Have you ever considered about backing up your PC effortlessly? You just sit on a sofa, then the backup plan executes automatically at the specific time points, or the backup runs the time you are working. If so, I will tell it's not a dream because DVDFab PC Backup will make it for you.

Apart from the specific System Backup, Disk/Partition Backup, File Backup and Mail Backup, Smart Backup is an exclusive intelligent backup mode which is very useful for those who work out a myriad of files along with frequent database change. Smart Backup will monitor specified files or folders every half an hour, and executes backup if there is any change. Hence, you will be free of the worry about data loss, and don't need take extra efforts to take incremental backup any more.

Now, let's begin the task with this smart backup software.


Step 1: Download and install DVDFab PC Backup

If you haven't got one DVDFab PC Backup yet, then go to the download page or the product page to download one and then install it according to the wizard.


Step 2: Run DVDFab PC Backup, opt for Smart Backup

After finishing the installation, run it. Then navigate to the Smart Backup at the upper part or the lower part of the interface. Click the related button to bring out the operation window.


Step 3: Select files you want to backup, and set the output path

As shown below, all the files stored in your PC will be scanned and listed. You can select all, or specific files you need to back up.

After that, move down, and then click the folder icon to modify the output path, or the backed up image will be stored in the default place.


Step 4: Time to begin the backup

Now that you have set what you need for the backup, it's time to execute the backup task. Hit the Proceed button at the bottom right corner, the task will be run immediately and finished in minutes.


Usually, the first time smart backup will always be full backup, and then there will be an incremental backup if there is any change in the files. Every 7 days, there will be a full backup created at the beginning of that day. However, you don't need to worry about the growing possession of the backed up image, because the old image will be removed after a new backup finished.


Now, it's time to begin your DVDFab smart backup experience.