As the streaming sites are gaining traction, your search for the best media player can become daunting. Rather than settling for an average media player to meet your entertainment needs, we recommend a little research. Whether you are looking for the best option for unext player, organize your library, or play local DVDs, an efficient media player is a need.

Most people fail to understand that if you want the greatest media player for your PC, you don't have to spend a lot of money on it. In fact, you can get the best media player for 4k HDR completely free. With the best budget 4k media players, you can simplify your viewing experience for your favorite videos without having to worry about the quality and playback issues.

Characteristics of The Best Media Player

When it comes to streaming sites to watch movies, ease of use and functionality are paramount. You do not want to spend time skipping ads and intros, finding your favorite show in a plethora of options, or struggling to navigate through settings. That being said, an efficient media player offers essential features, including;

  • Ease of use
  • Straightforward user interface
  • Custom library
  • Convenient playback
  • Support variable formats
  • Portability and syncing to other devices

PlayerFab U-NEXT Player

If you are looking for a powerful media player with all essential and advanced features, the Playerfab Unext player is the one for you. Speaking of performance to functionality, it offers everything from the best price to the best services that you can enjoy with ease. Moreover, Unext player offers a free version that fulfills your basic media player needs with enhanced efficiency.

That being said, if you are looking for the best 4k video player for windows 10, let’s dive into the main features of the PlayerFab media player.

1080p High Definition Streaming

An efficient player must playback local and online videos in high definition. DVDFab keeps the quality paramount when it comes to an enhanced viewing experience. Whether you have a collection of old DVDs or want to stream your favorite show in HD, the PlayerFab U-NEXT player by DVDFab offer 1080p resolution.

AAC 2.0 Audio Quality

With alone high definition video quality, you cannot get an overall impressive viewing experience. To elevate your playback, the PlayerFab U-NEXT player offers enhanced audio quality with an AAC 2.0 audio track. You can watch videos in the comfort of your home that is similar to those seen in a cinema.

The DUB or SUB Version Playback

Subtitles and audio tracks that are appropriate for the content are essential components of a satisfying viewing experience. The PlayerFab U-NEXT Player is capable of playing back movies and television shows in either DUB or SUB versions. You can conveniently decide on your favorite dubbed version for a comfortable viewing experience.

Autoplay U-NEXT TV Episode

Generally speaking, the immersive viewing experience is prone to be disrupted at any point. However, with DVDFab PlayerFab U-NEXT Player, you can enable the auto-play next episode option to guarantee the greatest possible watching experience while watching. All you have to do is sit back and wait, without moving a muscle in between episodes.

Custom Playback Speed

If you find it difficult to keep up with a video that has tough content or find the video to be too dull and wish to jump along quickly, worry no more with PlayerFab U-NEXT Player. It allows you to modify the playback speed as per your requirement. You can either speed up, slow down, or even rewind the video by a few seconds with a click of a button.

Hardware GPU Acceleration

When you play back an internet video on your browser, a significant amount of CPU and memory is used due to video decoding. This will result in a stalled condition during playback and will provide a significant obstacle to the smooth functioning of computer equipment.

However, with the help of PlayerFab, such issues are completely resolved. PlayerFab decodes video using Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD hardware graphics GUP. it relatively consumes less CPU and memory unlike other alternatives available in the market. With PlayerFab you will be able to watch videos that are more fluid and have a more enjoyable watching experience.

How To Use DVDFab PlayerFab U-Next Player

Having a plethora of convenient features and enhanced software capabilities, PlayerFab gives control in the hands of the users. In a few simple steps, eliminating long procedures, complex interface, and licensing, you can enjoy both free and paid versions of PlayerFab.

Here are the steps you can follow to start your theater-like viewing experience at home.

Step 1: Download And Install PlayerFav DVD Player

U-NEXT player is one of the modules of the DVDFab PlayerFab media player. You can conveniently download DVDFab PlayerFab directly from the website.

unext player:Step 1: Download And Install PlayerFav DVD Player

When you click on the download link, it will automatically download the file setup in your system.

unext player:Step 1: Download And Install PlayerFav DVD Player

Once the file is downloaded into the system, click to run the setup.

On the main screen, it will give an option to install the file along with custom settings.

unext player:Step 1: Download And Install PlayerFav DVD Player

In the bottom right corner, click “Custom” to adjust settings as per your personal requirements, and click “Install”.

Step 2: Launch The App

Once the application is installed in your system, click the icon on the desktop to launch the app.

unext player:Step 2: Launch The App

Starting the application will lead you to the main “home” screen of the player. On the top right corner, you can click the “down arrow” button to open settings. Before starting, you can personalize your settings for language, auto-start, launch mode, Windows size, and much more.

unext player:Step 2: Launch The App

Step 3: Go To “VIP Streaming”

In the sidebar, go to the “Online Videos” tab. In the online video dropdown menu, click “VIP streaming”.

unext player:Step 3: Go To “VIP Streaming”

Step 4: Select “U-Next or H-Next” Module

Once you click “VIP Streaming”, it will give you a wide range of popular streaming sites to watch your favorite shows and movies online in high definition. Choose “U-Next” from the given options.

unext player:Step 4: Select “U-Next or H-Next” Module

Step 5: Watch Your Favorite Shows

Once you select “U-Next Player” it will lead you to the main screen of the streaming app. Here you can watch your favorite shows and movies.

unext player:Step 5: Watch Your Favorite Shows

PlayerFab Advanced Settings

Keeping user experience and comfort a prime concern, DVDFab offers customized settings for video and audio settings along with subtitles, resolution, playback on other devices, and much more.

Video Settings

To adjust settings as per your personal preference, go to settings in the top right corner and click the “down arrow” to open settings. In the settings tab, go to the “Video” settings. There, you will find variable options for customization, including;

  • HDR Mode
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Output Color Range

unext player:Video Settings

Moreover, the PlayerFab U-next 4k blu-ray player offers full control when it comes to resolution and region settings. In the “VIP Streaming” tab, you can adjust the video quality as per your requirement from SD (Standard Definition) to HD (High Definition), FHD (Full High Definition), and UHD (Ultra High Definition).

unext player:Video Settings

Region-free Playback

PlayerFab is your all-in-one media player, to watch your local DVDs or stream your favorite site from anywhere in the world, it allows you to adjust “Region” settings.

In the settings, go to the “VIP streaming” tab and click the “Amazon Region”. It will give you various options to choose from at your convenience.

unext player:Region-free Playback


Watching movies in different languages is not an issue anymore with DVDFab PlayerFab. It allows users to use preset subtitles or you also have the freedom to add custom subtitles.

unext player:Subtitles

Moreover, for convenient playback, you can also adjust the size, color, position, offset, and ASS/SSA configuration in the subtitle settings.

unext player:Subtitles

System Requirements

In addition, for the optimal working of the software, the recommended system requirements are mentioned below.

  • Windows: 7/8/8.1/10/11 (32/64 bit)
  • Intel: i3 or above
  • RAM: 4GB or above
  • Hard Disc: 40GB or above

In addition, for online streaming, you need a stable internet connection.


There is a plethora of software available for the Windows platform; thus, selecting the proper one for your computer can get quite difficult. Because of the growing number of newer media formats, not all free media players can stream online sites along with supporting different formats. An excellent media player must be simple, intuitive, and lightweight in addition to being feature-rich. Hence, considering essential features, ease-of-use, compatibility with various formats, region-free playback, and custom settings, PlayerFab U-Next player gives you an enhanced viewing experience for free with its basic version. However, to enjoy full control, you can get the paid version, which does not cost much in comparison to other alternatives for convenience.


1. What is the best 4k media player for PC?

Speaking of the best 4k media player for PC you will find a lot of options, however, not all players are efficient. PlayerFab media player is one of the players to meet all your multimedia needs in one place. On the other hand, you can also try VLC Media Player,, PowerDVD 21, and KMPlayer.

2. Is PlayerFab media player free?

PlayerFab U-NEXT player is the best 4k video player for windows 10 free. With its standard free version, you can access all the basic features along with an online streaming facility. However, if you already are a paid DVDFab product user, you can enjoy U-next player at a relatively lower price.

3. Is DVDFab PlayerFab a region-free media player?

The good news is that DVDFab PlayerFab is currently one of the best region-free Blu-ray players for 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, DVDs, and online streaming. It also allows you to create and manage your custom library.