Truth be told, it is not easy to transfer the old system to another computer with different hardware configuration since most hardware requires corresponding driver installed to be functional. However, professional PC transfer software can help you make it. DVDFab PC Backup serves as a functional system transfer software, which can migrate the system of your old PC to a new one with all programs and installed applications saved. Hence, when you buy a new computer, you don't need to waste your time to install the OS, the programs and applications any more. You can quickly have what you use most frequently and get into your work or personal use.


For achieving this goal, what you need to prepare are:

1. A DVDFab PC Backup installed correctly on your new machine

2. A system backup or disk/partition backup image file created under DVDFab PC Backup before

3. A disk/USB with a proper WinPE emergency image file, which can be loaded on the new machine

4. A .inf driver file of the new hardware on the new machine.


And after all things mentioned above got ready, let's go and transfer the current system to your new PC with DVDFab PC Backup.


Step 1: Boot your new machine from WinPE

Connect your disk/USB containing a proper WinPE emergency image file to your new machine, then boot your new machine from WinPE environment by choosing the WinPE boot order under BIOS or UEFI.


Step 2: Run DVDFab PC Backup, and click the System Transfer

Run DVDFab PC Backup installed on your new machine, then click the System Transfer located above the backup operation area.


Step 3: Select the System backup or Disk/Partition image file you created

Following, the corresponding System Transfer window pops up. Here, choose the System backup or Disk/Partition backup image file you created before, and click the OK button.


Step 4: Confirm the transfer content

As the illustrations show, you can click the History Version and confirm the content, and click the Next button.


Next, check Target on the following window.


Step 5: Run the system transfer task

Hit the Proceed button, this system transfer task is executed immediately and will be finished soon.

After the system transfer finishes, a prompted windows will come into your sight and ask for a .inf driver of a specific hardware. You can easily find the driver according to the listed hardware info, and then just add it.


OK, that's all!

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