With regard to a computer, there is a system drive (usually is C: drive) storing the OS file which powers the computer and provides supports for programs running. Time pasts, with the increasing need and using, OS file gets bigger and bigger, and because of what, the computer runs slower and slower. How to solve this problem? Extend the storage of C: drive? That's the common solution. But if the storage of your computer hard drives is used up? What should you do? The best ideal solution is to clone your OS to a new and bigger hard drive, whether HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or SDD (Solid State Drive).

DVDFab PC Backup, which functions as an OS cloner software, enables you to finish the OS cloning without reinstalling your Windows OS and applications. And you don't need to transfer all the data and applications from one hard drive to another.

Curious about how to do that? Go with DVDFab to complete this task.


Before taking the OS cloning, make sure you have already successfully installed one DVDFab PC Backup. If no, go to the product page or download page to download one, and install it according to the wizard. The process is painless, just requires you few clicks.


Step 1: Launch DVDFab PC Backup, and opt for Clone

Launch DVDFab PC Backup, and then navigate to the upper right part of the main interface. Choose Clone by clicking the related button.


Step 2: Check the OS drive

By clicking Clone, a Disk/Partition Clone window will be brought out. Here, all disks included in your PC are recognized and displayed for you choose. And we know, usually the OS drive is the C: drive, then just check it on and click the Next button to continue.


Step 3: Select the destination hard drive for the cloning OS information

Choose one hard disk with enough space to be the destination for transferring the OS drive to, and check it. For more higher and specific need concerning the output, DVDFab provides you two advanced functions including Optimize for SSD and Sector by sector clone, to make the OS cloning more suitable for your need.


Step 4: Execute the OS cloning task

Be aware of that the data of the destination drive may be overwritten due to the OS cloning, if you confirm and want to transfer the OS to it, now you can take the last step. Click on the Proceed button, the OS cloning will be started immediately, and you will get the detailed progress information during the process.


That's all! For more information, please visit: https://www.dvdfab.cn/pc-backup.htm.