For those who often use virtual environment, you won't be troubled by finding a way to recovery your lost files and other important data any longer when your virtual machines come cross a system crash or bootable failure. The feature: P2V (Physical to Virtual) Recovery included in DVDFab PC Backup, enables users to recovery all the data from a system or disk/partition backup image to save your time and disk space.

Curious about how to do it? Just follow this powerful and full-featured PC backup software as well as the professional P2V recovery software with the detailed steps presented below.


Before taking any operation, please ensure that you have correctly installed DVDFab PC Backup. If not yet, go to download one either from the download page or the product page, and then install it following the prompts displayed on the wizard.


Step 1: Start DVDFab PC Backup up, and then navigate to Tools to choose P2V Recovery

After installation, start DVDFab PC Backup up. When it runs, navigate to the upper right corner of the main window and opt for Tools. By clicking the related button, all the available services are unfolded, just choose P2V Recovery.


Step 2: Select the backup plan, and configure the virtual machine

When you arrive at the P2V recovery operation window, select the backup plan you want to recover it to the virtual machine and click the Next button. Notice that the backup plan only can be system backup or disk/partition backup.


In the next operation window, you can click the History Version at the upper part of the interface to confirm the recovery content. And then select the drives you want to recover to the virtual machine. After that, move down, you can reset the destination for saving the virtual machine. Either Local disk or Network directory is OK.

Then configure the virtual machine by naming it, selecting the virtual software vendor and related version.


Step 3: Start the P2V Recovery

Now that you've made all right settings for the P2V recovery, it's time to execute the task. All you need is just make a mouse click to trigger the Proceed button at the bottom right corner, then DVDFab will start the P2V recovery immediately. During the process, detailed progress information will be presented to you.



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