If you have been wondering where to get help on errors you get when it comes to playing mov on windows take that as a solved issue.  We have different free players that can help you play mov on windows if you are wondering how to play mov files windows 10. Sometimes people rely on window media player but does not support mov file format except for window media player 12. Don’t stay stranded on this error messages since we have different mov file players for windows which are compatible with windows offering the best experience.  Mov file is a multimedia container format. The container holds more than one tracks at times with certain kinds of data for subtitles like audio, effects, video, or even texts. Among the free mov file player on windows mentioned in this article, DVDFab player 6 gives the best experience.  The below-mentioned players will help you on how to play mov files on the window.


DVDFab Player 5

If you are thinking of a great program to play mov files on windows DVDFab player 5 will give you the best experience. DVDFab player 5 will help you play mov files on windows 10 with no error message coming to your screen or additional ads. With enhanced performance on playback engine, DVDFab player 5 can access a 4K UHD Blu-ray disc to a 5X speed higher than competitor free mov file players for windows.  The multimedia player gives two choices to select from including PC and TV modes. DVDFab player 5 gives you quality pixels, resolution, color, contrast and significant frames.

Wondering how to play mov files on windows using DVDFab player 5? It is simple then. After installing the data from a website, open the app from your desktop and select the mode you want to use either PC or TV, then drag the mov file you want to play mov on windows using the +sign or use disc fie then play.  Right click on the screen for further settings. It’s that simple, and you avoid errors from this great player that helps you play mov files on windows.

Besides the DVDFab player 5, we also have free mov files players for windows like,

QuickTime Player

Quicktime Player is another alternative mov file player discussed. It gives you access to different file formats inclusive of M4V, MP4, and MP3. It is not highly configurable like DVDFab but will provide you with service when you think of how to play mov files on windows. Quicktime player Works well with Mac. The best salient features that make it worthy is the ability to edit mov files directly. It is simple to use and has quality graphics. Moreover, it is just freely available for download.

To play move files on windows using QuickTime player, install the program, open the file, browse the location of the mov file you want to play. You can also drag the file to the app, and it offers you chances to sequence multiple files. Next time you wonder how to play mov files on windows look for QuickTime player, and it will give you the right mov experience.


The program gives the best experience and supports almost all available mov file formats. Experiences include you acquire to play mov files on windows using 5KPlayer include supported formats like M4V, H.264 MP4, and MOV among others. The player has 180 audio and 450 codecs for videos and much more which QuickTime cannot support. If you are thinking of a mov file player for windows which does not require you to download ads think of 5KPLayer.  It will offer you smooth play to 4K, 5K 8K 3D sounds. The player will give you room to rewind and add subtitle to mov files.

Considering how to play mov files on windows with 5KPlayer, you need to install the program.  It has straightforward installation process. After that open the program and load the mov file you need to play. The process can be through clicking the video for a directory or dragging the movie to the app. You can also create a personal playlist on the player and adjust the size and features of the mov file. You can also add subtitle to files using 5KPlayer by just right clicking on the movie then selecting subtitling,

VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is the last mov player this article handles on how to play mov files on windows. The player is sometimes used as an ad by other mov file players since it supports a significant number of mov files on windows. The program is used by all window users to play mov files on Windows 10 and other windows like 7 and 8.2.

To play mov files on windows with VLC is simple. After installing the program, you open it, then to the media tab you select the open file. Navigate to browse the mov file you want to open. You can choose the file then choose open with VLC and naturally you are done. It allows to play different mov format, and you can add playlists and subtitle.

In a word, there are a lot of ways to play MOV on your Windows computer. And also, more and more MOV players are appearing on the internet to meet our need.