Virtualization continues growing rapidly especially for workstations. Virtualization building actually is a test of patience as it takes much time. You need to set up the parameters for hardware, install the operating system and the mostly used applications, etc. Generally speaking, it's a huge work.

But now, you don't need to waste your precious time for building a virtual machine with configuration the same as your PC used often. The P2V (Physical to Virtual) Conversion included in DVDFab PC Backup, can automatically create a virtual machine for you and assist migrating your commonly used applications and important files to the virtual machine without much time.

Below is the step-by-step guide about how to do a P2V Conversion with this P2V conversion software. Move on for the details.


Step 1: Download and install DVDFab PC Backup

Download one DVDFab PC Backup either from the download page or the product page, and then install it per the instructions. If you have done it, just skip this step.


Step 2: Run DVDFab PC Backup, and choose P2V Conversion from Tools

Run DVDFab PC Backup, and then navigate to the top right corner of the main interface when it runs, and opt for Tools to unfold all the services. Among all the available options, choose P2V Conversion.


Step 3: Select a backup task and what you want to convert to the virtual machine

By clicking the related P2V Conversion icon, the corresponding window is brought out. Here, select one backup task from the list, and click the Next button.


Click the History Version, you can confirm the content of the backup. After confirming, please select the disk or partitions with which the apps or files you want to convert to the virtual machine. Then move down, modify the destination for storing the virtual machine if you need. You can also define the virtual machine with any name you like, and the vendor choice is also in your control.


Step 4: Perform the P2V Conversion

Click the Proceed button at the lowest interface, then DVDFab PC Backup will immediately performs the P2V Conversion task. During the process, you will get detailed progress information by the progress bar, also, the elapsed time and estimated left time are presented.


You don't need to wait much time for the P2V Conversion. After the task is done, you can directly run your virtual machine with all the copied data from the output path. Really convenient, right?

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