We use our phones every day. Instead of watching people’s videos, we sometimes like to shoot videos by ourselves with our phones. But because we are not professional, there are always unexpected faces or unexpected background music appear in our video. It will be such a pity to give up these videos as we have put so much effort into it. So, what we should do? Is there anything to help us make these faces or background music disappear, or at least make them not that obvious? Fortunately, there are many video blur apps out there to help us deal with them. If this is exactly what you need, please be patient to go on reading.

Part 1: Video Face Blur Apps

Let’s begin with learning apps to blur faces in videos. Actually, it is quite normal for us to shoot other people in on our videos. But sometimes in order to respect other people’s privacy or to avoid legal problems, we’d better find an app to blur faces in videos. Here we have weeded through the best video blur apps for you.

1. Video Mosaic

This app, available on the iOS system, is designed to give iPhone users a chance to blur videos while recording is in progress. It offers different blur options. For example, you can blur an entire video, or choose a part of the video to blur or add an automatic mosaic over a face in the shot. Even better, you can choose different shapes of mosaic to make your blurred area seem better. The only shortcoming of this app is it offers in-app purchases which means you need to purchase it if you want to get rid of adds.

Video blur app

2. Video Toolbox Movie Maker

Similar to Video Mosaic, Video Toolbox Movie Maker is also an iOS-based app. This app mainly focuses on video editing, such as combine two or more video clips or add video effects. As an app to blur faces, it offers limited face blurring options. And it should be noted that the blur effect you add to a video will be static. So if your subject moves a lot, you’d better search for another blur video app.

Blur video app

3. MovStash

Compatible with the iOS system, MovStash is made for mosaic/blurring video. It provides users with four types of blur. Even more, it offers two modes - Simple and Timeline modes for users. To be more specific, if you choose the Simple mode, you can select a certain area of the shot to blur manually and use the slider to set the intensity of the blur effect, for instance. If you select Timeline mode on the contrary, then you can add more than one blur area and blur multiple faces in one single shot. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t offer other basic video editing functions. Therefore, if you are looking for a video face blur app especially, then you can put MovStash app on your list.

App to blur faces in videos

4. KineMaster-Pro Video Editor

This video face blur app is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. KineMaster is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool to help users edit their videos, such as voiceovers, control video speed, add special effects, and other functions. Using this video blur app, users can easily blur faces in their videos. That’s why it is not surprising at all that KineMaster is widely accepted by both iPhone and Android users. One thing should be pointed out is that only limited options are provided in the free version. And if you want to unlock all the features, you might need to purchase them.

App to blur faces in videos

Part 2: Blur Background Video Apps

Not only the faces in a video need to be blurred sometimes but also the background in a video. Capturing videos with your smartphone to record the amazing moments in your life can be a lot of fun. However, a messy background, for instance, can ruin your video completely. That’s why we have mentioned earlier that searching for a video background blur app is a necessity. Below are the best video background blur apps we prepared for you.

1. Square Video: Video Editor

This video editor app is designed to let users create square size video with blur background and can capture video in a square size as well. Square Video features so many functions. Now, let’s check them together.

Support users to set blur background or color background.

Make it possible to edit the video and see the effect in real-time.

Allow users to get video clips that they like.

Add music from your own device.

In a nutshell, this is a trustworthy app to blur background video and you will enjoy so much fun to edit your videos with it.

Blur background video apps

2. VideoShow Video Editor

For many film directors or beginners, VideoShow is their best choice. Because it is an all-in-one editor and features so many functions. For example, it allows users to use trendy filters, add texts to their videos, or create slideshow with photos, not to mention the basic video editing features. One of the most remarkable features of this app is it offers a function that lets you make memes, or add motions stickers as well as add background blur. However, it should be pointed out that this app is only available on the Android system.

Video background blur app

3. Blur Video app

Blur Video is a utility applied to Android phones. This app makes it possible for users to add blur to their videos in different ways. Three main features, including FreeStyle Blur, Instagram no Crop, and Fun Blur are provided in this app. Let’s start from the FreeStyle Blur. As its name suggests, you can blur any part of your video, left or right, up or down. As for the Instagram no Crop feature, you can add the blur effect in the missing area to square your videos. Fun Blur offers you a chance to select a shape or select inside or outside. Most importantly, you can watch and share your videos on social websites, such as Snapchat.

Video blur app

Part 3: Best video editing software - DVDFab Toolkit

Obviously, it is impossible for people to use their phones all the time. We also need to edit videos with their computers now and then. Under this situation, we humbly recommend DVDFab Toolkit to you. DVDFab Toolkit is a toolbox software that is packed up with dozens of basic editing tools, such as an audio converter, video to GIF, or pictures to video, etc. You can enjoy a lot of fun with this software and get what you need by few times clicking. To get a comprehensive review of the DVDFab Toolkit, please feel free to click here.

Blur video software

In the End

These apps are all practical and powerful. Whether you are looking for an app that blurs the background of videos or an app to blur faces in videos, you are assured to get the best one that suits you well. But instead of video editing apps, if you are looking for some software to edit videos on your computer, then we humbly recommend DVDFab Toolkit. With only a few clicks, you can edit your videos or images as whatever you want.