When you loss partitions due to incorrect partition operations or accidental partition deletion, missing partition, partition crash, whatever, DVDFab PC Backup works just fine to find back and restore the lost partitions. This PC backup software serves as both professional partition backup software and partition recovery software. If you have made partition backup plan, then with DVDFab PC Backup, your lost partitions can be get back.

What's more important, DVDFab PC Backup is a super easy-to-use program, which is suitable for all folks of people. You don't need to have much special operating skills.

Following is the detailed steps on how to recover the lost partitions with DVDFab PC Backup.


Step 1: Run DVDFab PC Backup, and choose the partition backup record you need

Double click the desktop icon of DVDFab PC Backup you've correctly installed to get it started, then choose the partition backup record among the backup records you made listed on the main window, and click the Recovery button.


Step 2: Confirm or select the recovery content

Then, the partition recovery window pops up. Click the History Version to confirm the recovery content.


Here, DVDFab PC Backup provides you two options concerning the recovery mode: Disk/Partition mode and File mode, giving you the choice between recovering the entire disk/partition image or individual file/folders from Disk/Partition backup image.

Choose what you need to recover. If you choose File mode, you can specify a location for the recovered image if you need.


Step 3: Execute the recovery task

If you have checked the recovery content, then you can take the last step. Go and click the Proceed button, the recovery task will be started immediately and finished with impressed speed. Detailed progress information including elapsed time and left time will be presented to you.


OK, that's all!

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