Today with the help of technology we can transform our videos as we want them to be following social media handles. With the help of perfect software, we can transform our videos the way we want them to look. All this and more can be achieved with a good video converter. Video converters are computer programs that can change the format of storage of any kind of digital video. They function as a compressor that helps in the recompression of the video to another desirable format by the process of transcoding. Many Analog-digital video converters help in batch conversion, audio conversion, and many other facilities.

Usage of Video Converters

Video converters can be used for the following purposes:

  • Batch conversion.
  • Photos conversion.
  • Joining of files.
  • Extraction and conversion of audio files.
  • Preview facility along with various editing tools.
  • DVD and Blu-Ray burning facility.
  • Helps in uploading to YouTube and other social media platforms.
  • Helps in converting online videos along with subtitles support.

Top 10 video converters

Following are the top 10 video converters that can assist you with multiple facilities. These are:

DVDFab video converter

dvdfab video converters

If you are looking for positive video converter reviews then DVDFab video converter is just the software you need. It assists in the conversion of all kinds of videos to audio files as well. The software is supported on a variety of mobile devices as well. Moreover, the conversion speed offered by this software is quite quick and supports batch conversion too. There is an easy customization facility that helps in editing and changing encoding methods as per the preference of the users.


  • You can create a DVD and transform it into an ISO folder or file to convert in a digitized format.
  • It helps in conversion at a high speed, top-notch quality of output.
  • There are a variety of copy modes available with this software that allows customization along with options of merging too.
  • It works well on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices as well.
  • It also assists in batch conversion, multicore processing, and hardware acceleration.

Price: $29.99


  • Helps in upscaling through AI.
  • Can easily get rid of Cinavia or DRM protection.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Helps in hardware-accelerated processing and batch conversions.


  • No Cons are available.

DivX Video Converter

divx video converters

You are looking for any video converters with a free download facility for MAC devices, then Divx video converter is just the thing for you. It lends its support to a variety of different output and input formats and comes with brilliant editing tools for the customization of videos before converting them. Along with local files the user can also add any videos from Google Drive, Dropbox, and blu-ray disc for easy conversion in desirable formats.


  • It has a pretty easy and simple to use interface for users.
  • Helps in setting required resolution along with aspect ratio, bit rate, and other parameters required for files.
  • There are many predefined options available for the users to choose from as per their preference.
  • Helps in the editing of local files along with files from blu-ray disc, Dropbox, and Google Drive for conversion.
  • Along with the MAC version of the Windows version of the same software is also available for the users.

Price: Free


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Helps to work with a variety of formats.
  • Easy to use.


  • Many times while working with this software the program freezes.

Total video converter

one of the best video converters total video converter

If you are looking for a total solution for video converters that is also available as a free download then Total video converter can do wonders for you. It supports a variety of video formats for your needs and is available for free for Mac devices. Along with the conversion of videos, it also helps in burning them to DVD or Blu-ray discs as per the need of the user.


  • It has higher compatibility along with higher efficiency for important functions of audio and videos.
  • It helps in burning the converted videos to any kind of DVD, VCD, or any other format desired by the user.
  • It assists in demultiplexing or extraction of video and audio files along with the Multiplex facility.
  • It helps in combining multiple photos along with music with more than 300 effects available as a transition.
  • It helps in easy conversion of all kinds of videos and makes them available for use on iPad, iPhone, Xbox, etc.

Price: Free


  • Along with videos it also helps in the easy conversion of game video formats.
  • The user can easily rip the CD to the audio of their preference directly.
  • The flash is supported on Windows 7 software as well.


  • Sometimes the conversion takes time.


one of the best video converters vidcompact

If you are looking for one of the best video converters for Android then VidCompact is just the thing you need. it is available as a free option that helps in editing videos. This application assists in that conversion and also claims that it can offer a good amount of compression up to 54% in a video. Moreover, you can also select the resolution of the output video as per your requirement and can trim and compress it at the same time.


  • It has an improved adjustable playback speed which is apt for the video and can also remind at many different speeds such as 1.25x. and more.
  • It helps in the conversion of video to MP4 format so that you can listen to it anywhere and anytime.
  • The conversion of the video is pretty easy and quick that provides a great quality to the video because of its high-efficiency compressor.
  • The interface of the application is pretty intuitive and modern to suit the needs of the users.
  • Many unique processing tools that come with this software vary you can easily crop, rotate, etc.

Price: Free


  • Help in the conversion of video and audio.
  • Provide multiple support for files.
  • You can easily change the speed of the video.


  • There is an additional paper wall in this application.


one of the top video converters videoproc

If you are looking for a download of a free video converter then videoproc can be your option. it is a multifunctional lightweight editing software for the video which is capable of processing videos in high quality up to 4k. You can easily edit your videos at a good speed on Mac or Windows using the full potential of this software. See also: top converters to convert MOV file to Mp4.


  • Provide hardware acceleration on NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD graphic cards for achieving a fast and fluid editing process for video.
  • the user can easily remove unwanted parts in the video and can enhance the meaning of the content.
  • You can easily search a single video file in a variety of formats converting multiple videos.
  • You can add effects like edge sharpening, hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast for styling your video requirements.
  • Works well on both MAC and Windows devices.

Price: Free


  • It is a versatile tool that helps in video editing, recording, and downloading along with DVD conversion.
  • It provides a high-quality output in addition to many output and input formats.
  • Very quick and easy to set up.


  • The free version provides audio or video files which are limited to only 5 minutes.

