Nowadays, various files and data are what made up of our daily work. Especially if you have worked for a long time, you must have stored a host of work and learning files, and gathering data. It is a good habit to backup files in case of unexpected system crash, careless deletion, or virus attack result in the file loss. Besides, if you have ever experienced the pain of losing important files, you won't want to experience it again, and you then will understand how pivotal it is to ensure the safety of your files.

Now, you can no longer worry about the disaster of files loss since you have DVDFab PC Backup. It is a stable and total clean file backup software, which can scan all the files and folders of your computer, and backup all or the selected ones you need.

Following is the detailed guide about how to backup files with DVDFab PC Backup.


Step 1: Download and install DVDFab PC Backup

Make a purchase or download the trail versionof DVDFab PC Backup, then install it per the instructions.


Step 2: Opt for File Backup, backup and make settings for the target

When landing the main window, opt for File Backup at the upper left. Then the file backup operation window will pop out, and all your files and folders in your PC have been scanned and divided into six categories. You can select all, or part you need to backup. If you want to backup one or some specific file types from one folder, navigate to the top right drop-down menu, click User defines -> File type. If the appeared files are not enough, you can add what you need to backup by clicking the "+Add" button.




After that, you can customize this file backup plan by defining the output destination, plan name and description. And for more advanced and detailed backup settings, just go for the Schedule Off, Backup options, Image-reserve strategy at the lower part of this window.




Step 3: Run this backup task

Hit the Proceed button, then this file backup task will be started immediately and showed on the main window. You can get the detailed progress information and estimated remaining time.


That's all! Really simple, right? If you have interest in this file backup software, please go to: