Want to speed up video to avoid nonsense when viewing tutorials or advertising videos, or just to create special effects to enrich your videos? Mastering how to speed up a video means saving precious time and better polishing videos to engage viewers. How many video speed up tools do you have in mind? This post will discuss top professional but simple-to-use programs to polish your video to perfection. Check them right now.

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1. What to Know before Speeding up Video?

2. How to Speed up a Video on Windows Free & Easily?

    * Video Editor

    * Movie Maker 10

    * How to speed up video in Premiere

3. How to Speed up Video Free on Mac

    * iMovie

4. App to Speed up Video Online

    * Clideo

    * How to speed up a YouTube video

5. Speed up Video Apps for Mobile

    * Videoshop

6. Final Thought

1. What to Know before Speeding up Video?

When it comes to how to speed up video free and easily, you’d better choose the right video speed up programs so as to ensure better user experience. Below points will offer you better clue to selecting your desired tool.

*  Simple but intuitive interface for workflows

*  Comprehensive but easy-to-use editing features for all situations

*  Customized options for video speed up or slow down

*  Free trial, cross-platforms, video tutorials

2. How to Speed up a Video on Windows Free & Easily?

If you want to speed up video on Windows, here are nice programs for your option.

Video Editor

Video Editor is a rising star in the video editing industry which is designed to offer users all-inclusive features to create multi-purpose video content. As a matter of fact, it is a perfect editing tool for video, audio, and image. In terms of video edit, it gives you full power to split, crop, rotate, flip, and reverse video clips, adjust video speed & audio volume (plus fade in & out), color correction, mosaic, zoom (zoom in & out), green screen cutout, speech & text converter, and recorder. Besides, ample creative effects such as audio, music, text, image, filters, transitions, overlays, and animation elements working together to add spice to your video content. Just tap into your imagination and creativity to create your own masterpieces, because all functions are at your fingertips.

Now let’s get down to how to speed up video Windows 10 with Video Editor.

Step 1: Launch the program and choose your wanted aspect ratio mode

This video speed up tool offers 5 aspect ratio modes: 16:9, 4:3, 9:16, 3:4, and 1:1.

Speed up Video Windows 10 Free & Easily

Step 2: Import video file to speed up video as desired

Import video file from the media library or your hard drive, or simply drag & drop the media into the timeline. Tab the ‘Edit’ button (Pen icon) on the toolbar, there will pop up a window for video, color correction, and audio. Drag the speed slider from left to right to speed up video or from right to left to slow down video. You can speed up video up to 5X and preview the real-time video speed up effect on the right window. Mind that if you aim to speed up video of a single clip, just set duration of the clip before hitting Edit button.

How to Speed up a Video with Added Features

Step 3: Export video file to desired format

This video speed up program allows you to export video as project file for latter edit, video file in format like MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, GIF.

How to Export Quality Video after Video Speed up

With 3 simple clicks, you can speed up video Windows 10than expected. Above all, you can use this tool, together with other features, for free. For quality Full HD and watermark-free export, Pro version will be preferred. Anyway, this video speed up program is suitable for novices, enthusiasts, and professionals, creating video content for personal and business purposes.


Movie Maker 10

Movie Maker 10 is a free version of movie maker family which include Pro app. You can movies from your photos, video clips, and music accompanied by basic features such as trimming and joining video, speeding up video or slow down video, adding background music and text caption, applying filters, transitions, and zoom effects to video.

Speed up Video with Paid Features

However, this Windows-based video speed up software only enables users to speed up video with Pro version. That being said, normal speed 1.0x is available for free trial, a pain spot for free users.

How to Speed up Video in Premiere

For most professionals, they might wonder how to speed up video in premiere since Adobe Premiere has been in graces for years for video and film post-production. As how to speed up video in Premiere Pro, refer to this simple guideline.

How to Speed up Video in Premiere Professionally

First, import video to Timeline or Project panel, choose your wanted clip you want to speed up.

Second, tab Clip to open Speed/Duration in the main menu bar, or open Clip Speed/Duration window. If you open Clip Speed/Duration to speed up video by clicking a linked clip, the duration of the whole clip will speed up as well. On the contrary, unlinking Speed/Duration leads to video speed up of a certain clip while the duration of the clip retains unchanged. Whichever you choose, select your desired percentage value, say 100%, to speed up video as needed. With this professional video editing program, speeding up video Windows 10 will also be feasible, but there might be learning curve for beginners.

3. How to Speed up Video Free on Mac

As a Mac user, how do you speed up video efficiently? Here comes a simple but free program for video speed up.


iMovie is always a first choice for video editing on Mac since it has intuitive interface and basic editing tools for free. Now let’s look at how to speed up a video in iMovie.

How to Speed up a Video in iMovie Free

First, open iMovie and import video file or drag it into the timeline. Then tab Speed (clock icon) button, and you will see a window enabling you to choose Slow or Fast from the drop-down menu. Choose Fast and key in percentage value to set video speed up value, or set your custom speed. After that, an icon (rabbit) will appear on the clip, which means speeding up video. On the top of the clip is a speed slider. Drag the slider to left to speed up video, and to right to slow down video. Note that iMovie sets twice normal speed (2x) by default. Of course, you can try its successor Final Cut Pro X for paid advanced features.

4. App to Speed up Video Online

Despite the fact that there are numerous online video speed apps on the market, the best app to speed up video for YouTube is Clideo.


Clideo is an ultimate web-based solution to edit videos, audios, images, make videos or slideshows and create GIFs based on its ample features including cutting, merging, cropping, rotating, flipping, reversing, looping, and compressing videos, adding music or subtitles to video, speeding up video, adjusting saturation and contrast, and applying filters. Among all online speeding video up apps, this one is a top priority. If so, how to speed up video online easily? Here takes YouTube video as example.

Speed up Video Online without Installation

How to speed up a YouTube video

First, launch the app and paste video URL from YouTube (alternatively, you can download streaming video in batch and save them on HD for later use). Then, set a custom speed value from 0.25x to 4.0x to speed up video as you like. Finally, export and download the video in MP4 or MOV format. You can save the final works to your device, cloud storage or upload on personal YouTube channel.

Note that this online video speed up app also works with all operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, and modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera. That being said, to speed up video chrome will be a breeze with Clideo. If you mean to speed up video online, just try this one. If you want a Facebook video editor, you can try out this one to edit video for better upload and increase followers.

5. Speed up Video Apps for Mobile

It is often the case that most people are keen on editing video clips on mobile apps whenever they like. Here recommends a nice speeding up video app for smartphone users.


Videoshop, available on Google Play and App Store, is a fast and easy-to-use app to personalize videos and share on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Then how to use this speeding up video app?

Speed up Video App for Android & iOS

First, open Videoshop to load video source. Then choose ‘Speed’ from the toolbar. Drag speed slider from left to right to speed up video. There will appear a figure walking on the left and running on the right. Finally, tick the green icon, go to Advanced Setting to export video as you like. 

Note that you can remove watermarked video by sharing with friends on social media sites. Besides, this video speed up app contains ads and in-app purchases.

Final Thought

In this article, we have discussed several top-ranking video speed up tools that can be applied in different situations. You can speed up video on Windows, Mac, online, and mobile app. With these programs, how to speed up video Windows 10, how to speed up video online/chrome, and how to speed up a YouTube video, will be a piece of cake. Take action now for a trial. By the way, if you are unhappy with the exported video resolution, you can ai video upscaling from 480p to 1080p, or from 1080p to 4k.