Files deletion is by no means of a rarity, and deleted files are definitely not impossible to be recovered. Usually, the deleted files are not removed from your computer completely, but still stored on your hard drive temporarily instead. For restoring what you've deleted, just use a file recovery software. Then DVDFab PC Backup, a PC backup and recovery solutionis here for you.

However, you shall notice that what comes first is that you have made file backup plans before. If so, you can recover the deleted files to the time point the backup task completed.


With regard to the detailed process, please follow this guide to see how to recover deleted files with DVDFab PC Backup.


Step 1: Run DVDFab PC Backup, and choose the file backup record you need

If you've successfully installed a DVDFab PC Backup, double click the desktop icon to call it up. All backup records not been deleted are listed on the main window following by DVDFab runs. And just choose the file backup plan the time point you want your files to be recovered back to, and click the Recovery button to continue.


Step 2: Confirm the file backup content

File recovery window pops up by then, and you can view what your files like when the file backup plan completed. Click the History Version to confirm the content. If you need, you can select a recovery location.


Step 3: Go and start the file recovery task

The file recovery task is about to started to be executed only if you take the last step: hit the Proceed button. And the entire process will be finished in no minute.


OK, the file recovery is completed. Now, it's time for you to recover your deleted files with DVDFab PC Backup.