Usually, the data stored on our PCs is safe. But we can't control accidents happened in our life. There is no need to stress the significance of PCs' safety. They accomplish all of our work, store our personal information and provide various entertainments. If we don't take any actions to protect our PCs, we will be overwhelmed if data loss accidents happen such as system crash, virus attracts careless deletion, etc.

PC backup is something like making a digital copy of your computer including all the files, emails, videos, music, picture, apps, etc. Your PC runs as usual, and the backed up PC will be stored in a safe place in case of accidents.

As its name shows, DVDFab PC Backup, a PC Backup software, is also a data backup software, which can backup all the data of your PC in a short period of time. And the process is effortless, just follow this guide.


Step 1: Run DVDFab PC Backup, and opt for Disk/Partition Backup

If you have installed one DVDFab PC Backup, just double click the desktop icon to call it up. If not, you could download one either from the product page or download page, and then installed it according to the wizard.

When DVDFab PC Backup runs, you will arrive at the main interface first. For backing up PC, please opt for Disk/Partition Backup mode.


Step 2: Select all the disks/partitions, and make settings for the backup plan

By clicking the button of Disk/Partition Backup, corresponding operation window will be brought out. Here, all the drives of your PC have been scanned and listed. Select the checkbox of Hard disk, then all of them will be checked on.

You can modify the storing destination, or it will be output at the default path. You can also set the plan name and make a description to differ it from other backup schedules.

For more detailed and specific settings, you can go to Schedule, Backup options and Image-reserve Strategy at the lower part of the interface.


Step 3: Run this backup task

Now, it's time to run this backup task. Hit the Proceed button, clear overview of the progress information of this backup task will be presented on the main interface.


That's the whole process of backing up PC, for more information, please go to: