Imagine you get a chance to lay back on your most comfortable sofa and plan to watch a movie or series on Netflix, and it has stopped working. Suddenly a message pops up saying Netflix won't load, and your worst nightmare can be seen coming true.

Why won't Netflix load?

netflix won't load:Why won't Netflix load?

There may be some wifi issue or Roku device issue or an issue with your Smart TV or anything else, and there may be situations like:

  • When you are selecting the Netflix icon, nothing happens.
  • As soon as Netflix starts loading, it freezes in the middle.
  • On the launching of the Netflix app, nothing happens, but a black screen appears.

We have fixed all these problems with our troubleshooting solutions, and all of them are related to different situations to work for you instantly. We have also provided a fabulous software Playerfab All in One, to assist you in watching your Netflix movies and shows in excellent picture quality and sound. So let's get started!

How to fix Netflix that won't load on my Roku tv issue?

Sometimes, an error with Netflix may occur where no error code appears, but a different situation happens. While using Roku and Netflix together, issues may arise with one of the online services. With multiple failure points, it may also be a problem with the internet connectivity of the user. So, first, the user must test and verify whether Netflix is working fine independently, then they must check their wifi network. After that, they must check the Roku player.

Follow the given solutions when Netflix won't load on Roku:

  • After you have done troubleshooting the service of Netflix, you will be redirected to the help center page of the service to make you aware of the current status of the situation.
  • Next, you have to make sure your device streaming Roku is working fine. You can try launching any other service like Hulu, etc. If the app creates trouble, Roku must be checked, and if the other app launches well, then Netflix needs to be watched.
  • You can also restart your Roku device by performing a total power down action, and this also requires the disconnection of even the power cable and restarting it.

Pro-Tip: If you find the Roku Power light flickering, check the power port at fault. Even after replacing the power cable, flickering does not stop then; your Roku device needs a replacement.

  • Now check whether your Roku device is well connected to the internet or wifi. If it is not in a working condition, try troubleshooting it before rechecking the Roku device or Netflix. You can alternatively opt for restarting your router to make your wifi connection work properly.
  • You may need to update your outdated Roku app on your smartphone, Android, or iOS. If the update does not work well, uninstall the application and go for its reinstallation from scratch.
  • Sometimes your Netflix account cannot be logged in, so after double-checking it, you can change the password of your Netflix account. Then you can try reconnecting the Netflix application on your Roku device with the updated password.
  • You can also try disabling the VPN as it may sometimes cause connecting issues. Disabling it for some time may assist in resolving Netflix won't load on your Roku issue.
  • Sometimes your Roku remote may not work correctly, and you may need to reset it. Try pairing it again and check if it's working. In case your remote goes missing, try a mobile app for Roku.
  • Do check the parental controls set on your Roku device. From the Netflix settings, do check parental restrictions on it as well.
  • In case everything else fails, try resetting the Roku Streaming device completely.

How to fix 'Netflix won't load on Smart TV' issues?

Smart TVs are known for directly running Netflix without any additional hardware. If you have a Samsung Smart Tv and Netflix creates a loading problem, Samsung sets often face such issues. If you are thinking about Why won't my Netflix load, then try troubleshooting, and if it also fails, then you can resolve it with suggested solutions such as:

  • You can go with switching off your TV if Netflix won't load on Samsung TV or any other Smart TV. Then you have to proceed with unplugging your modem and wireless router if you have separate devices for both of them. Let them remain off for at least 30 seconds. Then you can proceed with plugging in the modem and wait patiently. Wait till the new light blinks on the device. In the case of a separate router, you have to proceed with plugging in and wait for the indicator lights to start flashing.
  • If your Netflix won't load on Samsung tv, you have to disable the feature of Samsung Instant On. It may help boost the performance of your TV with the drawback of conflicting with additional applications such as Netflix. So it is a good option to discontinue the usage of this feature by disabling it through Settings> General> Disable.
  • Go for a hard reset if nothing else is working. It will return your Samsung TV to its original factory settings and delete all TV settings and apps. The hard reset takes five to ten minutes to get your work done. In case of assistance, you can also call for technical support from Samsung to do it for you.

My Netflix won't load past 25%: How to fix it?

The most trusted and popular OTT platform Netflix also gets into situations where Netflix won't load on TV or gets stuck at a particular percentage then you may have to take a few steps to resolve the issue. Due to a poor internet connection, Netflix's outdated version is being used, the cache is corrupted, or you may have much slower connectivity.

  • The app cache usually affects its performance, and sometimes corrupted data creates conflicting situations with the app that may affect its functionality. So clearing a corrupted cache can be the best option if your Netflix won't load on tv.
  • You may opt for a regular update of the Netflix app so it is not outdated and running on the current version.
  • You can check your internet connectivity to check whether there is some connectivity problem. Sometimes the slow speed of the internet may affect the functionality of the app and create a loading error.
  • You can also restart your device to eradicate the issue of specific bugs hampering Netflix performance.
  • Sometimes reinstallation of Netflix solves its stuck at 25% issue if any other solution does not work for you.

How To watch Netflix in a great quality through a software?

After resolving your issues with Netflix loading, if you wish to play your favorite shows or movies in an awesome picture quality along with a crystal clear sound then we have got ravishing software for you. PlayerFab All-in-one can be your one-stop solution if you are a Netflix movie or series lover. Let us check out its features in detail.

PlayerFab All-In-One

netflix won't load:PlayerFab All-In-One

PlayerFab All-in-One can serve you as an excellent platform for playing your Netflix video in 1080p quality video and EAC3 for audio quality. There is also a facility of auto skipping the intro if you are binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. It provides a facility for making adjustments to the playback speed. Not only this, but Playerfab also provides the facility of choosing the audio and subtitles to the user.

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  • It seamlessly plays any Netflix streaming videos and local ones or from Blu-ray and DVDs.
  • It assists in playing the video in FHD video quality in 1080p along with EAC3 for quality of audio.
  • There is an auto-play function to play the next episode of your favorite Netflix series and skip ads to keep your entertainment going.
  • You can choose subtitles and audio for playing your Netflix videos.
  • It also helps in playing any 3D content on your Smart TV easily, so you enjoy 3D movies from the comfort of your home.


What to do if Netflix shows an error on my Apple TV?

The steps mentioned above can also be applied to Apple TV, including restarting, updating, or restarting the wifi network to resolve the issue.

Suggest me a suitable software to watch my favorite Netflix series?

You can opt for Playerfab All-in-One software to binge-watch your favorite Netflix show or series in excellent audio and video quality.

How to Fix Netflix won't load issues on my Smart TV?

We have suggested comprehensive solutions such as restarting your modem, checking your wi-i connection, checking your Netflix account, etc. Check them out and apply them to resolve this issue.


As per our study, we have found that these were some common problems people usually face with Netflix. We hope we have solved Netflix won't load issues with our perfect solutions that may match your situations. With our fantastic troubleshooting tips, you will be able to fix your Why won't Netflix load problem effectively the next time you face it. These tips will get your Netflix working again, and you will be able to watch your favorite series again. Moreover, with our suggested software Playerfab All In One, you will have a seamless experience of your favorite Netflix shows.