DVDFab PC Backup helps you make a backup of your computer system in case of system accidents like system crash, virus infection, etc. result in the system data loss. After that, if something unexpected happen on your OS, DVDFab PC Backup can recover it to the state your system backup plan is. System recovery just likes the reverse operation of system backup. And the whole process is easy as pie with DVDFab PC Backup.

Next, please check the detailed steps about how to recover system with the system recovery software: DVDFab PC Backup.


Correct program installation comes first, and this process is painless. Download one DVDFab PC Backup from the download page or product page, and then install it according to the wizard.


Step 1: Run DVDFab PC Backup, and choose the system backup record

Run DVDFab PC Backup. Several seconds later, all the backup records you made and not deleted are listed on the main window. Choose the system backup plan, and click the Recovery button to continue.


Step 2: Confirm the recovery content

System recovery window pops up following by the Recovery button is triggered. Here, you will see the disk: C, which is the system drive of computer and about to be recovered. Just click the History Version at the upper part to confirm the recovery content, and click the Next button.


As the recovery target shows, check the Hard disk. And the three advanced settings including System Transfer, Optimize for SSD, and Sector by sector recovery, are here to make your system recovery more specific and suitable for your need.


Step 3: Start to recover

Hit the Proceed button, the system recovery task will be started immediately and finished with an impressive speed. During the process, you will get clear progress information, and you can set your PC to automatically shut down or reboot when the task is finished.


That's the whole process, very simple and easy, right? I believe you must have held the points to complete the system recovery. Now, it's time for you to rescue your computer system. Move now!