If your mail account is hacked, or there are some virus attack your computer, you may loss many mails. Important mails contain vital information, like meeting time, business schedule, trade secret, etc. And mail loss will have a great impact on your work. So setting mail backup plans is of great important, because of what, you can recover your lost mails as long as you got an mail recovery software.

DVDFab PC Backup, a complete PC backup and recovery solution, helps to solve various data loss problem of users. It can make mail backup plans in case that one day you may need to recover the lost mails.

Next, please follow the guide to see how to recover lost mails with DVDFab PC Backup.


Before taking any steps, please ensure that you have installed DVDFab PC Backup successfully. And you can easily finished that from downloading one either on the product page or download page, then install it according to the instructions.


Step 1: Launch DVDFab PC Backup, and choose one mail backup record

Get DVDFab PC Backup launched, and then all backup records you made and not been deleted will be listed on the main window. Choose the mail backup record with the time point you want your mail state back to, and click the Recovery button.


Step 2: Confirm the backup content

By clicking the Recovery button, the mail recovery window will be brought out. Click the History Version at the upper part to confirm the mail recovery content. Then, select the mail folders you want to recover.

After that, you can specify a location for the recovered mails folder, or it will be output to the original path the backup plan stored.


Step 3: Start to recover mail

Now, click the Proceed button at the bottom right corner. The mail recovery task will be executed immediately and finished in minutes. You can get clear progress information, elapsed time and estimated left time.


Done! The whole process is painless, only takes you three steps. All folks of people can easily recover the lost mails. Now, it's your turn to get your lost mails back.

Wish you every beautiful day!