Apart from copying data by creating a backup plan like system backup, disk/partition backup, file backup, mail backup, etc., you can also directly copy data from the created backup image set before without restoring the entire image by DVDFab PC Backup. This complete PC backup and recovery solution also provides users the shortcut to browse and confirm the files and folders in a valid disk/partition image or system image, and copy what you need without much effort.

Following is the step-by-step guide about how to mount the created backup image to copy data directly with DVDFab PC Backup.


Before starting copying, please ensure that you have already correctly installed one DVDFab PC Backup. If not yet, finish that from downloading one either on the product page or download page, and then install it according to the wizard.


Step 1: Launch DVDFab PC Backup, and opt for Mount/Unmount from Tools

After installation, double click the desktop icon to call up DVDFab PC Backup. As it runs, navigate to the top right corner of the main window, and click Tools. Among all the available options, opt for the destination Mount/Unmount.


Step 2: Select the to-be-mounted backup image, or browse for it

On the popping up operation window of Mount/Unmount, select the system backup or disk/partition backup image with which the data you want to copy.


If the backup records have been deleted, click the Browse button at the top right corner to mount the backup image you want the copy data from, and click the OK button to continue.


Step 3: Select what you want to copy

When the backup image loads, you can confirm the content by clicking the History Version. After that, move down, and select the disks you want to copy by checking the related check-boxes.


Step 4: Start to copy

Click on the Proceed button, the data copying from created image task will be executed immediately. Thanks to the batch processing support and powerful engine of DVDFab, the whole process is finished just like in an eyeblink.



1. Mount/Unmount feature is only suitable for performing system backup and disk/partition backup image.

2. If the selected archive is encrypted, you need to type in the password you set before to continue the process.

3. Please create the image and mount it with same Windows account. This will ensure you the full access permission.

4. The mounted drive will automatically disappear after computer restarts.

5. For backup image unmount, you could click the Manage mounted drives button, and select the mounted drives to remove it by clicking the unmount button.




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