Disk partitions or partitions are the segments made up of a computer hard drive. Partitions help users to divide a computer hard drive into different drives or into different disk partitions for multiple operating systems to run on the same drive. Usually, there must be a C: drive/partition/disc partition of each computer, which is the windows drive to store various windows files, system files, installation files, etc. Apart from C: drive/partition/disk partition, there may be D:, E:, F:, etc. according to the specific needs of users, and they are usually used to store other files like documents, videos, images, etc.

For those who deal with diverse work, there must be a myriad of files stored in all the disk partitions. The security of disk partitions is crucial for your future use. Data loss likes a disaster to your work, so protecting your disk partitions and keeping all the important files well shall be taken into consideration in advance.

If you just backup your OS, then only the C: drive will be backed up. With regard to the rest of disk partitions, a disk partition backup software is a must. Then, DVDFab PC Backup, the complete PC backup software, also a professional disk partition backup software is what you need. You will be impressed that the whole process just requires you few clicks. It's really simple and efficient.


To begin with the disk partition backup, you shall download and install one DVDFab PC Backup first. The process is painless, just follow the wizard and click the Next button to continue.


Step 1: Run DVDFab PC Backup, and opt for Disk/Partition Backup

After installation, get DVDFab PC Backup run. The upper part of the main window is the backup option region. For backing up your disk partition, please opt for Disk/Partition Backup. Then you will be led to the corresponding operation area.


Step 2: Select the disks or partitions you need to backup, and make settings

As the Disk/Partition Backup window pops out, your hard drive partitions have been scanned and all your disks or partitions could be backed up have been listed on the interface. If you want to backup all, then select the Hard disk checkbox on, or select the ones you need. DVDFab provides you the sector level backup, which will backup all the data sectors and blank sectors. By choosing it, you will get a high-quality backup with high-quality backup image file yet large size output.


For more specific file searching, you can define this backup including naming the destination, plan name and description. You can also schedule the backup among upon event, monthly, weekly, daily or just for this time. More detailed settings including backup compression, encryption, performance, backed up image reserve strategy, etc are also determined by your needs.




Step 3: Start the disk/partition backup

To get this backup start, you just need to make a mouse click to trigger the Proceed button. Then it will be executed immediately, and finished soon.


OK. Done!

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