Where to watch anime? Does the question strike you? Perhaps yes, as winter holidays are approaching, you must be ready with all your holiday watching schedule. This article will help you know where to watch anime or where to watch anime for free. Keep with us.

Tender-aged viewers accept anime with all their heart, and they love to spend time with anime characters while watching. Big eyes, small nose, sharp chins, and offbeat makeup and dress are the features of anime characters. And the storyline glued you for long hours and the magic of suspense that you don't want to miss a single episode. In this scenario, you must be aware of where to watch anime and where to watch anime for free so that you can watch all the exciting episodes without spending bucks.

There are various kinds of anime, including action, horror, a slice of life, romance, etc. Depending on the country and viewers, the shows air with original language or dubbed. As anime is famous among teens, they select their preferred genre, language, etc., and keep watching.

Where to watch anime


where to watch anime: crunchyroll

Do you think about Horimiya anime where to watch? If yes, then Crunchyroll could be your best destination. You can watch all varieties of anime on Crunchyroll. The plus point is you will get all the latest updates of new episodes and release dates of upcoming shows on Crunchyroll.

The Features of Crunchyroll

  • You can watch all the varieties of anime series
  • You will receive regular updates of shows, new releases, and the last episode of a series
  • You can post a review on an episode you have just finished watching
  • The site supports multi-language including English, Dutch, France, Italian, and others
  • You will get a social media sharing option and can share on Facebook and Twitter
  • The site broadcast all the original content of Japanese anime

Price: It's Free


  • A community forum helps to build a strong community of anime and manga
  • It's a free access site


  • Ad-supported site

Regions covered: The United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia, and many other regions.


where to watch anime bu 9anime

If you scratch your brain about ghost stories anime where to watch, you must check out 9anime. The site offers a vast catalog of anime with different categories, and the site will allow you to watch the anime with a high-quality resolution.

The Features of 9anime

  • Search option is available to search your favorite episode, upcoming episodes, and a new release of the shows.
  • The site is famous for streaming OVA Original Video Animation and good quality dramas, TV series, and animated movies.
  • You can place your request to watch your favorite anime episode.
  • You will get the option to filter your video by language, quality, type, and season and year.

Price: It's free


  • You will get regular updates on anime
  • Episodes are dubbed or with English subtitle


  • The site is a little bit slow

Regions covered: The United States, UK, Philippines, India, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, Malaysia, and many other areas.

Anime Strike ( Amazon)

where to watch anime: anime strike

Go for Amazon anime if you want to watch your favorite anime after spending a few bucks. Because your dollars are worth watching HD quality anime up to 4k resolution. Amazon prime is famous for OTT platforms, and besides, anime lovers find it the best place to watch them after clicking the buy button.

The Features of Anime Strike

  • Buy option allows you to buy your favorite anime movie or series
  • Maintain a massive catalog of animated movies
  • All the anime series or movies come with various linguistics subtitles
  • You will get multi-language animated movies

Price: Anime Strike $5/ month and a seven-day trial option.


  • Maintain HD quality up to 4k
  • Can watch animated movies along with anime series


  • It's paid

Regions covered:  Globally


where to watch anime: gogoanime

Do you think about where to watch anime without ads? Because free sites support annoying ads between a severe climax or action scenes. Gogoanime.io will allow you to watch anime without any disturbance, and they have a massive catalog of anime movies and series to view anytime.

The Features of Gogoanime

  • Watch anime without commercial breaks
  • You can watch massive genres like action, horrors, drama, comedy, romance, etc
  • The site release regular updates on new release series or movies and the ending series to the watchers
  • It allows you to watch Japanese and Chinese anime

Price: It's Free


  • It's an ad-free site
  • It has an extensive library of anime movies


  • Sometimes spamming can harm your watching

Regions covered: The United States, UK, India, Philippines, Singapore, and many more.


where to watch dubbed anime kissanime

Kissanime.ru is another famous site for anime lovers. They have a vast library of anime movies, series, video games, and many more, including an advanced search option to search anime series or movies by typing the title keywords.

