You can speed up video iPhone but that depends on what type of video you wish to speed up. If you have recorded a video with the Slo-Mo setting of iPhone and want to increase its speed back up to normal speed, that is possible and easy to do. But if you want to know how to speed up video on iPhone that was recorded normally. Well, that is possible too but you have read below to know more.

Using the iMovie App to Speed up Video iPhone

If you wish to know how to speed up a video iPhone that was recorded normally, then using the iMovie app is the solution that you are looking for. Users can download the iMovie app from the Apple App Store. The iMovie app provides all types of video editing features, such as adding music, titles, filters, and many more. It also allows you to convert slo-mo video to normal speed. All you have to do is follow the below steps to know how to speed up iPhone video

  1. Open iMovie app.
  2. Navigate to Create Project >> Movie >> Media >> Video >> Slo-mo.

how to speed up a video on iphone

3. Click the video you wish to speed up.

4. Now, click the checkmark in the pop-up menu.

5. Click Create Movie option.

speed up video iphone

6. Next, click the timeline of the video to see the editing options on the screen at the bottom.

7. Click the clock logo to access the controls for playback speed.

8. The speed controls are a bunch of lines with a rabbit at the one end, representing the speed, and a turtle at another end, representing slo-mo. A number next to the rabbit logo shows you the speed of the video.

9. Shift the speed control slider so that the number next to the rabbit shows 1x. That is the normal speed. How to speed up video on iPhone more than 2x? Just change the number to 2 or more than 2.

how to speed up video on iphone

10. Click Done to save the video with its altered speed.

11. From the present screen, click the action button to export the video, share it, or do other things with it.

how to speed up a video iphone

Using Photos App Speed up Video iPhone

Perhaps the simplest method to speed up iPhone video to regular speed for slo-mo recorded videos is to use the Photos application that comes pre-installed. All the slo-mo videos you record with your iPhone are saved there. The editing features within the Photos app can speed up a video on iPhone. Can you speed up a video on iPhone? Follow these steps and know the answer yourself.

  1. Open the Photos app >> Albums.
  2. Scroll down to the Media Types tab and click Slo-mo.
  3. Click the slo-mo video that you wish to speed up.

how to speed up iphone video

4. When the video is open, click Edit.

5. At the bottom is a bunch of vertical lines. These show the speed of the video at that point in the recording.

6. Lines that are very near to each other show normal speed, while lines that are far from each other show that that portion is in slo-mo.

7. Click the bar that has the lines in it and drag your finger over the slo-mo portion.

8. Doing this will tweak all of the lines close to each other which shows that they are at normal speed.

speed up a video on iphone

9. When you have altered the speed of the video, click Done to save the video.

Using DVDFab Video Editor to Speed up a Video

If you wish to change the speed of the video on Mac, then using DVDFab Video Editor is the easiest method. The tool provides various features to the users for editing. Users can adjust speed as per their needs. Also, users can split any video as well as crop the video as per their needs. In addition to this, you can also flip and mirror as well as rotate the video if you want to. Users can set the duration of the final output video so that they do not need to cut out the snippets.

Speaking more about the features, the tool also offers a huge range of transitions, filters, text features, and overlays. You can select from a vast range of pre-set creative options to make your videos look exceptional and stunning.

Users also get control of the audio since the tool allows them to adjust the volume. It also offers royalty-free music to the users to use in videos. Users can also record their own audio. The tool is capable of enhancing human voice to increase the recording quality.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to use this tool.

  1. To start creating your first project, begin by choosing the screen ratio.
  2. Choose the import option under the Media subheading at the top.
  3. Select to either import folders or files you wish like to add to the project. Choose the video for which you wish to increase the speed.
  4. You can also import the video to the tool and drag them to begin editing to the timeline.

how to speed up a video on iphone

5. After the video files are added to the timeline, users are now ready to start the editing process.

6. Different videos can also be dragged to multiple tracks, and tracks are also organized by effects, clips, audio, text, and voiceover.

7. Select from a range of editing tools, such as speed up, trim, crop, or join.

8. Choose from various pre-set text, audio, overlay, filter, element, and transition effects to make your video unique.

9. The preview is always shown at the top right, so that users can always be certain of the result.

speed up video iphone

10. When you done, you need to save and export. Users can save their project to hard drive and then select to export it. Choose the export option and select to export either only audio or video.

11. Select the output folder and name your project. Select the video quality, format, and duration and tap export. You can also select audio duration and format to export only audio.


How to change a video back to slo-mo?

If you changed your mind and want to add slo-mo back to the video, it is possible. Choose the portion you wish to slow down so that it is within the yellow section. Now, drag your finger across the bar of lines until the lines are far from each other. Save the video in the end.

Can I record video and take photos at the same time on iPhone?

Yes. You need to start recording your video. Here, in the corner of your screen, you'll see a circular white button. Click the white button to snap a pic of what is on the screen without disturbing the video recording. It will save to your Photos app. One drawback of this method is pics you click on your iPhone while recording video will have a lower resolution as compared to normal photos.


In a nut shell, you just had a look at how to speed up a video on iPhone and Mac. This can be done using iMovie and Photos apps on iPhone, and using DVDFab Video Editor on Mac.