Usually, when you delete some useless data, it is not truly deleted, but stored temporarily for a short period of time instead. If you want to release your disks completely, and delete all the data you don't need any more permanently, chance is!The Wipe Data feature included in DVDFab PC Backup, can permanently erase the data on your disks or partitions.In addition, you can also set the Erase time to perform the data wiping task, otherwise, DVDFab PC Backup will erase the data on disks for three times by default.


Now, let's go with this powerful PC backup software to see how it wipes data permanently.


Step 1: Run DVDFab PC Backup, and choose Wipe Data from Tools

Get DVDFab PC Backup started. When it runs, navigate to the top right corner of the main window and click Tools to unfold all the available services. Then, choose Wipe Data among all the options.


Step 2: Select the disks/partitions with which the data you want to wipe

The wipe data window pops up following by the wipe data option is clicking. Here, all the disks/partitions of your PC have been scanned and displayed. Notice that, the boot partition or system partition can't be wiped. Except that, you can select all the rest or just specific disks/partitions with which the data you want to wipe permanently.

And you can also set the Erase time if you need DVDFab erase the disks for more than three times.


Step 3: Erase data

Now, just click the Proceed button to begin with the data erasing task. The whole task will be finished soon and during the process, you can get the detailed progress information including the elapsed time and left time.


OK, that's data wiping. It's unbelievably simple, right? Further information, please visit:


Notice: Once you use the wipe data feature, the data on disk will be lost and can't be retrieved any more. For important data, please use this feature with caution.