Video Converter

video converters

If you are looking for fabulous video converters then this one by vidsoftlab is a good powerful converter that supports a wide range of audio and video formats. Along with serving as a video converter it also works great as a video compressor, video trimmer, and video Merger. It supports a majority of formats such as FLV, 3GP, MP4, etc. It also offers conversion of video to DVD or other formats like MP3 and MP4. It is one of the video converters that is available as a free download.


  • It has an easy-to-use interface which is very attractive for beginners.
  • It helps in sharing the videos on the user's favorite social media handles with its professional software.
  • Assists in converting videos to DVD or DVD to mp3 and MP4 format.
  • Supports a variety of video formats like MKV, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc.
  • Along with serving as a video converter it also works great as a trimmer, compressor, and Merger for videos.

Price: Base app for free.

Pro version at $2


  • There is a step-by-step process that is pretty easy to convert any kind of video to a particular format.
  • There are many unique features such as creating ringtones from different videos and video editing in slow motion.
  • It supports the majority of file formats for your conversion.


  • The videos are not ad-free.

VSDC Free Video Converter

vsdc free video converters

If you are looking for free downloads of video converters then a VSDC Free video converter can be your option. It is a very easy-to-use solution that delivers powerful performance along with the better conversion of your media files quickly. It helps in the conversion of a variety of formats such as MPG, FLV, MP3, etc. In case you need to play any of your files on an iPod, PSP, Xbox, or even iPhone you can easily save your files and resize them without any hassle.


  • Help in splitting any audio or video file into Parts for convenient conversion.
  • The software uses a high speed for the conversion of any kind of file.
  • It helps in merging several files into one file for making it compatible across the devices.
  • Assist in deleting any kind of video fragment occurring in files.
  • There are many advanced options available for export presets that helps in the easy conversion of file with the maintenance of quality and desirable format.

Price: Free


  • Helps in burning files to a DVD or CD.
  • Helps in merging a variety of clips.
  • Helps with a preview option for files.


  • The user interface is quite complex for beginners.

Wondershare Uniconverter

video converters wondershare uniconverter

If you are looking for the best video converters as a free download in the trial version and full version at the pocket-friendly price then Wondershare Uniconverter can be of a lot of help to you. It is a Windows-based software that comes with decent features and a powerful integration as a DVD burner and DVD Ripper along with being a video editor, audio ripper, and web downloader this software also helps in 2D to 3D conversion.


  • There are a variety of formats such as WMV, MPG along MP4 that can be utilized on devices like Mac, Windows, mobiles, and media players.
  • With the availability of mobile support, the user can easily import videos directly from the smartphone or camera as wondershare provides support to both Android and IOS devices.
  • The software can be used for easy conversion of videos from any device in 1080 resolution and also provide support to the editing of 4K videos.
  • There are lifetime updates available for the user so that they can get access to added functions and keep their software up to date with recent innovations.
  • It helps in providing a variety of import functions and video editing functions to the video and audio and also helps in capturing the screen effectively.

Price: Free Trial

Annual Plan at $29.95 per device per year.

Lifetime Plan at $59.95 per device.

Business Plan at $99.95 per device.


  • Helps in the extraction of audio.
  • Assist in subtitling and watermarking.
  • Works as a GIF maker as well.


  • The free version is a trial version.


online video converters convert.files

Convert.Files is an amazing option among AMV converters that is available as a free web-based source. It provides a great performance at high speed and helps in the easy conversion of AMV files into more popular multimedia formats like MP4, MP3, etc. It is easy to save video and convert it to a desirable format without involving many steps.


  • Helps in easy conversion of AMV videos into popular formats like MP3, MP4, and many more.
  • You can convert any file size with this amazing converter.
  • It is very comfortable to use.
  • The user interface is pretty simple and intuitive even for beginners.
  • Helps in the conversion of audio files as well.

Price: Free


  • There is no limit on the file size.
  • It is an open-source platform.
  • Amazingly simple to use UI.


  • It may take some time to convert files.

Winavi Video Converter

winavi video converters

If you are looking for Winavi Video Converter then this software is just for you it provides easy conversion of video to any kind of format at a high speed. It also assists in taking backup of a DVD to PC and also helps in ripping the DVD to the device of your choice. There is a high quality of output and it also works on iOS and Android devices.


  • It is very easy to use and helps in converting to a variety of video formats.
  • It helps in the faster conversion of files and saves a lot of time for the user.
  • It supports high definition in video conversion.
  • It works with a single click to convert the files easily.
  • It supports all kinds of video formats such as AVI, DivX, etc.

Price: $39.95


  • Helps in easy conversion in a single click.
  • Provides high-quality videos.
  • Supports a majority of devices including iOS and Android devices.


  • May be costly for beginner users.


Which is the best video converter that can be used on MAC and Windows devices?

DVDFab Video Converter is the best video converter that works well for Mac and Windows devices.

What video formats can be converted through AMV video converters?

AMV video converters help in converting AMV format to AVI, MP3, and MP4 format to run smoothly on multiple devices.

Which online video converters work well on Windows and Mac devices?

Freemake video converter and Handbrake works well for both Windows and MAC devices.


In a variety of situations when you may feel the need for good video converters options to convert your desirable file formats, so you can run them on a variety of devices you may use the list given above. These analog digital video converters assist in a variety of functions than just conversion of videos. You can use them to trim, split and post the videos in a desirable format on your social media channels as well. We hope with our list of top 10 video converters you will be able to accomplish your task efficiently.