Every great video is more than just the content - subtitles are the second great thing about great videos. In today's world, most video material is captioned or has subtitles included in it. If you ask, what is a subtitle, Closed captions were originally intended to aid the deaf and the hearing challenged, but it is no longer the primary goal of subtitles..

Subtitling is one of the two most prevalent types of audiovisual translations, the other being captioning. Subtitling is generally considered to be a component of the multimedia localization process. In recent years, since audiovisual goods are continually being produced in many regions of the globe, consumers now have their own devices for creating audiovisual material, which has resulted in a rise in the need for adaptable content.

What is a subtitle?

Speaking in terms of subtitle definition, it is a translated version of a video's transcription intended to provide the viewers with an in-depth understanding of what is going on the screen. Subtitles are often shown as text at the bottom of the screen.

Subtitles are often meant for use by viewers who do not speak the language spoken in the video but who can still hear other noises, such as music, and can determine who is speaking by looking at the subtitles.

Why does your content need to define subtitle?

You may not notice this, but half the success of your video content is in proper subtitling. This is true for various kinds of content, including movies, television programmes, social media videos, and training courses.

Let’s have a look at the significance of subtitles in the video.

  • Your audio is not audible to everyone. Hence, subtitles help in a better understanding of your content.
  • Many people do not have access to or are unable to turn on audio.
  • Subtitles improve your video comprehension. You may find it surprising, but even the natives use English subtitles so that they can understand it better.
  • Keeping your target audience's language in consideration adds value to your content because not everyone can understand your language.
  • Subtitle also help in enhanced reach and SEO of your content along with shares.

What are the types of subtitles?

There are different types of subtitles varying in how and when they are placed in the video, including;

  • Hard subtitles
  • Soft subtitles
  • Pre-rendered subtitles

Hard Subtitles (Open Subtitles)

This sort of subtitle text is permanently integrated into the original video. Therefore, no extra equipment or software is required for the playback of the subtitles in this format.

The best example of hard subtitles is karaoke song lyrics. The text is integrated with varied colours, fonts, sizes, and visuals, among other things.

  • Advantage; these subtitles are the most accurate as they are not generated by AI or any other third party tool.
  • Disadvantage; hard subtitles cannot be turned off by the users. Moreover, if there is any mistake, the whole content needs to be altered.

Pre-rendered Subtitles (closed)

Placement of different frames over original video files are known as pre-rendered subtitles. These subtitles are often found on DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Pre-rendered subtitles are encoded as pictures with a low bit rate and limited colour depth in this scenario.

  • Advantages; you can turn off pre-rendered subtitles as per your requirements. Additionally, the addition of different language subtitles and the switching between them is also possible.
  • Disadvantages; these subtitles are not common anymore.

Soft Subtitles (closed)

Sometimes, soft subtitles are referred to as "external subtitles". Separate files for the subtitle files are kept in a different folder in the SSA, SUB, or ASS format, depending on the movie format.

  • Advantages; to let the player automatically invoke soft subtitles, you can save your file name as of the movie name in video settings. Soft-subs are quite simple to create and edit.
  • Disadvantages; It requires player support in order to be played back. Moreover, if different languages are employed at the same time, it may encounter difficulties in encoding the right messages for the viewers' benefit.

Another classification of subtitles in a digital video is;

Internal Subtitles: When the subtitles are rooted in a single video file container and are played back simultaneously with the video and audio.

External Subtitles: When they are disseminated as individual files rather than as a single file. It is much easy to alter the subtitles in this situation.

What are subtitles formats?

Subtitle formats refer to the format of your subtitle files mainly. For instance, the format of your subtitle text, including timecode and text.There are two major types for subtitle formats that further offer subcategories with the flexibility of use, including;

Text Format Subtitles

On the other hand, text format subtitles is a text format. Therefore, it is quite modest in size, often less than one hundred kilobytes in size. The extensions for these subtitles are srt, smi, ssa, or sub. .srt being the most common kind of subtitle format, it is quite simple and straightforward to create and alter.

Graphical Format Subtitles

Graphic format subtitles are made up of two files:

The IDX; .idx is an index file, and it contains information about the subtitle's time code as well as the properties of the subtitle display.

The sub-files; .srt included the data.

The graphical format is an image file. Therefore, it takes up a significant amount of memory space. Additionally, idx + sub has the capability of storing subtitles in several languages.

That being said, not all players are compatible playing subtitles. Besides that, not all players allow you to add or remove additional subtitle files for playback purposes. To play and change subtitles you may need to use an application or some tool that offer support.

Play, Add, Remove, or Change Subtitles In A Media File with PlayerFab All-In-One

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PlayerFab All-In-One is your one-stop to playback your DVDs, Blu-ray, UHD DVDs along with online videos directly from Amazon and Netflix.

PlayerFab All-In-One is capable of playing Blu-ray discs, DVDs, ISO files, regular movies, high-definition video and audio files on both Windows and iOS operating systems with relative ease. It allows you to recognise and play all Blu-ray and DVD discs from various movie studios, even if they are region-locked. Fabplayer can also recognise subtitle files in various formats and integrate them into videos, making video viewing more entertaining for consumers. The steps to add subtitles to a video using FabPlayer are outlined below.

