with which you can check out the preview of other songs from the artist’s album along with the lyrics.


Best MP3 player for all platforms - VLC media player

An open source project that is regularly updated with the latest codecs and performance optimizations. VLC can be your first choice if you don’t want to go into much research on your operating system specific best MP3 player software. It comes with the capability to take the volume to even more than 100%. That however is not suggested with your computer speakers since it might damage them and even on external speakers might bring in a lot of noise. However, play it on normal voice, create playlist, add music to loop, use it on your computer as well as on smartphone and you get a seamless MP3 player experience with VLC player on all your devices.

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Part 2: The Most Powerful Player to Play MP3 and 4K Videos

DVDFab Player 5 is the solution to all your complaints that you might have with your free MP3 player software on Windows or Mac. It is a result of many years of development and offers high stability, compatibility and smoothness on either of the operating systems. It gives you 2 modes of playback - PC and TV, with each offering a distinctive audio experience. It offers genuine HDR10 and Hi-Res audio output, including Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master and DTS:X, etc.

Not only audio, but it can play any HD quality videos you might have, be it in DVD or a Blu-ray. It offers a complete cinematic experience with will navigation support on 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays and other disc types. With its modern playback engine, it is 5 times faster in playing your 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc compared to best competitor.

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While the PC mode offers a PC optimized movie experience, the TV mode dedicatedly gives an experience optimized for large screen screens. It is also compatible with the remote controls for Windows Media Center.

If you have an HDR10 capable display monitor then you can use DVDFab Player 5 to just toggle to HDR10 display and the graphics will adjust on the monitor to give you the best possible display.

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Coming back to the audio, with DVDFab Player 5 you can get the maximum juice out of your state-of-the-art acoustic system. This MP3 player can produce lossless high-resolution audio like Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master and DTS:X etc. with up to 7.1 channel output support.