If you are suffering from a computer accident and your PC breaks down, this kind of experience is painful because your priceless work results have gone away. Having a PC recovery solution means you don't need to worry about unexceptional accidents result in speechless pain. Recovering PC couldn't be more simple and efficient as you got DVDFab PC Backup. If you have made backup plans before, congratulations! DVDFab PC Backup can expand the files compressed in the backup images and then recover the files to any time point you want to back to when your backup image file was created.

Now, let's work with this PC recovery software to see how to recover lost data of PC in details.


Step 1: Launch DVDFab PC Backup, choose the backup record you need to recover

Start DVDFab PC Backup up, seconds later, the main window will come into your sight with all the backup records not been deleted listed on. Choose one backup plan that you want to recover your PC to the time point and click the Recovery button to continue.


Step 2: Confirm the recovery content

By clicking the Recovery button contained in the backup plan you need, you will be brought to the related operation window. Choose one history version you need, and then click Next button. Following, select the target content you want to recover.


In addition, DVDFab PC Backup provides you several advanced functions including: System Transfer, Optimize for SSD and Sector by sector recovery to make PC recovery more suitable for your need.


Step 3: Begin recovering your PC

Now you can take the last step. Hit the Proceed button at the bottom right corner. And this PC recovery task will be finished in minutes.


Note: When you process system recovery task, the original system may be overwritten.


That's the entire process, really simple and quick, right?

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