FabPlayer All-in-One Main features

Unlike other online DVD players, FabPlayer allows users to customize and play old DVDs, Blu-ray, and other discs without having the need for special devices.

Let’s have a look at some of the mani features FabPlayer, including;

Customize Sutitling And Audio

PlayerFab enables a continuous and immersive watching experience without having you stop and restart your devices. You can choose from a variety of customizable choices, including audio and subtitle options.

FabPlayer offer choices to add, remove, and change English subtitles to other languages and vice versa.

Straightforward Interface And Convenient User Interface

Keeping user requirements paramount, PlayerFab provides a simple and clean user experience.

  • Custom Playback Speed; you can alter the video speed to fast and slow as per your personal preference.
  • Convenient hotkey; makes it convenient to access a number of tools and controls.
  • Custom playlists; it is a straightforward and quick way for users to build and maintain their personal playlists, unlike other online DVD players.
  • Screenshot; if you need to capture any situations worth remembering, the screenshot feature will assist you in capturing desired screen content.

All-in-One Streaming and Playback

If you are still looking for an all-inclusive media player, PlayerFab allows playback and streaming in all kinds of formats from local videos to DVD, Blu-ray, and UHD disc to streaming videos. It offers a vast viewing experience to users including major streaming services, such Amazon, Netflix, Tubi, Peacock, etc.

With PlayerFab, you do not have to worry about looking for your favourite movies on multiple streaming sites.

Built-in Online Playback

PlayerFab ensures quality and durability with go-to built-in functionalities for the greatest viewing experience in FHD 1080p video quality. Speaking of audio, it offers high-end EAC3 5.1 quality.

You can conveniently play your favourite TV show or movie and relax back with numerous online playback features;

  • Various video and audio quality; you can pick multiple video and audio subtitles in different qualities according to your preferences.
  • Auto-skip intro; now you can quickly skip to the start of the video with the skip-intro feature.
  • Playback speed; you are free to slow down or fast play your videos in PlayerFab.
  • Choose audio and subtitle; you can change movie subtitles and audio as per your requirements for an enhanced user experience.
  • Auto-skip Ads; there is no more need to get up and skip ads with PlayerFab.

High-resolution And 3D Playback

To create or view images or videos in HD, you need an updated player on your big screen.

  • HD quality; PlayerFab can produce lossless high-resolution audios, such as Dolby Atmos and TrueHD along with 7.1 channel surround sound output.
  • 3D Playback; to get the most out of your 3D TV at home, this player comes with an all-around subtitle and 3D playing capabilities for authentic 3D Blu-ray discs, ISO files and SBS. Hence, with a set of 3D glasses, enjoying 3D movies at the home theatre is simply a breeze!
  • 4K UHD video with realistic HDR10 effect; Nowadays, 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray films come with HDR effect.

If your TV or monitor is compatible with HDR versions, PlayerFab gives you the greatest HDR effect, for an enhanced viewing experience, including HDR10 and 10+ along with Dolby Vision.

Import And Back DVDs and Blu-ray

If you like creating and updating your library, PlayerFab allows you to Import new content conveniently in the player local library. If you wish to import a DVD or Blu-ray disc from an optical drive to your local media library and store it as an ISO file for subsequent viewing, PlayerFab let you do it with a single click.

Metadata Auto-download And Editing

It can automatically download posters for media files utilising the internet. Moreover, it will also sort these posters into groups automatically. You can download and edit any music file from an online music library to create your own.

Multiple Languages Playback

You can play your video in any language subtitle and audio with the aid of this media player. You have to pick the language from the setting bar; it will play the video in that language without any trouble.

How To Use PlayerFab All-in-one

PlayerFab offers a quick and easy free download with a single click.

Once you have PlayerFab download and install, click the desktop shortcut and launch the player.

PlayerFab Pros and Cons

Unlike other players, there is no downside of PlayerFab so far. It offers smooth and convenient playback with managing, organizing, and customizing options.


  • It allows you to play local videos on DVDs, Blu-ray, UHD discs, and other videos.
  • This all-in-one video player offers online streaming and playback.
  • It supports FHD 1080p video quality and EAC3 audio quality for local and online videos.
  • Auto-skip ADs, unlike other alternatives, assure time-saving.
  • It allows you to play movie subtitles in any language and format.


There are no cons to be seen yet.


DVDFab PlayerFab All-In-One makes it simple to play movies in any format while giving many possibilities to customize them. It surpasses your quality expectations and offers quick and convenient use. Furthermore, it is your one-stop video player from subtitling in different languages to managing and storing everything in one place for simple and quick playback.


  • What are subtitles in video playback?

Most commonly referred to as translations, subtitles are translated text of the video content. It does not contain any sound effects. It helps users to understand the video content in other languages.

  • How does a caption differ from a subtitle?

A caption is not directly used in the video. However, its purpose is to let users understand the content of a video in a brief manner. A subtitle, on the other hand, is translated text of the video. Subtitles allow users to view content in other languages.