DVDFab PC Backup functions as not only a data backup software, but also a data recovery software. That's said, it can help you make backup plans to protect your important data like OS, files, emails, disks, partitions, etc. to handle with the future accidental data loss disasters, also, it can retrieve the careless deleted data.

Point is, you shall have made backup plans before, then you can recover the deleted data to any one of the time points the backup image created.

Next, please take a look at the detailed steps on how to recover deleted data with DVDFab.


What comes first is that you have correctly installed a DVDFab PC Backup. If not yet, then you can have it done beginning with downloading from the product page or the download page.


Step 1: Launch DVDFab PC Backup, and choose one backup record you need

Launch DVDFab PC Backup, soon you will see the main window popping up with all the backup records you created and not deleted listed on. Choose one that the time point you want your PC to back to, and click the Recovery button to continue.


Step 2: Confirm the recovery content

This time, you enter into the backup plan you choose. Here, click History Version at the upper part to confirm the content, and then click the Next button.


Following, detailed content shows. Check what you want to backup.

Besides, DVDFab provides you several advanced functions allowing you to transfer the recovery to another system, optimize it to SSD and take a sector by sector recovery.


Step 3: Execute the data recovery task

Click the Proceed button at the bottom right part, this data recovery task will be executed immediately. Usually, it will take you several minutes, and you can choose to set your PC to automatically shut down, hibernate, sleep or do nothing after the recovery is done.


With DVDFab PC Backup, you are free of the worry of data loss. Begin your data recovery from:

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