The Features of Kissanime

  • It has a massive anime library that includes action, thriller, drama, romance anime movies, and series
  • Advanced search option helps viewers to find out their desired episode or anime movies quickly
  • The site broadcast dubbed anime movie or series to cover the global viewers

Price: It's Free


  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Sub-dubbed and dubbed anime content are available


  • Ad-supported site
  • Get banned by the site if you are using an ad-blocker

Regions covered: The United States, UK, India, Australia, Philippines, and many other places.


monster anime where to watch with China anime

If you want to watch anime movies or series with a standard quality resolution, Chia-Anime could be your best pick. The site offers a vast range of anime movies and series, which cross more than 1000 anime for online streaming. The site offers new release anime movies for the watchers.

The Features of Chia-Anime

  • You can watch new anime series or movies
  • The site offers a vast catalog of different anime genres
  • The site broadcast HD quality content for the watchers
  • The simple interface allows you to watch the anime with ease

Price: It's Free


  • It broadcast HD quality anime content
  • Vast catalog with different genres


  • Copyrights issue stop the airing anime sometimes

Regions covered: Globally


monster anime where to watch: animelab

If you ponder where to watch dubbed anime, you can check AnimeLab. AnimeLab offers a massive collection of dubbed, sub-dubbed anime movies and series. The site airs the new release movies and the latest episodes after a few hours of the streaming. The only drawback is the site is available in Australia and New Zealand. If you wish to watch AnimeLab, you have to use VPN to bypass the geo-restricted prohibition. There're more options for 10 Best Sites to Watch Anime, and you can have a look!

The Features of AnimeLab

  • It's the best place for anime lovers to watch action, romance, horror, thriller, etc.
  • You will get a massive collection of sub-dubbed and dubbed anime series and movies
  • The site broadcast new release anime movies and series for its viewers

Price: It's Free


  • Massive collection of dubbed anime movies and series
  • It's a legal site


  • Its region-restricted site

Regions covered: Australia and New Zealand.


where to watch anime: funimation

If you want to watch anime movies or series straight from Japan, switch to Funimation. The online streaming service offers a significant volume of anime series and movies. Furthermore, the streaming service is famous for dubbed anime movies or series for its huge viewers base.

The Features of Funimation

  • The streaming service is ad-free which let you watch all your anime shows without commercial disturbance
  • It is renowned for sub-dubbed and dubbed anime shows
  • It takes approx two weeks to broadcast the dubbed content after getting released in Japan
  • You can download anime series or movies anytime if you want to save it

Price: It costs $5.99


  • An excellent service to watch dubbed anime movies
  • Ad-free view possible


  • The free version gives limited access

Regions Covered: The United States, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and many other areas.

Anime Planet

where to watch anime for free-anime planet

Do you want to create your own Anime list? If yes, check out Anime-Planet. The site will offer you a great range of anime movies, series, animated shows, and many more. The site has broadcast more than 45,000 animation episodes so far.

The Features of Anime Planet

You can browse all the episodes swiftly

  • You can get the top list anime series or movies
  • The site offers anime recommendations to keep your search result better

Price: It's Free


  • Simple interface
  • Get suggestions of the top list of anime movies or series


  • We need to improve the dubbed section

Regions covered: The United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines, and many other areas.


where to watch anime for free-contv

CONtv has a great viewer base because of its broadcasting policy. The site always prefers old classics with new releases, and you can watch old anime series or movies and new releases as well. Browse millions of anime titles on CONtv.

The Features of CONtv

  • It broadcast original anime movies, shows, and series
  • You can access the site from iOS, Windows, and Android phones.
  • You can create your own watch list and add videos or movies of your choice.

Price: It's Free


  • You can browse millions of anime movies, series, etc.
  • It's a free site.


  • Its geo-restricted site

Regions Covered: The United States

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