SSD, short for Solid-state drive or Solid-state disk, is a data storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. Most users know, the storage of SSD is much smaller than HDD. So if you have the need to migrate your OS along with applications and files from HDD to SSD, it's just like moving your whole big house to a small apartment, and the process is a test of time and patience.

But actually, there is no need to spend a whole day even several days to complete the HDD to SSD migration task. DVDFab PC Backup can help you with that easily and save you much time. Time is limited and valuable, so we shouldn't waste our valuable time in one meaningless thing.

Let's take a look at how to clone OS or other sorts of data you need from HDD to SSD efficiently with the powerful HDD to SSD cloner software: DVDFab PC Backup.


Step 1: Download and install DVDFab PC Backup

If you haven't got one DVDFab PC Backup, then what comes first is download the latest version either from the product page or the download page, and then install it according to the prompts on the wizard.


Step 2: Start DVDFab PC Backup up, and opt for Clone

Boot up DVDFab PC Backup, then navigate to upper main window to choose Clone.


Step 3: Select what you want to clone to SSD

By clicking the related icon of Clone, the Disk/Partition Clone window is brought out with all the disks/partitions scanned and displayed. Select the system drive or disks containing other sorts of data you want to clone to SSD by ticking the related check-boxes, and click the Next to continue.


Choose the target, namely the SSD, for converting the data from HDD to. After that, move down, and navigate to the bottom left corner. Tick the check-box of Optimize to SSD. You can also select the Sector by sector clone, which will produce a higher-level clone image with a much bigger output size.


Step 4: Start to clone HDD to SSD

Now click the Proceed button, DVDFab PC Backup will immediately start to clone the data you need from HDD to SSD. During the process, you will get detailed progress information along with the elapsed time and left time.


OK, finished! For more information, please visit: